Zebra nail art Ideas design – Nail Art Photos 2017

To all my ladies that love wild life and you feel like anything that looks like animal print or specifically zebra print will work for these nails art ideas will amazingly work for you. When it comes to nail art ideas absolutely anything can be your inspiration from nature to insects to whatever you think is you think just like the zebra was my inspiration, these nail art ideas really caught my attention, I definitely have to try them on myself. Many of them in different shades and different styles have been provided in this article to make your….



nails extremely glamorous. For whichever occasion that you go to with your nails painted like this trust mi these zebra nail art ideas will make you a real queen of attention.

How to care for your nails;

Be sensitive with your nails; your nails are too soft to be use as tools for opening hard containers, you will make your nails break and lose their shape each time you try to use them as tools.

Keep your nails short; it is very reasonable that you will want to grow your nails long but the faster way to make your nails grow faster is trimming them, keeping very long nails keeps in a lot of bacteria that may cause infections to your nails.

Apply hand cream to the nails; nails tend to become dry sometimes so you need to apply cream on your hands as you apply it on your hands. This will help keep your nails moisturized and perfectly healthy.

Do not just use any nail polish remover; be careful with the type of nail remover you use, sometimes this nail polish remover may cause your nails to brittle and become soft, you should therefore purchase a quality nail polish so that you keep your nails safe.

Brush your nails with whitening tooth paste; you are now wondering what whitening tooth paste does to your nails, it help remove all stains from your nails, do this every single morning and you see how much it works. Use and old tooth brush and brush the nails with the tooth paste then rinse the nails.

zebra nail art ideas with white and black


White and black is beautiful on only the two middle fingers, you will all agree with that the nails looked amazing with zebra nail art design, you can simply apply the polish yourself with these just a few steps, apply a base coat at least one layer to prevent the nails from getting damaged, then apply black nail polish on the side fingers, and white nail polish on the middle fingers. Wait for 15 seconds for the polish to dry, use a tooth pick dipped in black polish and draw lines in the pattern used like in the picture, when your finish apply white nails polish to finish and make the nails look better.

zebra nail art ideas with multi-colours


Zebra nail art ideas are just beautiful with whichever detail you choose to use on them and when it comes to the ones in this picture you will just need to apply white nail polish on your nails, the base coat is optional if you are not using acrylic nail polish, when you’re done with white polish draw the pattern of stripes like in the picture with a tooth pick get be gentle then grab another tooth pick to evenly put the different size dots. Not forgetting to apply clear nail polish to the nails then you will be good to go.

zebra beautiful nail art ideas


Wow check out this beautiful combination of pink, silver and zebra nail art, do not think that when you apply the zebra print on only one finger you will not get fantastic results, I think the picture above confirms even more that even when applied to only one of nails you will still be gorgeous. all you have to do is apply a layer of base coat to avoid staining your nails, then apply the side nails with pink paint one of the middle nails with silver and the other with zebra print design and finish with clear  nail polish then walk away.

zebra lovely nail art ideas


People tend to have the mentality that that zebra print can only be done in black and white but there’s nothing wrong with trying out something new, look at how the zebra print looks like with different shades of colors, the first thing that catches your eye with the nails is  the way the blue matches perfectly with the pink and when you detail it with the zebra print design makes the whole appearance worth trying.

zebra awesome nail art ideas


These nails are just awesome there is no way you wouldn’t want to try the nails on, and who said short nails will not look great with print, all you have to do is try a base color that a bit light just like in the picture the nails were based with silver and the stripes drawn in black. The nails are well complimented with crystals. All you have to do is finish with a quality clear nail polish.

zebra silver black nail art ideas


I knew i wouldn’t be disappointed with the zebra inspired nail art designs, the nails in the picture are given a bright silver base, leaving some of the nails plain silver and detailing the rest with the zebra design is just amazing. With your nails painted like this you will leave thousands of heads turning to look at your nails. Am totally fallen in love with the nails.

zebra stunning nail art ideas


zebra nail art ideas with purple and blue


zebra yellow nail art ideas


Yellow never ceases to amuse, now look at how it decorated with silver stripes and the zebra print put uniquely at the middle. The nails are astonishingly beautiful you find yourself alone with your nails painted like this, this way you will effortlessly stand out of the crowd.

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Zebra nail art Ideas design – Nail Art Photos 2017

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