2017 Short Acrylic Nails for Girls Who Love Style

When most people see the word acrylic the first thing that comes to their mind is long but this is not the case because acrylic nails can also be short and to make them even better, when they are short they are more comfortable compared to when they are long because they are less prone to damage. They are easy to do and do not take a lot of time, all you have to do is to your stylist exactly what you need and you will be good to go. Acrylic nails are stylish however it is not advisable to…..


put acrylic nails every now and then. A variety of beautiful and differently painted nails have been provided in the article, check them out.

How to care for acrylic nails;

Do not wash clothes when you wear acrylic nails; by the time you finish washing the clothes the nails will have lifted and this also causes damage to your natural nails because each time you remove the nails wrongly they it affects your natural nails as well.

Keep the nails dry; whenever you touch water make sure you use a soft cotton cloth to dry the nails so that you remove all the water to prevent the overlay from lifting.

Use anti-bacterial soap to wash your nails; because your natural nails do not get to breathe and receive sunlight that could get them infected so use anti bacterial soap whenever you wash your hands to prevent them from getting infected.

Fix the damaged nails as soon as you notice; it is always good to repair the nails as soon as you notice, go back to your stylish to have the nails well repaired.

Wear gloves when you are going to do dishes; wear rubber gloves when you are going to the dishes so that the acrylic nails do not get wet.

Short Acrylic pink Nails for Girls


Short nails look very nice with light or bright colors because they stand out really well unlike the dull or dark colors. Applying acrylic nails is not as hard as we think because you can even do it yourself. get the acrylic if it does not fit your natural nails size file it to make it the same size as your natural nails, then carefully apply nail glue to your natural nails be careful not apply it on your skin. Slowly attach the acrylic nail on and then find your favorite pink nails polish, apply a base coat and paint the nails like you paint your natural nails. Always apply clear nail polish to finish.

Short Acrylic orange Nails for Girls


Wow look at how the orange short acrylic nails looked, orange is beautiful color and will blend your skin tone really well, to apply the acrylic nails, first of all get your nails cleaned before applying the acrylic nails, when you are sure that your natural nails are clean apply a nail glue and stick the acrylic nails on. Choose your orange nail polish to paint the nails and make them appear like those in the picture. The beauty about short acrylic nails is that it may be almost impossible for anyone to notice you are wearing acrylic nails.

Short Acrylic purple Nails for Girls


Purple is a beautiful color that looks good in all it’s different shades and with the details of berries the nails look even better, acrylic nails are very easy to style and if you have naturally short nails and you don’t fancy those extra long nails, short acrylic nails are just the way to go. You do not have to worry about them being too expensive with the thought that you have always have to go to a stylist because you can also do it yourself.

Short Acrylic colorful Nails for Girls


Short Acrylic leopard Nails for Girls


When I look at animal print nails I am amazed by the creativity because for many people such designs are used on clothes but it can also be designed on nails. Look at how beautiful the nails look with different animal print designs.  size the acrylic nails to your natural nails size, apply white nails on four of your fingers and black one of the nails, wait for it to dry then apply the animal print sticker do not forget to apply clear nail polish.

Short Acrylic heart and animal Nails for Girls


get stylish with different designs on each nails, all eyes will be turning to look at you with different designs on your acrylic nails. Hearts, arrows and the dear will make you stand out the crowd as you will not see many people with their nails designed like that. You will be very unique when you design your nails like in the picture.

Short Acrylic light pink Nails for Girls


Sometimes being simple is a good way of having your nails looking great, too much designing may turn out a mess sometimes. Tree branches on only one of the nails and leaving all the rest plain is a beautiful way to keep your acrylic nails amazing, you should definitely try this one out.

Short simple Acrylic Nails for Girls

The nails are short and simple with the stiletto shape, there is no doubt you will look great with the nails. black is just most perfect color to try on your nails because no matter which design you match it with or color you compliment it with it will still give you the most beautiful results you ever thought of, I just love the way the stiletto acrylic nails are painted black on all the nails and detailed with just one finger painted gold with glitters, this is just an easy and simple way to become trendy.

Short Acrylic black Nails for Girls


Try it out just plain black and you will sure love the results, here is an easy way to apply the nails, make sure the acrylic nails are size of your natural nails and if they are not file them to your fit size. Add glue to your nails then stick the acrylic nails on, choose your favorite black nail polish and paint the nails be careful not to put the polish on your nails or if it does use nail polish to remove it the apply a clear nail polish for the brightness.

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2017 Short Acrylic Nails for Girls Who Love Style

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