Cute Chic 10 Bob Hairstyles Forevery Gorgeous Lady In 2017 And 2018

Cute chic 10 BOB Hairstyles for Every Gorgeous Lady

Women love their hair so much weather it’s long or short it is one of the most and well-taken cared parts of their body. Taking appointments from expensive salons or undergoes numerous spa treatments and does few haircuts to keep it cool and at the same time ensure that her hair is healthy, shiny and beautiful.

Most women love to prefer long hairs considering that longer the hairs are, the more it can be styled. However, some women would still prefer shorter hairs, while some even like it cut as short as a man’s hair. And contrary to what most people have views, short hair is surprisingly beautiful. It’s surprising to know that, some of them are more beautiful than a longer hair. But the question is, which short hair style will look best for you and which not? This can be quite confusing.

To help you out, today, we have listed the 10 best and cute chic short Bob cuts for women to try. As it’s ensures will suits on every personality.

1. Pointed Short Bob

Pointed Short Bob

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Square or Round Face & Heavy Wavy type Hair”

The tapered short bob will be cut right on your chin and will be smoothly iron out to give you that pointed tapered look. For those who have naturally wavy hair. This chic is best for such types of straight to a slightly wavy style. According to the shape of the face this style is best for round and square shape faces.

2. Straight Bob Cut

Straight Bob Cut Bob Hairstyles For Every Gorgeous Lady

“Show Countless Personality on Any Face Shape & Hair Type”

The best thing about Straight Bob is, it can supported by any face shape of women. It’s still give aesthetic look to all face shapes of ladies. You can keep styling and volume in an impressive way. And it’s sure this straight bob cuts cause wows and several glances on streets and in any public areas. Hence, go with it and show your persona to your surround without fear which allows less chance of imperfection.

3. Straight Bob with Bangs:

Straight Bob With Bangs of Straight Bob Cut Bob Hairstyles For Every Gorgeous Lady

“Looks pretty If You Have Pointed Face contour and Silky Straight Hair”

The one of the prettiest style is best for pointed face, a straight bob with bangs prominent your face’s contours because it only shows what needs to be seen like your eyes, nose and lips. The cut shows the characteristic of confidence, glam and power-strength that every women should possess.

4. Wild and Layered Bob:

Wild and Layered Bob Cute Bob Hairstyles For Every Gorgeous Lady

“Looks Great If You have Heart Shape Face & Wavy Hair”

A bob cut highlighted with petite and shattered bangs as well as textured layers and multi-colors create a unique view. The most amazing thing about its sexy, it’s wild and it’s ultra-stylish.

This cut is good for heart-shaped faces. This is also best for the hairs that are average too thick in volume, and are traditional to wavy in texture. However, if you want to have this haircut, it is significant that you have regular bangs schedules. It is best that you squeeze regular bangs trimming in between your haircut appointments.

5. The Lady-Like Soft Bob Cut:

The Lady-Like Soft Bob Cut Wild and Layered Bob Cute Bob Hairstyles For Every Gorgeous Lady

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Straight Thick Hair”

To accent the curve in your face the lady-like soft Bob cut contains long bangs. And at the back outlook, your hair will fall right just above your shoulders while when it swoop sown to a long curve at the front that provides you an elegant look.

However, the people who have square and round face shapes, this elongated bob looks great on them. It is also essential that you have a straight thick hair. Opt a cut that has more layers to make your hair light only this best when you have a very thick hair.

6. Short And Wavy Bob:

Short And Wavy Bob

“Looks Gorgeous On Any Face Shape but Requires Curly Hair fora Gorgeous Look”

In a blunt cut your hair is cut just slightly above your chin. There are also wispy layers cut which adds softness to the look. For the people who are not interesting to have bangs they can keep their hairline just slightly off the center that will helps to balance the look. Without any exception this hair cut is best for all face shapes as its strong pear-shaped face.The waves will also be flawless for the ladies who have naturally curls in their hairs.

7. An angular bob with short, chin-hugging layers:

An angular bob with short, chin-hugging layers

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”

This angular bob cut highlights your face shape, while the side part adds lift to the irregular layers. Go an inch or two longer so that you can enjoy springy curls which needs more weight to keep them from getting poufy.Thus, the versatile style is must try!

8. Collarbone-skimming bob with thin pieces around the neck:

Collarbone-skimming bob with thin pieces around the neck

“Looks Prodigious on Medium Round Face Shape and Any Hair type”

For a face slimming effect you can support the hair that hits the shoulder or collarbone. It’s look more well if you lose curls and add angles. Thus, break up the chin area and won’t curve in under your jaw.

The result you will achieve is that you will able to counterbalancing the circular shape and giving structure to your face. Thus go a few inches longer than a normal to add weight to the cut, and balance the roundness or chubbiness of your face.

9. Shaggy Bob:

Shaggy Bob of BOB Hairstyles forEvery Gorgeous Lady

“Looks Extra ordinary on Long Face Shape and Any Hair type”

There are so many ladies who want Bob but with long length, means below jaw. In this case, Shaggy Bob would be the best option to choose for their style.

However, the secret to the shaggy long bob is in the choppy ends. The ladies who have long face contours shaggy Bob is the right choice to support this cut. As its finger-curled provides fabulous look. And its ads body to the sides of your face, making it wavy appear to be wider than it actually is.

10. Long Bob with side long layer:

Long Bob with side long layer Shaggy Bob of BOB Hairstyles forEvery Gorgeous Lady

“Looks Amazing on Almost All Face Shape and Any Hair type”

The long bob is generally gratifying on all face shapes. The cut provide a round face features, which balance out soft lines. The length of 2 inches or more below the chin is the vital step to this cut. You can get long layers cut in to add texture and cutting hair at an angle along the line of the jaw makes this cut modern.





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Cute Chic 10 Bob Hairstyles Forevery Gorgeous Lady In 2017 And 2018

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