10 Cherished Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

Last Updated: October 1, 2017

Braiding hairstyles are so easy and comfortable hairstyle which let you most enjoyable way to overlook about hair styling for months. Thus, keep calm and give some rest to your hair while protect your hair from harsh and drastic environmental factors.
By the described awesome braided hairstyles for black girls which are listed below you will attract attention from the most admiring glances and honest smiles. However, bradding hairstyle not only make you special but also it gives you space for inspiration and trendiness. In this article you will find much more for the braiding hairstyles. Like, you will going to see many of eye-catching braiding techniques which going to make every head unique and high. By trying these hairstyles you can experiment these styles with highlights of natural kinky texture, patterns, clips and shapes etc.
It’s well understood for every black women that nobody going to leave their regular perm and hair thickness that no doubt you’re major plus and an exclusive bonus that you can simply cannot leave unused. Your beautiful hair that you might have been complain of before for not to finding some best braids for your hair why don’t you try this idea for your advantage.

What braiding styles you can wear?
There are many of barding hairstyles introduced in out fashion industry but here we are discussing most trendy wearable hairstyles and these are:
• Micro braids
• Blocky braids
• Black braids buns
• Tree braids
• Cornrows
• Twist braids
• French braids
• Fishtail braids
• Hair bands and much more…
All these hairstyles are available at your service, by getting these braids you will change your look into a gorgeous hairstyles. Check out these styles are below:

1. Criss-Cross Curvy Goddess Braids:

braided hairstyles for black girls
This stylish chunky cornrows braids is considered as goddess braids, which is the perfect braided hairstyles for black girls as a fashion lover girls as its best for days when you want to bounce your hair enough break or planning to go for a beach vocation which allows you to go without styling your features every morning. However, the great thing about the braids is its complete size which take not too long to do and it’s easy to take out.

2. Chunky Box Triangle Parted Braids:

braided hairstyles for black girls
If we talk about braided hairstyles for black girls, it’s quite common among modern women’s, especially this style is most famous among traditional looks like this box braids. One of the enjoyable way to make a typical style braids which seems fresh and chic to add new change is the magnitude of the braids while, experimenting it with parting. Big braids will go best for the 90s look which looks best for street wear fashion trends that is famous at the moment.

3. Goddess Braided Bun:

braided hairstyles for black girls
Large braided hairstyles for black girls were kept saved for an older women for a long time. But let’s see everything old is getting new again. Even now a younger girls are trying to follow these styles as well hence to get this look all you need is to make goodness braid full length of your hair keep one thing in your mind make one braid thicker and make less thicker braids another. Hence at the end pile up these braids and secure them into a bun at top of the head.

4. Feed-in Blond Cornrows Braids:

braided hairstyles for black girls
The most major plus pint of the feed-in method is that it beautifully make cornrows braided hairstyles for black girls which looks much natural and little bit less bulky by making a narrow and flat point at the hairline. This style also creates less tension and it gently protects the last edges. This method of blond braiding can be approach at its ends at any African hair braiding salon.

5. Cornrows with Braided Ponytail:

braided hairstyles for black girls
This is the wonderful braided hairstyles for black girls as this should be, you know why? Because it’s creating a most amazing eye-catching protective hairstyles. In this style braiding hair can sometimes feel much heavy when it have to style with separate pairs. However, a cornrows makes its beauty with ponytail which is a greater style for a casual hairdo and for a formal one too.

6. Centre-Parted Crown with Fishtail:

braided hairstyles for black girls
This is among two braids into one style parted braids which are usually known as center parted crown braiding style with fishtail. This style would also known as “boxer braids” you know why? Because this dual braided hairstyles for black girls has been famous for quite some time. This style is the most famous hairstyle among black women’s. Fishtail is the best addition for the two sided make braiding style with platinum blond texture added for its beauty.

7. Jumbo Braids with Coil Braided hairstyles for Black girls:

braided hairstyles for black girls
Don’t you think it’s getting interesting while, making your hair quite fun showing beautifully than before? Yes, it is! Rather than giving you a standard bun, this style trying using the pattern of your plaits as the basis for the trendy hairdo. However, the coil stands out more because of the chevron look which created the heavy braids. Plus, this cute and decent hairdo will look most stunning in any setting.

8. Half-Updo with Long Easily Hanging Braids:

braided hairstyles for black girls
This is really beautiful braided hairstyles for black girls, because the long braiding weaving style is really amazing with the staple for African American ladies, especially its best for them in summer months. You can keep this look fresh with a half-updo that comes to you with an amazing features by creating gentle height on the top. This style can be wearable in any time with a crunch for a hot look which last throughout wherever the day take you.

9. Braided Updo Hairstyle with Blond Curls at top:

braided hairstyles for black girls
This is another comeback with a trendy look. You can easily rock with this style for the whole day. Because the full braided hairstyles for black girls giving a most stunning effect with different styling technique. In this style braiding is started from the back and bottom sides of the head and it all these braids are pile up at crown while, securing them with some using elastic bands. However, this style become much attractive when your leave free curls are top by applying texture to be noticeable.

10. Braided Hairstyle with Jumbo French Braid:

braided hairstyles for black girls
Don’t you think it’s really decent braided hairstyles for black girls? Yes, it is! Because the French style will give your face much decent and sophisticated look. This style is quite easy to wear versatile to go anywhere you want. The French braid goes well from being sweet to hot the larger it gets. For the trendier look you can go with jumbo braid for an upcoming weekend this month. It looks so amazing on the women face who have long hair length so that they can start it from the front forehead area of the head.

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10 Cherished Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

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