What to Wear to work in Winter

Enjoy winter with warm outfits and at the same time keeping the fashion trend. Their several women outfits for work that include: long sleeved cardigan, wool jackets, skinny jeans, pant suits, wool blazers , fur jackets with hoods, long sleeved dress shirts, double breasted trench coats, swag far jackets,  above  the knee and knee length dress shoes. This is the right time to wear hand gloves, stockings for warmth and long thick scarf around the neck to keep warmer.

long sleeved cardigan


What to Wear to work in Winter.long sleeved cardigan
For heavy snow, you need to wear a hood to keep your head warm with the ears covered too to prevent them from freezing. Just in case you wore a white sleeveless top under a white long sleeved cardigan, there’s a need for you to add hand gloves for warming your hands. Add with hood to keep warm and look fashionable too. Its possible too for you to add a fur long jacket and when you get to office where it’s warmer, then you can part with it and retain the cardigan which is lighter to keep all day. Pair your outfit with navy blue pants to complete with thick stockings and hugs knee length dress shoes.

Navy blue blazer
What to Wear to work in Winter.Navy blue blazer
Look cute for work in cold season when you put on navy blue pant suit with a medium belt to wear with pants, add a long sleeved white dress shirt under a long sleeved navy blue coat with side pockets to look fashionable. Add a beautiful scarf around the neck teamed in navy blue, plain blue and grey under the collar. Finish up with closed ankle booties with stockings to warm up. Add with a wavy medium length hairstyle by drawing a small line at the left side  angle of the fore head  then push a big wave to the right hand side flowing to the shoulders for elegance.

Purple cardigan

What to Wear to work in Winter.with purple cardigan

Look stylish for work in winter and warmer by rocking with a black dress top attached with a long sleeved purple cardigan with decoration burtons at the side and front. With side pockets you merge out   with the most stylish winter outfit. Add black pants to it and complete with black knee length high booties for cute looks.

Jacket with faux leather
What to Wear to work in Winter.jacket with faux leather
Look cute and warm with brown faux leather jacket that is decorated with leather lining at the shoulders, around the neck, and at the front secured with a big button for decoration. It features leather side pockets and at the end sleeves. its teamed in light brown and dark brown colors giving you opportunity to march it with the immediate colors that connect with it to like brown. Add with a short sleeved dress top underneath and brown pants to complete it. Finish with brown heels, a cream bag with medium strings to be worn around the shoulders. You can wear this way when you’re indoors but when your outdoors, add long sleeved wool jacket that is zipped at the front with a hood and hand gloves to keep warmer.

Navy blue dress shirt

What to Wear to work in Winter.Navy blue dress shirt
Long sleeved dress shirts are necessary wear for winter because they because they cover you from the neck through the hands. They provide a lot of warmth if added with a wool jacket or suit coat.  This lady in the picture wore it in nice colors and accessorized it with black full pants with a belt that has a silver buckle to tie around the waist. Pair it with a black suit coat. Complete it with black heels and if you’re outdoors add a fur hood to keep your head warm and for the hands, wear gloves for compliment.

Tweed jacket
What to Wear to work in Winter.tweed jacket
Look fabulous for work in winter with grey and white medium sleeved jacket with rounded jewel neckline; it’s another design dress jacket that shouldn’t miss in your closet. With side pockets, it emerges as the best winter wear for women that any lady looks cute with no matter the shape and height. It’s made from sheepskin that assures the wearer of maximum warmth and looks great with office outfits and blends well with jeans. It looks good matched with black straight pants then finish with closed black dress shoes with heels to stand out of the crowd. Add with a black bag of medium length to wear under shoulders and a nice hairstyle that goes with office to look better.

 Sheepskin jacket

What to Wear to work in Winter.with sheepskin jacket
Alternatively, add a sheepskin jacket to your closet this winter to look fashionable and rest assured of keeping you warm throughout the cold days. Dress for work with a long sleeved white dress top that has a round neck under a long brown sleeved sheepskin jacket with fur from the interior lining, at the end sleeves and around the collar for dependable worth. You will look stylish too, added with jeans and completing your looks with brown knee length high booties for an elegant look.

 Wool coat with a hood
What to Wear to work in Winter.wool coat with a hood
Don’t miss out with unique wool wrap coats for winter that will add a royal finishing to your office wear or evening outfits. It has is a great winter protection with a glamorous hood that assures you of maximum warmth. It comes along with loops to tie around the waist that flatters your waist.  Wear it with jeans, leggings, and knee length booties to look stylish for winter wear for work. It comes in different colors that attract your eyes for you to choose the best that match your outfits for winter in terms of color combination.
 Fur sleeve jacket


What to Wear to work in Winter.fur sleeve jacketSource:
Make a statement with swag women’s peplum sleeve jacket that has a long neck, a design belt at the front to model your waistline, with rabbit fur at the sleeves, elastic at the end sleeves and featuring in nice colors that’s white and black. It is round from the bust to the waistline with a swag look. It’s a stylish outfit for winter in all size fits for women. This lady added it with black shorts teamed with black leggings to finish with knee length high booties to look fashionable. You can add a hood separately for added warmth on your head. You’re rest assured for keeping warm all day with cute looks too.  Its Wool textured fabric is dependable on warmth.  The Peplum high waist design gives you a more unique feminine finish.

Wool blends coat

What to Wear to work in Winter.wool blends coat
Make a statement in the fashion industry by taking on a red trench overcoat with long sleeves that reach mid thighs and have a standing collar in style! It features big black decoration buttons at the front and at the end sleeves for stylish women. It’s dependable in terms of Warmth and nice offices wear that you shouldn’t miss rocking this winter/ spring season to come. It also goes well with important function; I assure you will grab all the attention. Blend this trench red overcoat with black leggings to finish with black half booties to look fashionable. Design with you a nice and simple hairstyle that goes for office to complete your looks.

long hooded coat
What to Wear to work in Winter.long hooded coat
Alternatively go for work wearing a medium sleeved white t shirt with thick fabric that features some designs at the front under a long sleeved hooded winter army green coat that is elastic at the end sleeves that is zipped the front. Pair it with blue skinny jeans blended with over the knee black booties. Add with a teaming black bag that is medium sized and have medium strings too to hold in the arms. You will look beautiful in your attire for winter for work and keeping warm throughout.

Blazer with belt
What to Wear to work in Winter.blazer with belt
Add double breasted woolen long sleeved black coat that has a fordable collar, button designs at the front and at the end sleeves, with side pockets and a teaming belt to wear around the waist to curve your waistline. Add underneath a short sleeved black light dress top to pair with leggings and over the knee black booties to look fabulous. Add a white bag that has short strings to hold with arms, silver small ear pins, nice long hairstyles held in to a puff for great looks.

Trench coat with a matching bag
What to Wear to work in Winter.trench coat with a matching bag
Babes look fashionable with a light brown trench jacket that is sleek for your shape that is long sleeved, featuring a round standing neck, with button designs at the shoulder, from the neck to the waist making this outfit stand out with its uniqueness. From the waist to lid thighs, it has tight panels and side pockets for decoration. Pair with black lingerie, knee length booties in black to complete with a trend bag in orange with short strings to hold in the arms. Pull a long wavy hairstyle by creating a line in the middle then push part of the hair on the left hand side backwards at the back of neck the secure it with hair pins. Push the right hand side with a big wave from the crown to the cheeks and proceed with tight waves to the shoulders for acute look. Add with silver earrings for elegance.
Have more options for winter clothing for work detailed below.
Look cute wearing a medium sleeved black dress top with a round neck under a long sleeved black jacket with fur. Pair it with a white skirt that has white patterns that reach the knees. Add with black leggings and black heels not leaving out black gloves to keep you warmer. Push a stylish hairstyle that is wavy by creating a line on the right hand side at the corner of the forehead. push hair on the very side down wards to over the shoulders and to the opposite side covering one of the eyes, passing below the cheeks spreading to the shoulders and to the bust area.

Pull a white long sleeved top with a small neck that has a thick fabric to keep your warm then add with red full pants that reach above the ankle. Add brown heels and brown bag that has small strings to hold in the arms. Finish with a lovely thick long hairstyle that covers you up to the shoulders for style.
Rock for work in winter wearing a long sleeved maroon dress top that has drippy designs from the neck to below the bust  under a long sleeved navy blue coat that is v necked. Pair it with navy blue full pants to complete with black closed heels. With a nice long hairstyle for work you’re cool to go.
Alternatively, Walk for work in winter dressed with a short dress that reach mid thighs featuring in brown and cream highlights. Add a brown belt to wear around the waist that is medium sized. under a medium sleeved black long blazer to add with black leggings and half booties  teamed in brown that have brown decoration straps looking opposite directions all over. Complete looks with a teaming bag in brown with short strings to hold in the hands, a medium length hairstyle pushed backwards for a stunning look.
Last but not least, you can as well go for work in winter dressed in a white long sleeved dress shirt that is slim fit to be tucked then pair it with black full pants that reach above the ankle. Accessorize your pants with a black belt striped with white to wear around the waist. Compliment your looks with black heels and a white small bag with no strings and a curly medium hairstyle pushed at the back for a feminine look. Or dress with a slim fit navy blue dress shirt with cream full pants that reach above the ankle to finish with black heels and a small navy blue belt to design your waist. With a teaming medium length hairstyle that looks good for work expect to look fabulous.
If you’re a fun of yellow, have it with yellow shirt that reach above the knees. Add with a long sleeved white dress top with black stripes that is round necked under sleeveless black blazer. Add a small black belt to wear around the waist. Complete with black leggings and black heels to look fashionable.

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What to Wear to work in Winter

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