Cute Tattoo ideas for Guys and Girls

Tattoos are great art paintings done on guys and Girls bodies expressing their feeling in various pictures as you will see below. Guy’s tattoos are different compared to girls but all look fantastic. Guys shows off their muscular bodies with different Tattoo drawn on chests, neck, hands and the stomach with different designs. Others draw flowers, animals, eagles, their lover pictures or reptile to their satisfaction. To Girls with tattoos, they draw them on their hands, necks, backs, and thighs and on their feet. They have them in different makes let’s say flowers..

Cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-with flowers

Source:Spider web, flying eagles depending on various interests each has. Alternatively, a girl can draw a tattoo in the likes of a spider web on one of the hands while wearing an open T shirt featuring a spider web too to have fun.

Steps taken to having a Tattoo for different sexes

  •  Choose a professional practitioner with enough knowledge of drawing a perfect tattoo.
  • Be sure of what you want your tattoo to look like. Check with the artist as in you can borrow an idea form a friend.
  • Before taking on a permanent tattoo, first taste for a temporary one in the position that gives you comfort on your body. Have it for some time and see whether you selected the right tattoo in the right place, if you’re not contented with it you can pick another print then go permanent.
  • If you have conical illness such as diabetes, cancers of the skin or sensitive skin consult a physician before for approval before taking on a tattoo.
  • Desist from taking alcohol when you want to have a tattoo, because alcohol thins blood therefore causing UN predicted blooding which isn’t a good thing.
  • Precaution: don’t ever take pain killers before applying a tattoo on your body because it can work as a trigger to excess bleeding which can result into un predictable illness all together.
  • If you feel un comfortable to take a decision of having a tattoo, and you feel disturbed or un decided yet. Talk to a friend before for backing you up. If you feel nervous too taking on a tattoo on your body then move with a friend who has ever gone through such a process for confidence.
  • Before having a tattoo, check with your health too because you need not to have any illness on you, as this process makes you more nervous it can trigger you to anything un desirable. If you persist to take it on. Expect to be turned off because professional personnel can’t proceed with printing a tattoo on you unless you’re medically ok.


Flower Tattoos:
Flowers tattoos are drawn on women bodies to express peace with love. It looks so attractive on their bodies and kind of woo men to draw closer to them and.  There numerous ways flowers can be printed therefore with better options to choose depending on the satisfaction of individual women. There’s variety of flower tattoos girls/ young woman choose the best namely:  Hibiscus tattoo, Daisy tattoo, Rose tattoo, lily tattoos or Cherries flower. Depending on the different meanings of each flower one chooses at random to express that particular meaning of the tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos
For a butterfly tattoo, it looks very attractive and sexy therefore loved by almost any young woman. A butterfly is a peaceful insect loved worldwide is among the popular tattoos girls love to have on their body. No matter which part of the body you print it, it looks good but preferably looking so cute on hands, thighs or shoulders.

Fairy tattoo
Fairy tattoo is no one priority among girls, because it’s a source of fun. Usually girl’s favorite tattoo that is full of fun and very exciting when it comes to wearing it with open strapless outfits that are trendy. No matter any part of a girl’s body it features, it rocks.


Star Tattoos
One of the oldest tattoos that have passed tastes and gone through decades to centuries is the star tattoo. It doesn’t discriminate between Guys and girls, it’s a unison tattoo that looks cool, simple but with a lot of fun to the beholder.

 Angel Tattoos
Before Angel tattoos were favorite designs for woman and young girls but as of late, it has proven to be desired by guys too. This shows that when it comes to tattoo, men and women connect for the purpose of solidarity and boldness.

Tribal tattoos
Tribal tattoo are design tattoos that express different meanings for people from different ethnic backgrounds.  Since different people had cultures that made them keep law and order  at the same time living under kingdoms or empires governed by either kings at that ancient time  before super powers colonizing them, they had different behaviors and cultural norms they were following . So they used to print tattoos connected to their beliefs and ancestral origins. However, these tattoos have been changing from time to time keeping up to date trend that look modern to the youth.  Funny enough, you find the young generation opting for such tattoos compared to other types.

Dolphin Tattoos
Dolphins are mammals with high intelligent capacity compared to other mammals that are found in waters. To print a tattoo of a dolphin, different people try to show the outside world that they have a high reasoning and decision capacity than others. Dolphin tattoos are mostly worn by men and to a few women who have characters of men and they feel they’re more of men like character than feminine. Preferably wear them at the shoulders, hips or lower back for a unique look.

Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos are diehards for women and men that come with different designs that look cute on different bodies no matter their body shapes. They are drawn in these varying symbols chosen by these different sexes. To name a few, like knots or Crosses and spirals. But the favorite among all these that people love to wear is the spirals. If others are dying to have it why don’t give it a try this summer for better looks.

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-with a beard

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-with flying eagle

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-fingers and neck

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-heavy weight

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-with long hairstyle

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-girly hand

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-girly back

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-with braided hair

cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-with girly fine hair


cute Tattoo ideas for guys and girls-girly flowers


Cute Tattoo ideas for Guys and Girls. girly beautiful flower

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Cute Tattoo ideas for Guys and Girls

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