2017 Best Design Nails Gallery – Coolest Nail Looks and Designs

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

They’re times when you are just too perplexed about what design you should do on your nails, this article is the right place for you to be as a variety of gorgeous designs have been provided to end your confusion. one of the things you should consider before choosing what design to paint on your nails is the occasion your painting your nails for, do the simpler and formal designs if your painting your nails for just normal days and it is always stunning when you do more of the interesting designs for parties, dinners and whichever occasion you will….



have gone to. Different designs can be designed in different procedure we have however provided how you can apply each of the designs. Scroll through for the most amazing and unique nail designs you will ever come across.

 How to care for your nails;

  • Eat healthy foods; the impact your eating unhealthy food will display on your entire body, from your body, to your skin hair and nails that is why eating healthy is very important to having healthy nails. This is just the easiest way you can keep healthy nails.
  • Stop biting your nails; when biting your nails is a habit you may find it very hard to get rid of the habit but it does it not do you any good so you have every reason to struggle to quit the habit.
  • Keep your nails dry; each time you wash dishes, clothes or do anything that requires you to get your hands into contact with water you should dry the nails, gently pat the nails with a towel so the nails are completely dry. When you leave the nails wet the water makes them too soft and you will find that the nails will start breaking very often.
  • Give nail creams and hardeners a shot; if you have nails that easily break, brittle and have stunted growth you should give nail cream and hardener a shot. Nails creams will help to keep your nails moisturized and prevent them from breaking easily and so does nail hardener, it makes the nails strong enough.
  • Do not cut the cuticles; for every woman or girl that knows how to keep her nails healthy will know that pushing the cuticles is back is what is recommended but not cutting the cuticles. Please take note that cuticles should not be cut.


Blue Design Nails


wow these blue painted nails are adorable and match your long nails really well, they will not waste a lot of your time and you will take just a few steps to apply, first thing you should not forget is applying a base coat to keep your nails safe then apply a white nails polish to make the nails more transparent, grab you blue nail polish and carefully apply it on your nails making sure it does not spread to the rest of the nails. On the two nails with designs take your decal cut it to fit and slide it to the nails. Seal with clear nail polish.

Design Nails with beads


Another way to make your nails glamorous is applying different colors of nail polish with different designs on each of the nails like they did with the glitter green and yellow in the picture. After the base coat apply green nail polish on four fingers leaving one in plain yellow. To draw the stripes on the green nail polish use a small nail art brush with yellow polish. apply clear nail polish and slowly place the beads then let your polish dry.

Design Nails with diamond flowers


This set red painted nails got my attention the moment I set my eyes on it, it is very elegant and there is a way red polish never disappoints. apply with these instructions, apply a base coat to protect your nails from getting stained, grab your red nail polish and paint the nails, if nail polish goes to the side remove it nail polish remover, attach the flower crystal diamond and finish with clear nail polish.

Design Nails with roses


Try the unique design of red roses on pink nail polish and a flash of turquoise blue and get absolutely trendy. Start removing any old nail polish with remover, clean the whole nail surface and then apply a layer of base coat. Paint the nails with the baby pink nail polish and on two of the apply the decal of roses then clear polish to hold the decal firm and make your nails shiny.

Design palm Nails


The beautiful palm tree designs are true sign of creativity and uniqueness, with your nails designed like this you will surely turn heads at any party. Soak the decal in water for 30 second as you paint the nails with pink nail polish, then peel off the back paper of the decal while sliding it onto your nails. For the other two nails dip sponge in black nail polish and slowly spritz the nails with it to make the flash of black, always finish with black nail polish.

Design Nails with dots


Pretty Design Nails


These nails are indeed pretty just like their name, they will match any color of clothes that you wear and can be for both office and parties. The nails are painted cream with light green line at the top of the nail and detailed with animal print design on only one of the finger. To apply the line use a small nail polish brush and slide it at the top of the nail and for the animal print use a tooth pick and draw like you see in the above picture.

Black Design Nails


This is a beautiful black and unique design to try out on your nails and the steps of how to apply the nails polish are very simple and will not take too much time. First of all you should apply a base to protect your nails from chipping and getting stained, then apply a white coat foe some more protection. Apply black nail polish then take a tooth pick and gently draw criss-cross lines gently. Now take the caviar beads and place them like you see in the picture above.

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2017 Best Design Nails Gallery – Coolest Nail Looks and Designs

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