Top 10 Elegant Short Curly hairstyles for women

Women who blessed with curly hair mostly avoid getting a short haircut. But in modern times curls look so adorable no matter it what length of your hair have. If you are a girl who love having curls in her hair or a girl who naturally own them for both it will become difficult sometimes to adopt a hairstyle that best suits with curls.

Curls are fun and when they combine with short haircuts they look more noticeable and eye-catching. Here are top 10 magnificent curly styles that are listed for short hairs to elevate your beauty in every possible way.



If you have naturally curly hair and wanting to get a hairstyle that best compliments you than this hairstyle will be the best choice for you. Curls are becoming trendy day by day no matter what length of hair you have. You have to give this look a try it will make your personality appear unique. In this particular hairstyle, the right side layers having a touch of hair gel will certainly put on display your hair giving the impression of as they are damp and provide you with a untamed look even while they are not damp. Feel simply that how gorgeous it will likely to look at you. If you get a golden blond hair color then it will elevate more in appearance. This curly hairstyle suits more on women with oval face shapes, however, every woman can try this.

2). Naturally Wavy:


The simple but extremely good looking hairstyle. Its simplicity is its prettiness. If your hair contains natural waves then try this hairstyle with a bob haircut as this hair haircut never fails to offer you cute and impressive look. For women who do not have naturally wavy hairs, it is not a really big issue, they can acquire these pretty waves with a curling iron. Just section your hairs and wrap each section one by one on the curling rod and wait for few seconds. Apply holding spray to keep this look for the extended time. This hairstyle will surely give you a chic look.

3). Natural ‘N Tapered:


The hairstyle is as best for every woman as it as best for the black women. This will best suits on women who have natural curls in their hairs as it is super short but graceful at the same time. So for all girls who blessed having a head chock-full of curls are able to truly take on this particular haircut because it appears to be enchanting on your face. What you need to style this look is just a little use of hair gel and this hairstyle can hold through all day. This style makes you experience relaxed day till night because of its lower maintenance. This will look great on women who have round or heart face shapes and with a naturally curly hair texture.



This hairstyle likely to give you a princess-like feeling with its beautiful appearance along with a side braid and soft curls. That is the reason why this particular precious hairdo is the foremost approach to illustrate precisely what the genuine worth of short hairstyle. In order to make it a lot more attractive use golden blond color so it’s going to earn you dazzling glance and will emphasize your facial curves. The perfect hairstyle if you have round face shape but it does not mean that women who do not have this face shape cannot try this. This hairstyle will definitely compliment women with any kind of face shape.



Looks best on girls who have naturally curly hair. This fabulous hairstyle is short and very simple to obtain in case if you do not have natural curls make use of a curling rod or perhaps rollers to achieve this look. You can wear this hairstyle on normal days like for shopping, parties or other outdoor activities. The hairstyle gives Mohawk style like appearance as it features more length on top of the head so you can style it best. Use natural sponge rollers if you want to avoid any heat process. It’ll curl up your hair firmly, whereas, creating your locks 2-3″ briefer. If you have heart face shape then you should have to try this look.

6). Curly Girl:


With you natural curls this hairstyle will rock. The magnificent look of this short curly hairstyle gives you sophisticated and striking appearance. Almost every lady adores and enjoys curls in her hairs. This curly edgy bob has more length at the front then the back hair and the prettier curls brings attractiveness in this hairstyle. Girls born with natural curls must think to get this look and also the girls who do not have naturally curly hair but wants to own this look with synthetic curls. Highlight your hairs into Light Golden Brown. To reveal your curls more prominently.

7). Beach wavesshort Hairstyle:


This look is indeed thrilling as well as profoundly tempting that each and every woman wish to get. This soft wavy hairstyle is best for beach parties and for other gatherings. This specific look might feel as though you’ve got so relieving tresses. You’ll be able to demonstrate convenient look in case you implement golden beach dye along with astonishing ombre. This brief curly hairstyle has a length over the shoulder and is best for your summer hairstyle. Use a large barrel curling rod to achieve this short wavy look in case you don’t have natural waves.



Another mesmerizing hairstyle for that woman who born with naturally curly hairs. This hairstyle is a perfect way to show your short haircut with tight curls. This gives you a sexy look as it is shorter from the back and contains extended sideburns and fullness at the crown area with its tight curls. Subsequently, each one of these allows this hairstyle seems extraordinary that everybody is going to be jealous of you for sure. So rock your world with this short tight curly look. This will enhance your beauty more if you have heart face shape and black coiled hair texture.



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Most of the ladies thought that having a short haircut and then styling it will surely be going to bother them especially the ladies who naturally own curly hair. the fact cannot be denied that curly hair sometimes makes difficult to get a short haircut but if your hairstylist will use some good and skilled techniques than nothing looks prettier than a short curly haircut. This will look more spectacular if you have less curly hair type or achieve your curls with a right size curling iron if your hair is straight then finished your look with a holding spray so the curls will last long. Bob hairstyle probably look best on every face shape any skin tone and hair texture.

10). Dark & blonde curled pixie hairstyle:


Short pixie hairstyles usually feature straight bangs but this look with curled ends will takes pixie haircut to all new level. The hairstyle features more length on top hairs and is shorter from the back. Put some loose waves by dividing hair into sections and then wrapping them one at a time over the barrel of curling iron for few seconds. The long length at the top has given light blonde highlights to make the curls more prominent and the rest of the hair are dark. The hairstyle will look trendy and classy on you will clearly compliment your face.

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Top 10 Elegant Short Curly hairstyles for women

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