How to Wear Green Lipstick

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

Green as a color has its own impression when it comes to color selection. Green means it’s fresh, lovely and adorable. Women wear green lipstick in so many ways to make a statement.    You can wear it in Dark green, Luminous green, Emerald green, Bright green, Vegan green, Hot green, Mint green and so more.  Green Lipstick rules over other colors because it’s quite easy to wear with trendy outfit for women. Green lipstick is an all occasion thing because it teams with party dresses, prom dresses, wedding attires and bridal entourage outfit.


Green lipstick has a variety of dress shoes that work best with it in heels, ankle booties, and knee length boots and over the knees dress shoes.  What you have to have on your mind is the way you match it with different outfits. Green as a color blends well with yellow, black, Brown and white.  Green lipstick goes well with pants, short skirts and shorts, maxi dresses for casual and weddings not skipping pantsuits. Green lips are favorite lipstick for celebrities and people of high class thus making it a trendy one. Women look sweat with green lipstick matched with a luminous strapless long prom evening dress with rhinestone at the front. Add with a medium length silver necklace to finish with silver heels and a bracelet that matches with it. Add with a wavy medium length hairstyle for a cute fashionable woman of the year. Keep on trend with green lipstick and stylish outfits that shines with it and nail art designs.




Look cute with these lips when you pair it with a sleeves white dress that stretches and hugs from the bust to the knees. Under a short black blazer that reach the bust to complete looks with colorless nail polish and light green peep toe dress hell sandals for a great casual outfit.



Look lovely women with a brown bat wing dress that has a round neck with cream highlights. Add with light green bangle and long beaded black necklace to finish with closed light green heel dress shoes to blend with the lips and a silver clutch bag .



Or you can apply shimmery bright green lipstick from the list above which will add beauty to your outfits blended together. It can be used in many ways to meet your expectations. Either use it in solid or liquid, whichever way that seems comfortable for you. It’s perfect on color balancing because it reflects the surrounding next to you. Shimmery green lipstick is guaranteed to give you the looks you rely want to achieve. From the first application, give in a few minutes for the next application. It provides you with the enough nourishing your lips yearn to have all day.




Wear these lips with a black maxi dress with small straps and fitting at the bust but reach the foot below. Add with green heels to pull you off the ground to accessorize it with a small green belt to be worn below the bust for a unique look. Add with a small black bag that features silver rhinestone decoration  for great looks.



Rock with a sleeveless silver glitter dress that is curvy to the bottom  paired with vibrant green lipstick. Blend it with  green heels to cool looks with a short pixie haircut for young looks even when you seem to clocking old age.



shine with emerald lipstick paired with short sleeved green glitter dress that is above the knees. For a great party, add with  silver necklace, silver bangle to complete your personality with  silver heels and a silver clutch bag to fit in the class of women designers that are trendy.


Look good with luminus green lips paired with a short  yellow sleeved curvy long and fitting  prom dress for party. Add with it a small green belt to be worn around the waist and finish with green glitter dress heels, small green ear pins and a small  bag in green for elegance.



Among the different types of green lipsticks is vegan green lipstick. It is an amazing color Hand crafted with rich en blends of moisturizing butters that include shear, unrefined cocoa and mango to keep lips feeling supplemented and smooth en throughout the day. No scent or favor is added to it. Just expect a kind of natural scent from the natural butters that make it. Much as vegan green lipstick is formed from highly concentrated natural moisturizers to make your lips smooth thought, you can add lip sheen or balm to supplement you in case you want to have juicy lips. In case you  vegan lipstick  hasn’t met your satisfaction  due to being allergic  to products used in making it then a balm of your favorite flavor can apply here. It may be straw berry or anything.


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How to Wear Green Lipstick

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