2017 A – Z in Henna Tattoo Design

Henna Tattoo Design

Many women fancy Henna tattoos because of their beauty and flamboyant look. It’s treasured by celebrities and most women. You can pimp your looks by using either a permanent or temporary Henna print tattoo, this type of tattoo print can be put on hands, legs, feet and forearm. Many women fancy Henna tattoos because of their beauty and flamboyant look, Asian & Indian women are the most popular women with this type of tattoo because it carries some cultural meaning in those demographics. On the other hand, most henna tattoos are not permanent, you will use a temporary ink tattoo maker which will fade with time, but at least, that mark will be left behind, and you can always re-print it and extend its longevity. Today on Designideaz, I have featured 20 beautiful Henna Tattoo Ideas you might fall for, I choose them randomly, but I’m sure you will not fail to get at least 1-2 ideas.

Their so many designs from which you can choose from, however, the floral designs seem to be more popular, you don’t have to make these designs by your self, simply buy a custom henna tattoo design template or go to a tattoo specialist nearby and get a cool tattoo print likes the ones I have featured on this list.

In this post, we shall see the best examples for Henna Tattoos, but at the same time, we shall learn how to draw Henna Tattoos and the same time we shall learn how to make a printed henna tattoo last longer.


  • Choose a design: – The main goal of getting a tattoo no matter its type, is to spice up your beauty, however, their some people who don’t want to commit them selves to permanent tattoos, so this henna type will be a good choice, however, you need to choose a design which you will feel comfortable with, and you also have to specify where you want it to appear, henna tattoos can be printed on hands, forearms, shoulder, stomach or legs. To make a good choice you can take advantage of online image curating sites like Pinterest & Google images, on these sites, you will find millions of henna tattoo ideas from which you can choose, if you want to make your own tattoos, I suggest you opt for a simple floral design, draw it down on a paper and trace it soft plastic paper and then cut of the design, this will make it simple if you want to apply the design on your body.
  • Draw and Cut out the Design: – Now that you have chosen the right design, if possible, download it from internet and print it out, get a transparent hard-copy paper and trace the design, use a sharp razor blade to cut the edges of the design as traced on the paper.
  • Clean and Shave the area where the tattoo will be: – At this point you already have a cut out design for that cute tattoo you want to have, so, clean the place where that tattoo should be, shave it very well with a new & sharp razor, after that process, clean this area with after shave.
  • Apply the tattoo : I know you can wait to see the results, be patient please, now hold the printed tracing paper which has a cut out tattoo design and place it firmly on the area where the tattoo should be, you can have some one apply the ink as you hold the paper, leave this paper for at least 25 minutes as the ink dries out, if not, use a medical tape to hold the paper.  After the 25 minutes, slowly peel it off, you will see a very beautiful henna tattoo design.


  • Tattoo Design
  • Ink
  • Scissors / razor
  • Medical Tape
  • After Shave
  • Printer
  • Tracing Paper

Simple Henna Tattoo Designs


Henna Tattoo Design Template


At this point you know how to make your own henna tattoo design because we have covered that part in the above points, now, let’s try to go in details and learn how you can make a henna transfer.

  • Print out the copy of the design you want :- You should have both internet and a printer, go through different online tattoo collections and get different Henna Tattoo Design Templates, print them out, if the printed designs look small, you can use Microsoft Picture Manager or Adobe Photoshop to enlarge the design and then print it out.
  • Trace the design :- This time, you might not need to cut of the design, simply trace the design with henna, apply it on the edges / outline of the design, leave henna on the paper to dry out just a little bit.
  • Cut out the design: – Use sharp pair of scissors to cut the edges of the design, let go of that un- necessary paper space and remain with the design only, make sure the henna is still soft and not completely dry.
  • Place the design :- Identify where you want the tattoo to be and place this henna tattoo design up-side-down, the side which has the henna & the design will face down so that the deign goes directly on the skin, use a medical tape to place the paper for at least 30minutes – 8 hours, if you decide to sleep with this paper, i suggest you wrap it so that it stays intact the all night, remove the paper early in the morning and you will see a very beautiful henna tattoo on your body.

Henna Tattoo Design Hand

Henna Flower Tattoo Design



Tribal Henna Tattoo Designs


Henna Tattoo Design Arm


Henna Tattoo Designs For Feet


Henna Tattoo Designs For Girls

Henna Tattoo Designs For Kids


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2017 A – Z in Henna Tattoo Design

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