Top 10 Phenomenal Hairstyles for Black Men in 2017

Black men naturally own very thick and coiled hair which is the bonus point when considering new hairstyles and haircuts as such type of hair are extremely good to deal with. Numerous hairstyles plus haircuts are available for black men that are unique and trendy as well as they groom the personality. When it comes to short or long hairstyles it quite becomes difficult to choose that which one to choose. Choosing hairstyle according to your face shape is quite beneficial. Here is the list of 10 phenomenal hairstyles for black men in 2016.

1). Cleave Box Fade:


The hairstyle is amongst the newest hair-styles, for the reason that it is cool and trendy as well as a convenient hairstyle that’s particularly done by the guy who would like it over to commit a declaration. This one hairstyle is extremely eye-catching ahead because it’s ultra-modern and also nice and clean which will contribute you with the most desirable looks, out of the 80’s and the 90’s.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• The style is quite easy to get as you just need to apply some hair mousse, gel or any essential oil moisturizer to your scalp.
• Massage it gently all through your hair.
• Comb or brush your hair towards the upwards direction or close to the scalp.
• Now manage your hairstyle by using a brush or with your hands and after you done apply a hold hairspray or use a razor to obtain a U shape at front.
Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The men with thick and much curly hair and with oblong and oval face shapes should try this as it will clearly going to suit them.

2). Faded Twists:


The hairstyle itself show the expression of self-confidence and attitude. Most celebs have been seen following this hairstyle as it looks so cool and advanced.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• Use a hairstyling gel or any styling foam to the top lengths and the edges.
• Brush lengths in an upward direction.
• Bend the top part to get the desired form of twists.
Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hairstyle is good for the black men with all kind of face shapes and for those with rough and thick hair.

3). Side Parted Low Taper:


The exclusive one yet fashionable hairstyle is best for the men who don’t get nervous to be noticed. The hairstyle is extremely trendy and popular among Hollywood stars and young generation as it features the perfectly done edges alongside with a side part so this hairstyle is hot as well as surely will put an amazing impressive effect on everyone.

Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• Use a hairstyling product such as hair mousse or any moisturizer to all of your hair and massage.
• Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush or a wide tooth comb from every side such as from edges and back and then manage them using a clipper guard.
• To create or show a neat parting set your hair away from that part.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The men with oblong or diamond face shape will look spectacular with this hairstyle. For this hairstyle the much curly or thick hair type is best.

4). Buzz Hairstyle:


Style with attitude! The hairstyle is ready to go because it is an excellent intently haircut and easy to maintain. Thus do not hesitate and also be all set to go along with this hairstyle.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• The hairstyle is extremely easy. What you require is just a moisturizing hair lotion or any essential oil or hair styling foam.
• Brush your hair by using a boar bristle hair brush.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hairstyle will fit for the men who own oval and oblong face shapes and thick hair type.

5). Tapered Fro:


If you prefer the impression of a better taper perhaps this can be an ideal hairstyle that you must pick. So that it is the best option without having the sustenance or even devotion of lengthy hair. This hairstyle is luxurious to put on and all set to go anyplace any moment.This is one on of the phenomenal hairstyle for black men in 2016.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• Use any serum to add shine to your hair and massage it gently.
• Brush your front and back hair in a manner nearer to your scalp.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hairstyle is best for those men who own round face shape and coiled and coarse hair types.

6). Lower Tapered Fro Out:


It is a remarkable and attractive appeal to get you on whereas seeking to boost out you hair. For a while, it might be difficult to get a style that’s amongst the expanding out form that can be hard sometimes. Since this look is going to get you towards Fro phase that enables you to initiate your hair styling a little more.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• The hairstyle is extremely easy to get. What you require is a hairstyling foam apply and massage it into your scalp.
• Afterward, brush your edge and back hair nearer to your scalp. Use wide tooth comb to manage this style as you want.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hairstyle is nearly going to suit men who have elongate face shapes such as oblong and oval. The hair should be much curlier for this hairstyle.

7). The Mohawk style:


If you’re fond of Mohawk hairstyles than try this one. The hairstyle is most demanding amongst young generation as well as mature men. The tiers and measurements with this looks are really commendable and it is very easily suited to guys looking into anything new.

Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• Extend the length of your hair with the help of hairstyling product such as groomed serum or gel.
• Now handle your hair into an upward direction.
• Shave the sides of your hair to give a smooth look and left the center part from front to back or your head. The center lifted hair from forehead to backside hair will reveal the exclusive Mohawk style.
• Afterward, make use of aliquor spraying to properly clean covert or apparent dent and cuts.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The men who have long face shape and oval face shape should try this hairstyle along with having very curly hair.

8). Rich Attractive Wave-cut:


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This deep wave haircut is extremely eye-catching and every black man should try this as its exclusive, elegant short-hair look which can accommodate to your face. Due to the weightlessness of the waves as well as perfectly outlined sides which presents that how much this hairstyle is manageable and easy to deal with.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• Brush your hair perfectly
• Shave your complete head carefully and smoothly.
• Tapper the edges and back hair by using clipper guard for a careful perfect cut and then give your hair a rounded waveform at your head, utilize a boar bristle brush for this purpose.
• After you were done complete your styling by applying a hair moisturizing lotion or any hairstyling foam.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hair style is unique and trendy and best suits men with round face shape but this is not the specified face shape for this hairstyle every man would try this and manageable with bulky and coiled hair.

9). All Twisted Up:


If you are parson who loves showing off his personality then here is the best hairstyle for those. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and this is specifically for long hair. This style contains uniqueness and eye-catching look and will provide you specialized appearance.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• It will take time but it is fun doing. A first wash your hair and towel try them. Left them slightly damp so they can be easily manageable.
• Divide your hair into four sections tale your start from the neckline and move towards thetop.
• Start your work by taking section 1 by 1. Apply a little quantity of pomade to that hair section and twist it from the root hair to the tip.
• Do this with all of your hair.
• Once you were done let your hair dry leave them as they are or you may shake off your hair.

Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hairstyle will best suit on those men who own heart or round face shape extremely curly, coarse or thick hair type.

10). Afro Hairstyle:


This hairstyle is for those who naturally own thick and much curly hair or particularly styled in a manner by men with typically curly or uncoiled hair. The hairstyle is considered stylish by the Afro-American men over 60’s. Such Afros will undergo various types, a few including twists, braids or beads. The Afro wigs are also available. The hairstyle is still is the prenominal one among black men.
Here’s how to get this hairstyle:
• Make tight braids starting from front to half of your head.
• Comb hair well with the help of a wider tooth comb named as Pick-Afro. With is specially designed for such hairstyles.
• Give the left hair a cloud or much like a halo shape.
• Use hairstyling gel or hold hairspray to stick the hair in place.
Preferred Face Shape and Hair Type:
The hairstyle will fit for the men with oblong, oval face shapes and with the thick, long and rough hair texture.

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Top 10 Phenomenal Hairstyles for Black Men in 2017

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