2017 Shoulder length Hairstyles

Last Updated: September 3, 2017

Look exclusively cute with shoulder length hairstyles that can be styled with different face shapes and in varying colors for women. You can rock with shoulder length hairstyle in blonde, be with curly, wavy, with a bang, straight and in messy style. You can wear it plain or added with hair accessories to complete it. Shoulder length hairstyle is a one function hairstyle that blends with any outfit for a stunning look.
stylish length hairstyles for women shoulder white blondeThis is a white blonde shoulder length hairstyle with a heart face shape that is wavy.It blends so well in the way it is pushed,


as in you draw a line at the left hand side crown area then push hair behind the ears maintain its waves. For the right hand side push small waves at the front pushing hair to the very side creating a stylish wave to the cheeks proceeding to the shoulders for a unique look. This hairstyle makes your heart face so cute and clear for a sounding eye brow and sexy eyes view. Add make up that teams with your skin complexion for a stunning look. This hairstyle reasons out any doubts possible if you aren’t yet decided of which hairstyle to wear that goes for any function. With fine or thick hair expect to look perfect with white blonde shoulder length hairstyle.  If you have natural hair and you want to color your hair, first make a test somewhere and check the results. If you’re confident of the results then wash your natural hair gently from the scalp down to hair tips. Wet your hair a bit for it to be damp then add your favorite shampoo until you make foam, gently rub the scalp to remove dirt and buildup that comes from hair products.  Check the last water that comes out of your head, whether it’s clear and you are through with the washing.

Apply John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, 8.45 Fluid Ounce: this shampoo gives your blonde hair a shinny look all day. It takes you a few minutes to rinse your hair which you can do for yourself at home. Apart from nourishing your hair it helps calm the dullness of your hair and breakage. After shampooing your hair , you can leave it a bit moist then add conditioner that is meant for blonde hair and style in your preferred way.

Blonde Curly
stylish length hairstyles for women shoulder. Blonde curly
Have been looking for a shoulder length hairstyle that will relieve all the stress of un necessary hair combing in morning rush hours, then this hairstyle is the option.  If you apply hair style for curly hair to make your hair soft and shinny then you simply need to use your mere fingers to scrunch through for neat looks.  It will save you time and at the same time looking fabulous. To pull great looks add a stylish hat that will tell how fashionable woman you’re. Style this hair for any occasion and trust me you will elegant whether with pants, dresses in different lengths for leisure or wedding parties. Check out this lady featured in the pic above the way she rocked with shoulder length curly hairstyle. She matched it with a short sleeved t shirt under a leopard cardigan that’s medium sleeved with fordable alternative at the sleeves for a unique look. She added with skinny boyfriend jeans that you fold at the bottom. She went on to add more accessories like a chain belt to wear with the pants, a gold bangle to complete with  peep toe heeled dress shoes with strap in navy blue.
Use it’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Product, 4-O Repairs: its good at repairing dry damaged hair, adding shine, makes hair smooth and without frizz. It  De-tangles hair. With numerous advantages mentioned above you also add Preventing split ends, reduces completely hair breakages and giving your hair a perfect natural look.
Blonde straight
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.Blonde straight

Look sparklingly beautiful with blonde straight shoulder length hairstyle in celebrity style because it makes a statement. This hairstyle puts you in a category of women who takes time to add value to their beauty.  Straight blonde hair gives you more opportunity of adding with any outfit and look elegant cause of the colors that blend it.  First and foremost, you looks will be just cute when your wear your makeup with such a colorful hairstyle. Wear this hairstyle for formal purpose, great occasions with any outfit regardless of color. This blonde straight shoulder length hairstyle looks so impressive that when added with any outfit, it’s like you feeling the missing item that has been waited for. Blonde straight hairstyle is easy to maintain and combed. You can use a comb of big bristles to remove tangles with ease or else you can finger comb and win in a short time you’re done.  Alternatively you can hold it in a puff form with a side swept bang for stunning looks. You can wear it for formal, engagements, parties, weddings or any other occasion that is respectable. For now let blend this hairstyle with navy blue suit pants accessorized with a white sleeveless top under.
Recommended products:
Use Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 3.3oz with its treatment: Use this shampoo prior to a test first and if you are contented with the result, let your first application be done after 2 weeks after hair coloring to avoid color being washed away. For your blonde hair to be straight, wash it once in one to two weeks with this shampoo then add treatment  to your hair and leave it to penetrate hair cuticles for like 30 seconds for even distribution of the entire head and after wash it off  to add your setting spray. Set your hair with rollers, use a iron tool to dry your hair and finally comb it straight for a nice look. Your hair will have body and shine that will give you a better look.
Thick Wavy
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder. thick wavy

Don’t get worried rocking with a thick wavy hairstyle with tight waves because it looks cute and just a change from other hairstyles you can think of. Its volume and texture gives it a stylish look all together. It’s bearable with its height and the warmth it gives during cold days. Make sure you rinse it once in two weeks to avoid discomfort and build up that later because itching.  If you aren’t comfortable with 2 weeks then wash once in a week for a cleaner scalp. This hairstyle goes well with any face shape. For the lady in the picture, she’s a heart faced shape and looked so fabulous with her shoulder length hairstyle, matched with a lovely eye brow and nice lip gross that looked so colorful. This hairstyle is the best option if you’re to take a choice of the best thick and wavy shoulder length hairstyle that is trendy. Match it with dress shirts for formal, dresses in varying heights to grab all the attention.
Apply WEN by Chaz Dean Fig Cleansing Conditioner 16 oz:
This conditioner is a multi -purpose to work for wavy or curly and perfect too with thick hair. It works beyond boundaries as in providing enough nourishment that hair needs. Also works with dehydrated hair and damaged hair by bringing its texture to the original state.  It tenderly rinses the scalp and above all maintaining its natural oils for moisturized and hydrating look.
For proper application, after you’ve washed your hair dump, shake the bottle and push product out to your palms. Pump for like 20 times for shoulder length thick hair,  for long and voluminous pump more than 30 times. Check if your hair is smooth and soft then that will tell that you have put the required quantizes. Rub your palms gently and massage evenly into hair and leave for like 20 seconds then rinse thoroughly.  Make sure you do the massaging from the roots to scalp to end tips. I recommend you to start with few pumps according to the volume and length of your hair then proceed with more pumps u until you achieve the best results. But don’t overdo it because you might get a negative response altogether.
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.colored

Reach out for fabulous colored hair in maroon with front bangs that flows to the shoulders for trendy girly ideas that shouldn’t be excluded in lift time. This hairstyle is girly inspired because of the color it features. Young women love bright colors that complete their trendier outfits for hot looks. There’s away colored hair improves one’s looks and the chemistry here is to add simple techniques to achieve un outstanding look. Colored shoulder length hair is just a perfect change from the natural kind of hair that looks great with young women and celebrities. Match it with jeans, shorts, short dresses.
Use it’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask, 8-Ounces Jars: it’s the best of all kinds conditioner that turns into dry and flaking hair softer and frizz free. It doesn’t matter how much your hair has been damaged, on application leave for like 15 minutes then you will be able to see a tangible difference. It doesn’t matter how long you have suffered with poor quality colored hair, it brings new life to your hair.  It tames freeze, nourishes hair and at the end of it all you will bare a natural smile because with this product, be rest assured everything is in control.
Fine shoulder length hairstyle
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.fine

You have seen and heard about hairstyles that are shoulder length that look good for women but here comes another stylish   shoulder length hairstyle that’s fine. It’s cute and easy to comb with trendy techniques to pull off great looks. For this babe in the pictorial above, she combed her hair that is a bit wavy looking at sides and on the other side flowing downwards for a stunning look. She kind of pulled a messy bang that covered her upper forehead making it easier for her to show off her cute face. She added on silver medium length earrings and a sleeveless star dress top teamed with black. She completed her outfit with skinny jeans to compliment with black sneakers that features white strings.
Apply WEN® Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner 16oz: wash your hair first for a roughly clean scalp. Pour the product in small quantities on your palms and rub them together but gently apply the product to your hair. Keep on adding the conditioner until you hair and rub clockwise until you’re done with the entire head. It’s in order for you to keep adding small quantities of the product to your hair, if it isn’t absorbed roughly well feel ok to.
White blonde wavy
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.white blonde wavy

There several ways you can rock with blonde hair, every girl loves to have a change in looks as in change looks from the natural look everyone is used at. So for a change you need to color your hair in unique colors like, plain white, pink, green, blue or go for blonde. Blonde hair has more than one blend that women love to rock with but as of now, let’s take on white blonde wavy as our best alternative because it does wonders. Blonde white wavy hair looks perfect with any face shape or complexion and its maintenance is not as complicated as many people think. You only need to use the right shampoo made for this particular type of shampoo with the right hair spray to keep it shining all time. Add bangs to it, whether side swept or front bang that covers part of the forehead. The decision lies in your hands for the best selection that goes well with your face shape. Look beautiful with white blonde wavy for formal, simple to great functions to make a statement.
Apply Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo for blonde & silver16 fl.oz:
This is the best shampoo for white blonde hair that  renews  the lost high light and at the same time removes the  sudden dull yellow  color that immerses with in silver hair residues to leave your hair with a  and  shinny look. Shimmer shampoo and conditioner needs to be used handy for a better blonde color texture. Shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner are recommended hair care products that are meant for blonde hair, silver, red or brunette hair. It is enriched with Protein conditioning formula that tones down stubborn brassiness that occurs on blonde and silver hair.  The added advantage of using Clairol professional shimmer lights shampoo is that it saves you on frequent hair washing and takes for more than two days without a wash yet with having a perfect look. You might delay on a camping site or a long journey   but comfortable with the looks of your hair until you’re done with camping that’s when you will have the next wash. It is dependable when it comes to its scent that smells so friendly and a solution to faded funny highlights that result from sun burns. You will always recommend this product to your friends after application.
Colored blue
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.colored blue

Look stylish babes with colored hair to be the center of attraction when you take on the decision of coloring your hair with blue color. This hairstyle with give more options of wearing outfits that will complete your looks without hassling too much to look beautiful. Pull with a side swept bang that reaches above the eyes with the same color eye shadow for a stunning look. Make men crazy if you blend blue colored shoulder length hair with a black long sleeved dress shirt that features silver metallic designs on the shoulders, collar and the bust to stand out. Add with blue skinny pants to complete with black knee length high booties for a stylish look. Accessorize your outfit more by adding a black cross finger ring on one of the hands then on the other to complete with a pink finger ring for the crush color era that is trendy.
Use Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner with Jojoba 355ml/12oz – For Color-Treated Hair:
It’s a perfect cleanser and conditions hair without leaving behind any tangle. It eliminates frizz from your hair and to its advantage it adds shine for a voluminous hair that looks shiny all time.  It doesn’t matter which color of hair you have but what I want to assure you is that it leaves your hair soft and manageable. It doesn’t irritate the scalp but it works handy with your natural oils for a cleaner scalp.
How to apply it on color treated hair: after through cleansing of your hair for a period of I minute, check with the water that comes from the scalp. If it’s clear then you come to know that your hair is completely clean. Use like up to 6 pumps to the crown area, use more than 8 pumps at the back of head. Rub the product gently filling every part of your entire head for like 3 minutes so that the product absorbs each hair cuticle. Add with small quantizes of  water to your head to evenly distribute the product. Add like 10 pumps of the product to mid shafts through the end tips then hydrate hair.

Straight colored hair
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.straight colored hair

Women you have tried many hairstyles on planet earth and looking great but there comes yet another hairstyle that heart faces shapes and oval face shapes go perfect with. Look awesome with straight colored hair that reaches the shoulders with pointed ends that flow under the neck and a bit of the bust area. Colored with a unique bright color maroon, you can fail to pull good looks as this color blends with all face shapes and complexions. Push with it a unique hair design on one the side of your face by creating a side swept bang that covers half of the forehead, covering the ears and flows down the cheeks to shoulders to flatter your face. On the other side, push hair straight from the corner of the forehead to below the cheeks proceeding below the shoulders to look stylish. To add value to your looks add with makeup and a moderate eye brow for high scores. Wear this hairstyle for any destiny and stand chances of becoming a hair consultant as in be free with it. Give them information and as you do this you will be wishing others the best looks and in turn you will be complimented for your good service.
Apply Matrix Biolage  Colorcaretherapie Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner (Set 33.8oz 1 Liter)
It tames dry colored hair to being soft and manageable. Great product for color treated hair as in moistening your hair however dry and stubborn it is. No matter how many times you color your hair with different colors, this shampoo balances the color of your hair to perfection and brilliance. It’s a long lasting shampoo and conditioner that immunizes the expense of your wallet as in a little amount of the product can do you great. It’s a kind of shampoo that cleanses without striping your scalp of its natural oils. It’s friendly for daily use purpose as is nourishes and smoothies the hair cuticles. Get this product from Amazon stores.
Curly with a side bang
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder. curly with a side bang

With many trendy hairstyles that are surfacing day by day in the hair industry you can do anything with your hair to look beautiful. With any length of hairstyle that variety if styling options that can be done for you to pull an outstanding look. This hairstyle in the above picture looks kind of greasy with curls that reach the shoulders and below with a stylish side swept bang to improve it. It also features in a blonde look that adds it chances of looking make fabulous all time.  This hairstyle is most favored in cold and humid conditions because it adds warmth on top of looking beautiful on you. Design is with off shoulder outfits for an amazing look for spring and summer seasons.  This lady in the pictorial above seems to have worn a black off shoulder dress top with long sleeves, blue skinny jeans and over the knee brown heeled dress shoes to look fashionable. She accessorized her outfit with silver medium length earrings and a silver bangle for perfect teaming.  With right products applied to this hairstyle, it can take you long looking shining throughout. Wash it once in 2-3 weeks but if you’re the kind of person who has a scalp that forms buildup quickly then its advisable to was it once in two weeks. Keep in mind that over washing your hair can drain your scalp of essential oils your hair needs for a healthy look.
Use Agadir  Argan Oil Hair Treatment( 4-Ounce)
It works as a leave in hair treatment that is enriched with vitamin e. leaves your hair a super shiny look. It’s has a nice smell, keeps your hair healthy and a nice shine. it changes your color texture to a pleasant one. Is rest assured of leaving your hair with a bouncy, shiny and with no frizz? It’s incredibly good for oily to greasy hair. Agadir Argan oil Hair Treatment is the best product I have ever used apart from the usual products because it does repair damaged hair leaving it soft, with body and frizz free. It eliminates buildup that would cause itching to your scalp therefore giving your hair more life and a healthier look.

Cute wavy shoulder hairstyle
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.cute wavy shoulder hairstyle

In case you have been in dilemma of choosing the best cute wavy shoulder length hairstyle, you been sorted as this hairstyle answers all your queries. This hairstyle looks kind of messy with it waves that makes it more versatile to wear it. Don’t be caught off side by just picking any hairstyle to wear on your head that is going to give a negative impact. Let’s say you just picked a hairstyle without minding how you will look.   Women’s beauty lies mostly on having a cute hairstyle that later blends with your skin complexion and face shape to look significantly cute. This hairstyle looks good with all face shapes the difference lies in the way you accessorize it to look awesome. With a few tips of maintenance taken into consideration you will be the queen of hair fashion. To pull great looks add it with a teaming earring in brown and multiple hand jewelry that fills a quarter of your hand to look magnificent.
Apply TRESemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil( 32 Fl Oz)
This shampoo smells so great and gives a lather that is good.  For the conditioner it makes hair soft and manageable. It encourages the re -growth of new hair. Perfect with wavy hair making it quite easy to comb and style. it makes hair frizz free. However dry and seemly damaged your hair is ,on application of this product, your hair will be soft and manageable. This product is pocket friendly on Amazon and works on different types of hair. It makes your hair frizz free and works on flyaway’s by giving your hair body without weighting it down. Moroccan Argan oil cleanses your hair to the highest standard and helps tame unruly hair by leaving it soothingly soft. It’s safe for daily use it’s a trustable recommendation for dry Hair, damaged hair, Straight Hair, wavy hair and other hair types.
How to go about using TRESemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo:
•    Brush your hair to remove tangles,
•    Wet your hair to make it easier for the shampoo to form a lather.
•    Put a few quantities of shampoo into your palms.
•    With your two hands rub the shampoo into your hair.
•    Gently massage the scalp from the roots to the end tips with your fingers to work out the lather.
•    With care squeeze the shampoo from roots to ends and wash thoroughly.
•    Add TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Conditioner to your hair and style as your desire.

Shoulder length hairstyle with a line at the side
Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.with a line at the side

Look fabulous with shoulder length hairstyle that features a design line at the side to creativity that makes a difference. It doesn’t matter which kind of face shape you have all is just getting perfect looks with the right hairstyle in the best color highlights that can easily match with anything. It doesn’t need much time to spend in the mirror working out this hairstyle no! all you have to keep on mind is to use a big toothed comb to remove tangles fast and  a product that doesn’t make your hair weak and fly away. Use product that adds body to it and keeps it smooth enough with shine to look better all time. If you feel un comfortable letting is free to fall on your shoulders, you can style it short in a wavy look maintaining a line at the side but secured with hairpins for great looks to party or weddings. But for leisure you can as well hold a puff at the back of neck with a hair band then add a ribbon floral hair accessory at one of the sides to stand out with the most creative hair design that speak  for compliments.
Apply Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense  (6.8 oz Hair Thick Mask.)
It’s an all hair type solution that does maintain a healthy look and fights against dehydration.
How to apply it: wet your hair a bit to make it soft emphasizing the roots and the hair ends.Then apply Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for Thick Hair for your hair nourishing to provide a healthy look. On top of other good things provided with this shampoo your hair will be added with elastically that will in the end give you a shinny and soft touch. it works best  for dry and damaged hair leaving it   smooth, silky and frizz free and  worth purchasing. Find all these products on Amazon stores.

Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.awesome

Stylish length hairstyles for women Shoulder.straight

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2017 Shoulder length Hairstyles

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