How to choose a Scarf

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

A scarf is a necessary item that shouldn’t miss out on any lady’s outfit because it does wonders which is to add beauty to it. It doesn’t matter how simple the outfit is but when it’s matched with it puts you a step ahead that’s to say class of fashionable women. Apart from wearing scarfs for warmth and look cute with different outfits, it’s another necessary accessory that women add to their hairstyle to look beautiful.   They feature in different colors like plain and multi colored to satisfy your expectations. Their colorful scarves that are worn for summer, spring and winter and because of these varying seasons, they’re made with……..


different bodies to suit those seasons of the year. Among the numerous scarves that complete outfits each individual wears it in a comfortable way possible to mention a few: Long with a knot, shawl or Pashmina worn for either cold or hot season just to look fashionable.  For summer to spring, scarves tend to come in light form then for winter heavier in its body to provide extra warmth with beauty. Head scarf’s are more lighter compared others. Scarves too can be complimented to women bags to add quality and design. Their several ways scarf’s  for  women can be worn  differently  to rock with outfits namely:  worn  as head scarf’s, hair scarf’s or Shoes scarf’s and bags with scarf’s. If you’ve be wondering how this works then scroll down this article for more?

Look beautiful for winter with a colorful shawl teamed in several colors that can be worn with several outfits to reflect the colors featured with it as you see the pic above. A scarf for winter is worn to keep warmer but at the same time looking fashionable. I can see it is made in several colors which you pick one out of all in plain colors to team with your outfit. Mostly in winter ladies wear pants, leggings, long sleeved dress tops that also work hand in hand to keep them warmer all time. Dress this scarf with long sleeved dress top in grey with a round neck, and then add black pants that stretch to hug your body. Complete your outfit with stockings to make your feet warmer to then add with knee high booties in black to look fashionable.  With your hair, leaving if free can be quite troublesome to you because you need to warm your head, ears  as in you can freeze so to cater for this add a grey beret With your hands you need to wear gloves for comfort and warmth too.

With design scarf creativity plays a big part as in, it’s all you need to rock with it however different ways you wear it. Wearing a scarf with your hairstyle is fun and tells it all as far as fashion is concerned. Add a scarf natural hair, braided hair or treated and you won’t regret the outcome. This young lady you see above pulled off with her multi colored head scarf because it looked good with her curly hairstyle. Because it’s a multi colored scarf it goes well with any plain color outfit that you single out from those you see. Never the less, a black, brown, white, purple or orange can team with it. She tied her scarf from the back of neck from the sides to cross it just above forehead creating a good design at the front. She pulled it off with a long face, simple makeup to add with silver small earrings that made her look cute. She completed it with short sleeved black dresses that reach at the knees that fit from the bust area to the knees. With a seemingly round neck, it gives a good view of her bust and good complexion that connects with her looks. She completed with peep dress heels in black that grabs attention of her juicy legs and nice feet.

It’s just the beginning of styling with a dress scarf because all what you expect to achieve with it is just is achievable and shots beyond your expectations.  With a head scarf this young babe make heads turn as in she chose the pink color that blends well with her skin complexion. She tied it to perfection by tying the entire head from the back of neck to the front to crown at the middle clockwise. With it she added a medium sleeved multi colored dress top that features in light blue, yellow, white and dark blue. Her dress top matched with bungles in yellow and blue.  She added skinny faded blue jeans to complete with pink closed flat dress shoes to match with the color of the scarf. With shades, medium earrings and blending makeup she stood out to be the most beautiful lady smart with a head scarf.

W ooh, if you didn’t know your personality talks more about you and gives an impression of you then its high time you learn t from me. Never ever put on anything for the sake or when you’re caught with time, leave you house with confidence that you’re wearing the best of you. I can’t get surprised by someone praising me  that am extremely elegant because I can’t leave my house without putting emphasis on my outfit and what I match it with. I already know that by watching myself in the mirror first then others follow to comment. Look how lovely this lady above in the pic rocked with a head scarf.  It features in green, brown yellow and cream that looked fabulous with her. She added with it medium silver earrings that go with any outfit blended with cute makeup and a nice eye shadow that put her to great heights, I mean looking so beautiful. Much as the head scarf isn’t matching with the outfit, she spiced her medium sleeved navy blue baggy top that also feature white with it with the right accessories that pulled it to look fashion by adding brown and navy blue handmade necklace. However, the necklace matches with the bungles she wore at the hands to team with a brown lining at the neck at look stunning with her looks.  To complete this dress top add with navy blue straight pants and brown heel sandals for elegance.

 Ladies did you know there many ways you a scarf can complete your personality when you buy a bag that is accessorized with a scarf. Scarf does wonders with anything teamed with. Look a woman of class when you have a bag that is blended with a scarf For this one is at the side , then other bags  then scarf with rolled through big silver holes that is patched at the top ends  of the bag covering the entire bag. At time a scarf can feature in multi color or plain color compared to how the bag looks like but all to look fashionable. As you take a look at bag above, its features in orange color, with silver chains and an animal prints scarf teamed in brown and cream. This trendy bag gives you more options of dress outfit and shoes that goes with it to look fashionable. You can match this bag in orange with black, white, brown, cream and coffee brown if not mistaken. It can either be outfit or dress shoes. For now let’s match this bag in orange and animal print scarf in brown and cream with coffee brown dress pants. This trendy bag goes formal or casual, whatever your priority.  For a woman that commands class with elegance, match this bag with a sleeveless top in black that reach slightly below the waist to be tacked with coffee brown pant suit. Add a long sleeved coffee brown coat on top of the dress top with buttons to button at choice or leave it un buttoned for style and better view of your outfit.  Match you outfit  with small coffee brown  earrings, makeup that is moderate to complete with brown peep toe heels and stand out of all women as the best fashionable woman ready for any destiny  whether formal, special occasion.

How awesome is it to dress simple outfits that blend in colors and look stunning added with an animal print scarf. You don’t need much to look cute, only have an idea of teaming color that stands out even when you aren’t expensive. Look good with a two bodied medium sleeved sky blue top with white blending with sleeves foldable at med section and buttoned to keep in tack that reach just below the waist. Add your dress top with blue faded jeans that hugs at the butt to hips then bigger to the ankle to look fashionable.  To your outfit wear a long animal print pashmina scarf that reach below the waist. Hold the scarf at length fold it in to two then put it around your neck by making ends pass through that end folded part making kind of knot  around the neck. On top of wearing this animal print for warmth, you will exclusively some out beautiful.

With a nice head scarf that features blending colors that work hand in hand, let’s say blue with yellow, red and black as you see the lady featured in the above image expect all the praises, because  it gives you more options of outfits to wear with to look fabulous. Look at the way  it tied around the head leaving out part of the front hair  then  tying it circular wise all over the entire head  to form a beautiful crown at the end of it all showing all the creativity a woman needs to rock with trendy outfit that come up time to time. This young babe looked cute with a white short sleeved dress top under a medium sleeved red coat with white lining at the ends. Match it with black pants that hug you from the butt to the bottom showing all the curves on your body. Finish it with red heels , beautiful makeup ready any destiny that is high class because your looks just put you in respectable place at anytime  and anywhere meaningful.

Look trendy with a zebra scarf used as strings with white heeled sandals for a casual day out, on an outing with your spouse or on weddings for a woman of class that has fashion at finger tips.  This dress shoes looks good with pants, short dress that reach the knees or short shirts too. A scarf can do you miracles when it comes to matching it with anything that completes a woman like dress shoes.  Woman if you didn’t know that scarves teamed with dress shoes defines it all for you when it comes to looking elegant, then come to know from this article. Match this zebra dress shoes with a black strapless short dress that hugs you from the bust to the above knees showing all the necessary curves on your body to look sexy. Wear it with a strapless bra, medium silver necklace to complete with medium silver earrings and a white clutch bag for a stylish and respectable woman. At the end of this article, you will be a designer consultant by experience.

More to talk with design scarf for winter, you find that your answers of how to wear it best for cold is provided right here. You don’t need much to wear for winter to look fashionable, only a few accessories are added for you to rock. Look stylish with a grey heavy scarf but light on your body to wear around the neck fully covered. Add with it a long sleeved top in army green that covers the butt under a long sleeved dark grey cardigan. Complete your outfit with black leggings to wear with black socks and hugs in brown to match with your medium trendy bag. Add shades to spice your looks with your hair held into a puff.

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How to choose a Scarf

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