Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look 2017

Last Updated: September 7, 2017

We’ve seen different types of outfits for women from decades to centuries especially on runways, celebrity inspired shows and fashion magazines that are renown worldwide but here comes yet another topic which is interesting that has quite beautiful ideas as far as fitted skirts is concerned. Fitted skirts for women come in varying types to suit women expectations in different lengths that individual wears give priority. To name some are: Short skirts that reach a few inches below the butt, Knee length fitted, over the knee fitted skirt and maxi  skirt that fits at the hips or stretchy to….

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant high waisted

hug the body from the waist to above the ankle.  You will find a variety of options in this article detailed for you to choose the best that will blend with your body to look elegant.

Did you know ladies that wearing a fitted maxi skirt that reach the bottom is another interesting way you can play around with different length skirts to look elegant. It’s an opted alternate from skirts that show your lower parts of the body but at the same time looking great because it commands respect. The hidden secret to wear it to perfection is by it hugging you from the hips to the hips and free to the bottom or fitting you from the waist to the bottom (stretchy throughout).  It doesn’t matter any color you decide to wear, you only need to match it with the right outfits for you to look elegant. If you decide to put on a maxi skirt then you automatically have to wear heels because a maxi dress tends to push you to the ground. It only applies to super tall women, who can wear flat sandals with it and rely stand out. For you to look good with this blue fitted maxi skirt with panels, pair it with a white dress top with small strings under a black medium sleeved blazer for any elegant look. A blazer helps you not to expose your body un necessarily unless when it’s hot because when you wear it with this open top you look exclusively elegant. Add it with black peep toe heel sandals and medium length silver necklace and earrings for a cool look. It’s not a crime to add a silver bracelet to finish with a black bag with medium strings and a nice medium hairstyle that is straight pushed at the back secured with a silver head band just after the forehead.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant distressed mini skirt

Look elegant too with blue fitted distressed super short jeans paired with a brown med belt to look stylish. With side pockets and a zig zag decoration at the front you will look sexy . This fitted distressed skirt looks good with young women from teen’s age to thirties.  It can be paired with any color top because jeans are not discriminative when it comes to matching it with anything. It best teams with plain colors and floral outfits which have blue highlights in them. For this fitted jeans, you can wear it with flat sandals, ankle booties, knee length booties, over the knee booties and flat stringed sandals for an elegant look. Match it with a short sleeved black top that is tucked, or if it sits on the waist you add with it a blazer or a belt to look unique. Since the belt is in brown, let us match it with brown knee length booties for a stunning and sexy look. Add along a brown small bag with long strings with your hair held into a ponytail to make heads turn. Don’t forget to add a teaming necklace in floral brown ear pins , make up and cute nail polish to complete your looks.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.pencil skirt

Look sexy with fitted pencil knee length brown and cream skirt with a long sleeved black top with a long neck. This outfit tells on sight that the wearer is a fashion expert and a consultant on top of goods looks that you achieve wearing this way. Add with it brown heels to pull the brown compliment featured in the skirt because brown rules over any matches that blends with it well. Add black shades accessorized with a hot long hairstyle that flows to the shoulders wavy. Draw a line at the right hand side front and push hair to the very side backwards then fix it with hair pins for a cute view of your face then push the left hand side straight to the cheeks and wavy to the shoulders to make men crazy. For real your personality with attract you people of high class with new ideas and connections that you need to be successful in your destiny. Feel free to add a brown clutch bag to complete your look.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.knee lenght
Open your eyes to fresh ideas of wearing over the knee fitted skirts to blend with your body shape because fitted shirts are the right way to go. No matter your height, you get a fitting shirt that matches your body size. For formal business or corporate class meetings, shine with a light grey over the knee skirt with a small teaming small belt in grey. Add with it a short sleeved black top with net at the front under a medium sleeved white blazer fitting too but un buttoned. Add this outfit with peep toe black medium heels if you ‘rent comfortable with pointed heels to take you through the day. Pair it with a black bag that will go well with it most compared to red color. Unless you’re in crush fashion that hit the fashion industry, where people wear different colors at the same time to look elegant. But these colors have to connect somehow somewhere for you to look organized and not mistaken for the fashion police or look messy instead. With a medium length hairstyle that is straight you’re cool to go.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.synthetic leather

Look hot with a synthetic super short leather black shirt teamed with a sleeveless top under a black blazer with medium sleeves. Pair it with black ankle booties and a medium silver necklace. Add your outfit with a black bag that has medium silver stringed chains to complete with a straight hairstyle that is pushed at the back below the ears that flows to the shoulder for casual purposes.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.fitted multi color skirt

Color crushing; look elegant with a multi color fitted skirt that curves your body from the waist to above the knees, featuring in hot pink, yellow, blue and luminous green. Pair it with a teaming top in the same colors with a v neck and sleeveless with a peeped breast. This outfit is an inspired celebrity outfit that is trendy and looks good on curvy bodies. Add with it hot pink peep toe pointed heels, silver bangle and silver necklace for a hot look. Add with it a short pixie wild haircut with shades for memorable celebrity outfit.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.high waist mini skirt

For petite women, look elegant with a fitted black short high waist skirt with steps that reach a few inches below the butt matched with a long sleeved white dress shirt with buttons dotted with black and tucked. Complete it with black heels, small black earrings and a medium straight hairstyle for better looks. Add big black bag with medium strings for cute designs of petite woman who are adorable.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.slim fit

Have here with a variety of fitted shirt options for you to rock with for summer and spring.  Have it in white and super short matched with a short sleeved pink top that sits on top to complete with red heels and holding your long hair into a ponytail secured with a white hair puff holder. Alternatively wear a white fitted super short shirt teamed with Navy blue top that is sleeves shorter at the front and a bit longer at the back for a unique design that is eye catching and with a round shoulder. Add with it brown heels to blend with a brown bag with no strings for a cute young babe. It’s great for casual and in case you’re to move a long distance, accessorize with brown sandals , heelless  with strings to tie up to the below the knees to look stylish. These outfits look good with petite woman or young women below the age of forties.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.women's short leather skirt

For more ideas for fitted shirts for women to look elegant is a stylish synthetic super short leather skirt d with a side zipper matched with a medium sleeved white dress top that has a round neck. Look unique when you team it with a black hat dotted with white to blend with long wavy brown hairstyles that flows to the shoulders. Push it at one of the side for a great view of your face, young looking and eye catching. Add with it black over the knee booties to look fashionable to complete with a small black bag with no strings for Excellency.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look.seamless stretch

Be celebrity inspired by picking fresh ideas of wearing fitted skirts when you choose to rock with a blue seamless fitted skirt that reach above the knees featuring small steps. Add with it a long sleeved off white dress top with silver designs at the end of sleeves and at the bust with a fitting neck that drippy to the bust for cute designs. Accessorize it with blue heels, silver beauty ring, and silver small ear pins to complete your matches. Complete your looks with a long curly hairstyle that’s trendy by drawing a line at the extreme corner of the left hand side and push hair on the left hand side downwards covering the ears and showing the cheeks. To the right hand side, push it below the cheeks and curly to the shoulders for an elegant look. Finish it off with a clutch bag in blue ready for an important meeting to formal purposes, corporate to steal the show of ever rocking with fitted shirt that blends with your body shape.
The fitted shirt is comfortable, in different sizes for different women and in unique colors to woo you up.

For women in forties, you’re also not left out. You too can still look fabulous if you focus on a fitted skirt that reach the knees or above  for an elegant look. lets say you’re wearing a hot green fitted skirt that hugs you from the waist to the knees. pair it with a long sleeved black dress shirt for work with a fordable collar. you will look fantastic. complete this outfit with black heeled dress shoes  and stand out of the crowd.

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Fresh Ideas for Wearing Fitted Skirts for an Elegant Look 2017

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