How to wear stripes on mini dresses

Striped outfits for women have stood tastes from generation to generation; the only difference lies with new styling ways that have come as updates to make your outfits make a command which is polite to any eyes but ranking you highly. You can wear stripes as dress tops, as maxi dresses, as pants, as dress shirts or dress shoes. You need to have handy tips to rock with stripes like if you wear a striped top then match with a plain matching accessory to complete it.
Stripes with Jeans

Buy this idea from me that stripes are easy to blend if you have more plain outfits added to your closet. Look fabulous with medium sleeved striped dress top that features in blue and white. It features a round neck and design folding alternatives at the end sleeves. Pair it with blue skinny jeans that reach above the ankle. Finish it off with pointed black medium heeled dress shoes with straps to tie around the ankle. Accessorize your outfit by adding a black medium black with no strings and features white dotted designs at the front to hold at palms. As color crushing is on the move, add medium length pink necklace and a black watch to keep notified on time. For the hairstyle, you can have it simple but matching your matches  when  you  draw a line from the front to the mid section at the right hand side, push hair straight  to shoulder length and for the left hand side, you can push it backwards just to complete your looks.
Striped maxi dress

Ladies look fabulous with a maxi striped dress that is round from the waist to the bottom and slim lace fit from top to the waist with no sleeves. It’s a chiffon dresses that teams with summer and at all function outfit. Since the maxi dress reaches the feet, you need to pair it with heels to pull off the ground. Black heels will do you wonders, added with black shades and black bracelet. Pull any hairstyle with this outfit and look great but preferably long wavy hairstyle will do much better pushed back wards. If you don’t have intact waves, and feel uncomfortable for hair to fall in your face then add a hair band to keep it in position. Add a small clutch bag in black with silver designs at the top for cute looks and blends.
Stripes with white pants
How to wear stripes with white pants
You can wear stripes for comfort as in wearing it open to keep heat off your body and at the same time looking trendy. Look cute with a strapless striped top with small straps featuring a v neck that fits and sits at the waist. Add with white skinny jeans, a black watch and a black bracelet to cool it off. Blend this outfit with peep toe brown a with straps heel sandals to match with a long stringed brown bag to wear around the shoulders. Finish with black shades and a curly long hairstyle left free for simple looks and looking great. This outfit looks good with women from teens to below forty five brackets.
Stripes with shorts
How to wear stripes with shorts
Try stripes with shorts and have fun because it gives you comfort and just a change from thick clothing that at times seems boring. Shorts are grate outfits for casual because they come with much freedom, as in wearing light clothing that makes your mind relax. Look beautiful with medium striped dress top teamed in white and blue with a short round neck that sits on shorts. Add with silver and brown strapped dress shoes that feature big heels to make you legs less strained. When you wear shorts, it makes your movements easier because you can turn which ever direction you like without feeling making other embarrassed as it covers you up whole some. Pull any hairstyles that you have comfort with, because it’s your leisure outfit and time you should enjoy.
Stripes in American design
How to wear stripes ,American design
Wear stripes like a celebrity by adding American flag leggings to your wardrobe. It’s your youthful time, enjoy it because time lost is never recovered, so mind if any fashion style passes you in your age bracket. Striped American legs are great opportunity to exploit because it flatters your body shape that in the end makes you look sexy. Add with a white sleeveless top to blend with the white highlights featured in the legs. Add with red high booties to complete you with colored hairstyles in black and blue highlights. This outfit looks good with women from teens to forties.
Striped zig zag T shirt
How to wear stripes.zig zag t shirt
Look cute with medium sleeved zig zag striped t shirt with a round neck that is slim fit and reach mid thighs. It features in cute colors that are easy to match with anything to stand out of the crowd. Grey and black colors feature the entire dress top except for the sleeves that are teamed in brown and cream. So it gives you more options of accessories that can match with this attire. Blend it with black leggings and over the knee high booties in black to complete it. Accessorize your outfit with a medium length grey beaded necklace and a black bracelet. Pull with you colored wavy hairstyles in maroon pushed to one side at the back of neck and secure it with hair pins for a fabulous look.
Vertical striped dress shirt
How to wear stripes,vertical striped dress shirt
Alternatively rock with you a multi color striped dress shirt that is fordable at the end sleeves and fixed with side buttons. It has side pockets and a folding collar with a v neck alternative for a unique look. Teamed in cream with dark yellow, navy blue, and light brown, defines it all giving room to pair with all those colors featured in plain to complete it. Much as black is not featured with the dress shirt; it can match it because it’s a neutral color. She added with it black shorts, brown bangles and bracelets to design her hands. It’s wise to finish it with brown peep toe heeled dress sandals and a small brown bag with long strings to wear around the shoulder for better looks. Pull a long hairstyle with waves that reach at the bust in color for elegance.
Bat wing striped top
How to wea stripes.bat wing striped top
Change your personality by trying on a bat wing striped dress top that is featuring in white with blue stripes and a round neck long enough to be tucked with black short skirt that reach a few inch below the butt. Top it up with peep toe black heels and a medium straight hairstyle added with makeup for great looks.
Striped trendy shoes
How to wear stripes in trendy shoes
Have great can you pull all attention, if  take a decision of wearing striped navy blue and white dress shoes together with a teaming short dress that  is entirely white with navy blue at the front. With a round neck and medium sleeved slim fit short dress expect compliments to shower you because you have matched the right outfit with the right dress shoes. With these matches your can go to any important event if not a great date out. Add with a navy blue bag with no strings and a long curly hairstyle that flows to below the shoulders, necessary makeup for a stunning look.
Slim striped dress
How to wear stripes.slim striped dress
Make a fashion statement by wearing a two bodied striped short dress that cover up to the butt in white and navy blue stripes. From the top, it’s in plain black and long sleeved then from the waist to the below the butt with stripes to look stylish. Add to it black heels with medium heels, a long black necklace with circular design, black shades, a tattoo design on both hands for great looks. Complete outfit with a trendy bag in black with short strings, silver short ear pins and a medium length layered hairstyles in natural black for compliments. These outfits are great attires for any important meeting or business oriented class.
Loose striped top
How to wear stripes.loose top striped top
Look adorable babes with a loose striped dress top in white with black stripes that goes well with jeans. it has a round neck and sits on pants. You can wear fitting jeans that needs no adding a belt because the top covers the waist. Add along with you medium silver with circular designs at the end and knee length brown booties to look fashionable. Pull a long wavy hairstyle that reach below shoulders to improve your looks. You’re cool to go for any casual outing as a stylist.
Striped wrap maxi dress
How to wear stripes.wrap maxi dress
If you’re a fun of multi colors, here is your choice. Look cute with a v neck and fitted waist multi colored striped maxi dress teamed in yellow and featuring red, black, green, white and blue patches for beauty. Add with brown heeled dress shoes, a brown medium bag with no strings and a blonde medium length hairstyle to complete your looks.
Striped Racer back sleeveless
How to wear stripes.racerback sleeves back
Look stylish for summer when you try on Striped Racer back sleeveless dress that is short at the front and longer at the back striped with white, black and brown. Complete it with brown heels and a wavy medium hairstyle for leisure.
Zebra striped maxi dress
How to wear stripes.zebra striped maxi dress
Become a stylist when you try on zebra striped maxi dress that has a doll collar, Long sleeve, beautiful in black and white. Its designs of eye like at the side makes it a great attire to party.   Add with it black pump heeled dress shoes and small black earrings to complete with a medium length hairstyle and cute make up for a stunning look.
Striped sleeveless loose dress
How to wear stripes. sleeveless loose dress
Wear stripes in swag style by wearing a striped strapless loose dress that features in black and white, short at the front and long at the back to show off a bit of your juicy thigh power. Add a long sliver necklace, a brown watch, a white bag with long strings and brown heeled peep toe sandals. Compliment your outfit with a long colored thick hairstyle in brown that is set freely for cute looks.
Boat neck stripped shirt
How to wear stripes.boat neck stripped shirt
Look hot or sexy with boat neck stripped dress shirt in white and navy blue stripes with long sleeves. Add it with black lace shorts. Finish it off with red medium heeled dress shoes and a hot short hairstyle secured with a front bang for elegance. This attire teams better with young women below thirties. it can  go for dance clubs and cinema shows to cut the story short. Striped outfits are the way to go  for trendy girly attires.

Bodycon striped mini dress
How to wear stripes.bodycon striped mini dress
Look beautiful with bodycon striped mini dress which is celebrity inspired that goes well with any body shape. Since it hugs the entire body, emphasis is put on showing off your attractive features on the body. It modifies your bust for nice looks. It models you from the back to the bottom feminine parts that are attractive. As it has a stretching alternative, it makes easier for any bodies shape to fit and look beautiful.   Add it with back pump dress shoes, a black bracelet and a trendy bag in black with chain strings to show class. Finish your looks by pulling off a trendy hairstyle that is colored and pushed to one side at the back of neck. You will definitely pull good looks from the front, showing a cute face then at the back showing a sexy body that every man yearns to touch. Because you’re confident of your bodycon striped mini dress, you will keep healthier as you’re full of happiness that prolongs your life. This outfit looks good for girls and women in thirties.

Enjoy more of striped outfits below:

Chiffon striped dress shirt
How to wear stripes.chiffon striped dress shirt
Long sleeved striped shirt
How to wear stripes.long sleeved striped shirt

There more option of wearing stripes that make a statement in the fashion industry and allow me give you more tips of how to wear stripes and stand out of the crowd.

Shine with a white tube top  that hugs the bust and long enough t be tucked with black full pants with side pockets. add a black belt to wear around the waist  with patterns. cool your looks with a medium sleeved striped blazer that features black highlights at the end sleeves, the neck lining trailing down the waist on both sides of  front . add a short black necklace that sits at the bust to complete your looks with peep toe heeled black sandals. don’t forget to pull with a nice hairstyle pushed backwards secured with a hair band.

For girly inspired design with stripes, rock with a short sleeved striped top with a round neck under a medium sleeved white dress shirt buttoned like 3 buttons from the last going upwards. showing off the the striped top under the dress shirt. add with a short hot pink shorts  that reach slightly below the butt accessorized with a small black belt  and peep toe stringed heeled dress shoes  to complete your matches. pull with a wavy shoulder length hairstyle  for a more trendier look.

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How to wear stripes on mini dresses

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