How To Wear A Blazer for Women – 2015 Blazer Guide

Blazers for women are necessary clothing item that completes any woman outfit. Blazers are worn with various women outfits to add value and style. However simple an outfit is when added with a blazer will emerge out fabulous. With trendy fashion tips a blazer shouldn’t miss in a today’s woman closet. Blazers come in different makes but mostly in plain colors to complete neutral outfits and as well as multi colored. Some come in multi color form to complete dresses, pants and shorts of any kind.
One button casual blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a button casual blazerSource:-If you’re a fun of cream then allow me give you tips of how to look fabulous with a cream blazer.


Just in case you need to rock in a blazer for casual outings this is the best idea to run crazy for. Team with an orange long sleeved dress top that has white blends at the neck and at the bottom. Top it with a cream slim fit blazer with moderate length sleeves to make the dress top underneath visible. Blend with it a black short shirt to match with peep toe cream heeled dress sandals. Add a brown watch and bangle for cute matches. Add a long black necklace that’s two bodied for cute designs at the front. Finish your looks by teaming with a black moderate bag that has brown medium length strings. With black shades and a wavy medium length hairstyle you’re free to go and make head turn. Double breasted blazer Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.double breasted blazer
For girly tips of rocking with blazers, I have your questions answered. Look cute with double breasted blazer in black with long sleeves.  Its’ slim fit with decoration buttons that inspires girls to women who are light weight to strike with. It’s a trendy wear for summer to look fashionable and a winter wear outfit good for keeping warmth. You can add value to it by design with an animal print scarf tie below the collar making a unique design with the outfit. This double breasted blazer is a one fit size for light weight women and for plus size you have your size too to look cute with. This double breasted blazer curves a woman’s shape by modeling your waistline to look for feminine. Finish this outfit by adding body stockings in black and knee length black booties of v shape at the top. Blend it with a short brown necklace to conclude with a trendy bag in cream with brown dots but featuring brown short strings to wear with arms.  With a nice hairstyle held one side at the back of neck with hair pins, leave the other flowing to the shoulders for formal cute looks.
Double Cotton Blended Blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.double cotton blended blazer
Add a yellow double breasted blended cotton blazer to your closet this summer because it pulls a lot when it comes to looking unique. It’s a slim fit and looks good for girls and women of light weight bodies. Its’ teamed in bright yellow added with floral designs at one side and end sleeves to give you more options of outfits that complete it. The floral part blends with pink, black and light green and a cream lace inside to make it easier for you to pair with ease. Never the less black color can complete it to perfection. Pair this yellow cotton blended blazer with black shorts and dress your feet with closed black sandals. Spice your outfit with a brown watch, make up that blends with your skin complexion to wind with a thick wavy medium length hair. Push it straight on the left hand side at the back of neck then pull it with wave to the shoulders on the right hand side for stunning look.
Long sleeved v neck blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.long sleeved v neck blazer
Alternatively, let a white blazer complete your jean shorts for you on casual purposes. Look beautiful babes with a short striped t shirt in white and blue that features around neck. With yellow designs at the front, makes your t shirt look like a celebrity. Pair this dress top with a white long sleeved v neck blazer that is one buttoned added with blue faded jean shorts. It’s a slim fit to make your body sparingly cute. Finish by add white shades, earrings and light blue closed flat shoes for better looks.
Blazer suit coat
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.blazer suit coat
Look beautiful for work when you wear a short black sleeved v neck top under a medium sleeved white blazer with navy blue designs that surrounds the neck down to the bust lining with nice curves. Add blue skinny jeans or straight pants to this blazer to look fabulous. The navy blue upper side pockets make this blazer so unique to go for any function. Add a teaming necklace and gold earrings with black shades for cute looks. With straight long hairstyles that reach below the shoulders, complete your looks with moderate heeled black heels
More option one button blazer for women
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.more option one button blazer for women
For interesting blazer ideas on how to look fabulous with different colors and different lengths, check with this article because all have been provided for you. In case you’re to wear a black short shirt that is super short, it’s in correct order to match it a white sleeveless top under a long sleeved dress shirt that is one buttoned in pink and blue patterns under a white short blazer that is medium sleeved show on top the dress shirt sleeves.  Complete it by adding black shades, black pump heeled dress shoes then finish by pairing your outfit with a bigger bag in black worn around the shoulders. Pull a medium hairstyle for perfect looks. The lady in the picture above from the top left hand side is all this statement is talking about.

Alternatively wear a blazer with a short dress for celebrity looks that leave no eye un moved. As you take a look at the lady in the above pic on second on top of the left hand side at the top, you see, she pulled a celebrity inspired outfits in white sleeveless short dress that is above knees. The dress fits her body perfectly to flatter her shape. She added with it a medium length black blazer with white finishing at the end sleeves. She spiced her outfit more by adding a floral scarf that ties at the bust area teamed in brown and cream. She accessorized her outfit by adding a black small bag, pump heeled dress shoes and shades for an awesome look. She topped with silver bangle and a stylish wavy hairstyle that reach the shoulders.

The third pic of the top on the extreme right hand side, you clearly see that this young woman looked great with a coffee brown long sleeved blazer under a short sleeved white shirt that features brown designs and at the bottom of the shirt. She added with faded blue skinny jeans to finish with brown open heeled sandals for elegance. She added a long brown necklace, a black bag, brown bracelet and a nice hairstyle for a sexy look.

Rock with a navy blue medium sleeved blazer under a checked dress shirt with a foldable collar teamed in pink, blue and white, making it necessary to match with a blue blazer for elegance. The dress shirt is folded at the end sleeves to sit on the blazer for better styling options.  Complete with silver medium length earrings, shades, a long hairstyle and navy blue heeled dress shoes. Check with the lady in the above pic , just in the down section in the middle for reference.

You can as well dress with a short sleeved white dress above the knees under a long sleeved black blazer, but this time without a scarf. Just add on a teaming bag in black and finish with white pump heeled shoes to command respect.
Floral print blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.floral print blazer
For a floral blazer you have many options of how you can match it with different outfits to stand out of the crowd. Look great with a long sleeved floral print blazer that features in pink, blue, and white, green and navy blue for more ideas to help you match with plain colors mentioned above. This lady pulled with a white tube top that fills the bust and showing the tummy under a long sleeved floral blazer. Blend it with blue skinny jeans that feature in original blue with sky blue patches. Complete it with peep toe heeled black dress shoes.
Hot pink blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a pink blazer
Look hot babes with a hot pink double breasted blazer that button designs on the front lining for beauty. Add with a white sleeveless dress top with a wide round neck to be tucked with black super short shirt. This short skirt gives you room to show off your juicy thighs. Add value to your outfit by teaming with peep toe heeled black dress shoes, black glasses, and white earrings with black designs. Finish with pulling nice hairstyles that runs down the shoulders for adorable looks.
Color choice blazers
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.color choice blazers
With this article you will be able to have different color blazers that match varying outfits that look hotter on different body shapes. Wear a black blazer that is medium sleeved under a white dress top tucked with black short skirt. Add a silver long necklace with black designs and white to black blended earrings. Cool your looks off with black pump heeled dress shoes for a trendy look. Have these great ideas for wearing blazers in style tips from the above image.
Whichever way you dress blazers, mind which colors that you team together that will get the true picture of what you really want to achieve. Look at the lady above in the image that rocked with a light pink blazer. With pretty designs at the shoulders and design buttons this blazer looked classic with her matches. She added with a white top which she tucked with black shorts to finish with light pink heels, a nice hairstyle, shades for a cute looks.
Floral print short blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.floral print short blazer
Look sexy wearing a mini floral blazer teamed in pink, white and black. It looks hot with a short sleeved white top that sits on jean shorts that make heads turn. Add with a hot trendy bag in pink too, a long silver necklace with animal designs to finish with hot pink dress shoes. Pull with a short hairstyle messy with shades to make men crazy.
Short brown blazer
Fresh ideas for wearing a Blazer.short brown blazer
Last but not least, you can wear for you leisure with a short brown blazer that is medium sleeved with white highlights at the end sleeves with a fordable collar under a white dress top that sits on black shorts. Add with a cross long necklace, silver earrings, brown bracelets, a black shopping bag to compliment looks with a medium length hairstyles and spectacles for beauty.


You find that there more stylish ways you can rock with a blazer in style for trendy designs girly and women to look hot.

for casual new ideas you can strike with black leggings that reach above the ankle  added with a short sleeved long top that has a round neck and reach below the butt under a medium sleeved white blazer to complete with a trendy black medium sized bag that has long ans short  strings  but preferably hold with the short strings under arms and a long black wavy hairstyle that reach the shoulders for better looks.

for cold days you can opt for a long sleeved tee shirt in grey with black leggings  to march with black half booties. add a long sleeved black cardigan and a teaming long and thick scarf around the neck folded one and reach the pelvic area . add black shade and a cool medium length hairstyle, hand gloves to step ahead.

You can as well shine with a medium sleeved black blazer  on top of a sleeveless sky blue mini dress that covers the butt accessorized with a long black beaded necklace around the neck and reach below the bust to complete it with a black bag to hold with mere hands with no strings, black shades to add glamor to your looks  and open strapped peep toe black heels and fine medium length hairstyle for perfect girly looks.

last but not the least, you can take on a long sleeved dress shirt with a standing collar under a long sleeved black blazer to match with cream long and skinny pants to finish with black half booties, black shades ans a medium length blonde hairstyle to look fashionable.

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How To Wear A Blazer for Women – 2015 Blazer Guide

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