50 Ultra Sizzling Medium Haircuts for Women 2017

It’s time for fashion, yes Girls! Its summer then why should we try new trendy medium cuts on your beauty? Most of the haircuts like Bob, shaggy etc… continuous to be the most versatile and famous of all haircuts. Whatever your texture may be, these versatile haircuts offers you the possibilities that are right for you. No matter of what type of hairs you have, you can simply make your beauty gorgeous, but it’s good enough if you take care of your hairs and have fine hairs. If you love layering, the additional layering in the crown boosts up thin, fine hair in a flash. With the defined styled the gals having thicker- haired can get instant control very well.
The great thing about the medium haircuts is that it looks good almost on every personality. That’s why the medium hairstyles has become the ‘it’ length which everyone has been adopted for the last couple of seasons, and without any efforts it’s still going strong and popular. There are many of Celebrities which have gone for the chop, while, fashionista’s are rocking it and were obsessed with it.
Hitting somewhere it can be just between the collarbone and your face jaw line, this ‘midi haircut’ is modern, eye-catching and fresh, and still long enough to pull it back into an up do. So you can style it sleek straight, or can add some waves in your hairs or you can go for the low-maintenance bed-head style. Thus gone are the days of adifficult in-between period.
To help you in regards of this summer 2016 we chooses the most adorable medium length haircuts that are most demanding in the fashion industry. That’s why we picked out 50 of superior haircuts to get to inspired and make you inspired by others.
Therefore, the collection of 50 chic medium length hairstyles will help you to find out the one that’s perfect for you. So just scroll down and take your favorite pick.

1. Wavy Midi Haircut:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart Face shape & Normal Wavy Hair”
It’s always really nice to have neat and clean haircut like graduated bob. That’s why the amazing and versatile hair stylist of our fashion industry tell the secrets of how to this style is the long layers that begin just below the chin.To accomplish this task by using a razor to soften up the ends so that it wouldn’t be heavy and blunt.According to the shape of the face this style is best for Heart shape faces that makes you perfect to go for the party.

2. Trendy Shag Haircut:

“Show Stunning Personality on Round face Shape &thick wavy Hair Type”
Pictured here for Shaggy cut rocks a trendy year of this century, the perfect option for shoulder-length haircut, its more acceptable especially if you are casual and likes to go anywhere without making more efforts. That’s why it’s natural, elegant and takes less efforts to maintain.With the naturally wavy hair it’s good to adopt this style and like it to look undone. If you have wider shape forehead then these bangs will covered it very well.

3. High standard Classic Haircut:

“Looks pretty on Almost All Face shapes but Required Silky Straight Hair”
If you love this go to your stylist today and ask to cut the ends just right at your collarbones or two inches below. So whatever, anything in between would cause an eccentric flip? The good thing about this cut that it works for everyone, because the collarbone cropping cut with a little while of layering cut vertically into the ends that gives amazing looks to see. The women who does not like side part can try center and even experiment with different parts to see what works best on you.

4. Soft & Wavy Cute Haircut:

“Looks Great If You have Round Shape Face & Wavy Hair”
If you have less wavy hair and searching for a good cut? Then this soft and wavy cut is perfect for you. As this length plays well with every hair texture. So to see excellent results of this cut apply gently mousse to damp hair then simply blow-dry it and make a curl random pieces to create these loose, elegant waves. The textured will prominent to your hairs and this thing will make you the prices of today’s party. Hence, of you have round face contours then this time is perfect to enjoy this cut in 2016

5. Highlight your Face by Face-Framing Cut:

“Looks Great If You Have Heart or Pointed Face &Thick Hair”
The women who loves face framing effect can ask to their stylist to add soft layers around the face. To enhance the cut and make your face unique, the layers should be at your chin or even a little higher on the case if you have a square jaw. While, to make it more effective blow-dry your hairs and apply brown ash color to make your cut perfect. While, if you have heart face shape then must try this versatile cut at this year.

6. Eye-catching Choppy Haircut:

“Looks Gorgeous on Heart or pointed Face Shape & wavy Hair”
This hairstyle is perfect for the women who have short necks so that the shorter in the back works very well for many of textures. But somehow, not curly hair can enjoy as it will be quite difficult to style all the time. The Golden beach color make this cut more attractive and eye-catching while if you have heart or pointed shape face then must try this cut as it will boost up your personality in circle of your friends.

7. Superior Sleek Bangs Haircut:

“Looks Amazing On Heart Face Shape and Silky straight Hair Type”
Love bangs but never tried it before try this one, this is the best bangs that takes you in some other world. This haircut may look all one length, but there is in fact some gentle layers just below the collarbone keep it the cut looking simple. That’s why the stylist says the bangs should begin about an inch and a half from the forehead. So that it gives its complete look and make it more prominent. The haphazard layered cut and bangs on the forehead covered your face and highlight your contours.

8. Blunt Medium Length Cut:

“Looks Prodigious on Any Face Shape&Silky Straight Hair type”
It’s a classic and beautiful shape haircut as this cut does not chopped into and it falls very beautifully with perfect angle of few layers around the face. This haircut is versatile enough so that it’s effortlessly looks great on any face contours but its best on those who have fine and straight hair.This enough length haircut will allow you to take side part or can experiment different side parts as you like. The Chocolate brown color enhance your face features and make you the perfect Diva for the year 2016.

9. Amazing Medium Length Layers:

“Looks Extraordinary on Heart or pointed Face Shape and Any Hair type”
The women who do not want to go short can apply this cut that is partially good for all beautiful ladies. Go to your stylist and ask her to give you cut of medium length with strong layers that starts at the cheekbones. To make this cut perfect for you styling it with lightweight volume product and must do blow-dry with a large round brush so that it shapes your hair round at the tips and give a great fall. Take this cut at finishing end with a dab of serum.

10. Medium Length With Stylish Side Bangs:

“Looks Amazing on Long or Oval Face Shape and Rough Hair type”
Make some class in your style and show versatility to others by this rocking and stunning sleek classic hairstyle that is something every beauty deserves. You can maintain it by yourself by simply straightening your hairs with a straightening iron that is beginning at the roots and amazingly working your way down to the ends with a comb. If you like to have more volume ask the hairstylist to more layers at the ends and the top of the hairs.

11. Attractive Poker Straight Haircut:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Square or Round Face & Heavy Wavy type Hair”
Style it as you love as you like! The medium length hair poker proves unique haircut for when you side parting for the perfect 90’s look. Bring old century with you while still giving sexy look of 2016. The tip of the hair stripes are lighten textured then the top. The golden and light caramel color make you able to show chic look with unique persona. According to the shape of the face this style is best for round and square shape faces.

12. Cut Above The Shoulders:

“Show Countless Personality on Any Face Shape & Silky Hair Type”
If you desires to go out for the chop but confused and worried less at how it’s going to grow out, then this bob is absolutely perfect for you. The Bob cut above the shoulders rocked this bob in 2016, this style will grow out beautifully. To elongate your neck you can just simply ask to your hairstylist to cut your hair just above the shoulders. And the center part divide the volume of your hairs and make the look charming and attractive for you.

13. Pretty Shag Hairstyle:

“Looks pretty If You Have Long Face contour and Wavy Hair”
To make you famous the pretty shag haircut for medium length below the shoulder has introduced. Thus, by having this cut you can make your own signature look in so many various ways like soft waves and effortlessly waves, such kind of all waves still the list goes on. So just request the hairstylist for dense piece-y trimmings classic for the impressive shag. So if you love to have this skimming bangs, be certain your hairstylist grazes them such that the skim slightly brows.

14. Curled Mid-Length Hair:

“Looks Great If You have Diamond Shape Face & Thick Hair”
The Medium length haircuts can get you anywhere like its casual to elegant. If you’re looking for something formal then this haircut is perfect choice for you. Wear this cut in a classic and glossy curled and feels like a princess. The center part is perfect to define curled more and emphasis on the contours. Chocolate brown color at top gives stunning look while, the caramel color at ends enhance curled and makes it eye-catching for all.

15. The Gorgeous Soft Long Bob Cut:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Straight Thick Hair”
If you have fine hair and searching for good looking medium length haircut then the long bob is perfect to give you gorgeous soft look ever, especially if you’re looking for a chic low-maintenance style. The ash brown textured and caramel touch at front hair stripes this haircut will keep you looking chic all the time effortlessly and charmingly. Hence, if you have round face shape then be ready to rock 2016.

16. Blunt Shoulder Length:

“Looks Gorgeous On Round Face Shape & Any type of Hair”
The blunt shoulder length trim will work flawlessly on women that always proves helpful to make her beautiful and unique while, with round face and defined cheekbones this style is like a blessing to adopt. Style it with a middle parting and relaxed waves for a natural and chic edgy appeal. To make it more attractive and charming the cherry red textured is at top to be more prominent.

17. Layered Texture:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Thick volume Hair Type”
The best bob haircut for the less-maintenance ladies. It’s trendy, simple and elegant at the same time. Carefully placed layers lends some texture to this wash and go style. You can carry this style anywhere like weather you are planning weekend trip or a working women lady. From casual to formal this hairstyle is best at every occasion and the special thing about is that it need less maintenance to maintain. Thus, the versatile style is must try!

18. Soft Sweet Wavy Haircut:

“Looks Prodigious on Medium Round Face Shape and Any Hair type”
Sometimes waves also does work better than anything, hence, if you want to steal this wavy hairstyle, then just start of by adding some volume to your hair by take caring of your hair and spraying dry shampoo at the roots. While, to give the final off with a spritz of sea salt spray on the mid-lengths and ends. The side part realize us thatwaves are still in trend. It covered a face with beautiful style and elegant way.

19. Chin-Length Crop:

“Looks Extraordinary on Round Face Shape and Silky Hair type”
This amazing edgy cut is trimmed an inch or so under the chin that is just slightly layered ends to keep the cut brushed and flirty, and not overly prim. The good thing about that cut needs less maintenance while showing great impact on others. So the women who are working ladies and don’t have much time to prepare and maintain their hairs they just simply choose that cut and show their chic look. But if you have round face shape and silky hairs then be ready to rock the world.

20. Above The Shoulder Bob:

“Looks Amazing on Square Face Shape and Less wavy Hair type”
Having no silky hairs? And wanted to have medium length haircut but worry what to adopt for wavy cut? Then don’t worry this haircut is the best option to choose. You can make you look stunning as you haven’t had before. Apply golden texture which enhance your facial contours, then ask to your stylist for the point-cut the ends which would give the cut a kick and especially keep it looking dull. Its free casual and elegant look.

21. Adorable Angled Lob:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Square or Round Face & Heavy Silky type Hair”
I just love it! Why? Because it’s elegant, stylist and trendy according to the latest century it’s perfect for nay age group women. Weather she’s teens or a mother of 3 children. Thus, if you want a beautiful Bob with an edge, take this picture with you to the salon and show the stylist this cut which is the best option for you. The cut is slightly longer which show great fall and a little angled so simply go and style it with a parting that best suits you.

22. Layered Bob:

“Show Countless Personality on Round Face Shape &rough Hair Type”
Not too much silky, not too much wavy just simple beautiful elegant style. So try this layered bob like shown in the picture that’s on the longer side for a fuss-free style. And the good thing about the layer is that it’s the haircut that is following since many years and it takes always as a trendy cut to make a facial look more beautiful. No matter the layer is short, medium or long it always shows its versatility. Hence, if you have round face shape than just take that picture to stylist and ask her to give you the same look.

23. Beach Texture:

“Looks pretty on Any Face contour and Any Hair Type”
Planning to go beach party this week? But worry of what look to apply on your beautiful face? Just don’t worry get that gorgeous beach waves by asking your hairstylist to add some angled layers in your hair. Its waves amazingly falling and passing each other that shows chic look. While the ends of the hair stripes are textured caramel light that adds class in your style. Hence, to adopt this cut you don’t worry to think about your facial contours as this cut looks best on any face shape.

24. Laid-Back:

“Looks Great If You have Square Shape Face & Wavy Hair”
Sporty or bossy you are? No matter it’s just a class that something works stunningly on your face and make you daring unique personality in crowd of thousand people. Thus the Sport a laid-back look like Alexa Chung. Enjoy this choppy ends and an extended grown out bangs for that cool, graceful appeal.Just meeting the shoulder this cut maintain your length of hair and allow you to formal to casual anywhere.

25. The Collar-bone Grazing Cut:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & wavy Thick Hair”
Loving, eye-catching and stunning look are you finding out? Then be ready your searching is just finished now! This haircut is rocking and ultra-superior for you personality. It’s not too long and not too short, the collar-grazing it’s the perfect length and most significantly it’s flattering on everyone. You can just simply going to be fall in love with this chic style. So go today and ask your stylist to make you stylish DEVA as shown below.

26. Eye-catching Texturized Bob:

“Looks Gorgeous on the Women who have Round Face Shape & Any hair Type”
You love Bob? Why don’t you! Its obvious Bob is the trend that is following by the sophisticated women style. So if you want L’Oreal Paris Perfect Blonde textured bob go with light teasing at the roots on the crown that are one of the best ways to add volume to your hair and to make it look fuller. To enjoy this cut absolutely go for an asymmetric bob and a shorter back leading to a longer front, that artistically covered half part of your face and enhance your beauty when you smile.

27. Sharp Medium Bob:

“Looks Amazing If you have Square Face Shape and Thick Hair”
OMG! Beauty! Haircut really does work to make you something that others appreciate. Thus, to rock a simple and impulsive look by stealing this sharp medium length bob look. When styling, go for a center-parting or one that suits your face shape, and finish with a light messy touch and edgy tips. Thus, the versatile style is must try! And then shaped hair into a stunning new bob.

28. Lady-Love Soft Waves:

“Looks Prodigious on Medium any shape Face Shape and Less Wavy Hair type”
Just make your own world! And dive into it. Which is beautiful and perfect as it created by yourself. So the symmetry in this haircut flatters oval impressively oblong and round faces. Style it with a centering just at tip of the forehead so if your face is more round, or square. The golden blond color super-hot waves at ends gives frizzy and free look. Hence, take this haircut today, ask to your stylist give you a Dream Princesses look like defined in the picture below.

29. Middle-Parted Lob:

“Looks Extraordinary on Round Face Shape and Silky Hair type”
Be a loving and soft personality so that people attracts to you and love to talk to you. So to opt this sophisticated look take a feminine look like you never had it before by styling your midi cut with center part from crown to the forehead. The Golden blond texture enhance your beauty facial features and attracts everyone to stare at your face at least once. Do straight your hairs and take make it more superior and stunning.

30. Hot Choppy Ends:

“Looks Amazing on Almost Round Face Shape and Rough Hair type”
Textured at the ends and styled messily is the hottest and wild look that makes you prominent and unique in between others. Ever will fall in love with this impressive and charming lob. If you have thin and fine hair style then do it. It’s, as the messy hair stripes cut at ends ups and downs which adds dimension to the hair plus it’s an effortless option for party wear. This cut makes you hot and classy this year, so go ahead and take this cut.

31. Layered Cut with Bangs:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Square or Round Face & Heavy Hair”
So sweet and nice look given by layered cut with bangs! Thus, this layered haircut with an A-line amazing silhouette and the colored ends and extended bangs. So if you are confusing of what the right way to wear this season’s hottest beauty trends, look no further and adopt this haircut today. Which maintain your hair length effortlessly and still gives you gorgeous look from formal to causal look.

32. Long Angled Layers:

“Show Countless Personality if you have Round Face Shape &Any Hair Type”
Just revealed your stunning hairstyle no matter if its celebration party of your friends with super glam bashor a meeting with important delegations this hairstyle is best for you. So just steal this haircut and ask your stylist for long and sharp angled layers. This style work well with your locks with a hairdryer and a round brush to lift the hair at the roots when styling it. Hence, always keep smiling with gorgeous and elegant look.

33. Amusing Feathered Finish:

“Looks pretty If You Have Round Face contour and Thick Rough Hair”

Short Side Swept Layered and Sleek Long Bob Feather like this will make medium-length fine hair less thin, when you decide to opt this haircut this season for you then must ask your stylist for long layers with a feathered finish for a lovely texture. When you’re styling to go for a party or for any occasion then must blow dry your hair with a diffuser and add a shine-boasting product for a flawless finish. Thus this feathery texture and amazing haircut feels you like a free-bird.

34. One Length Cut:

“Looks Great If You have Square Shape Face & Thick Smooth Hair”
Gorgeous lady choose gorgeous look this heart touching graceful haircut features delicate layering for a one-length cut look. Whenever you plan to go for a party or for a special occasion Style it with a medium barrel curling iron and then curling the hair vertically and in the same direction will make this style perfect to finish and brush with a natural bristle brush to attain the perfectly integral wave. Hence, it’s assure that when you go for any party take wear this style and astonish everyone by your graceful look.

35. Angled Layers Haircut with side bangs:

“Looks Great If You Have Heart Face & Straight Thick Hair”
This is a high-class shoulder length and angled hair chic with a side bang that enhance your beauty features. This elegant cut holds a fashionable appearance with the layered cut. Thus the top layer features the shortest length, while the lower locks are covered by slightly for an angled layered hairstyle. This medium length layer is perfect choice for every chic lady who loves to style every day and show versatile look.

36. Just Sophisticated:

“Looks Gorgeous On Oval Face Shape & Curly Thick Hair for a Gorgeous Look”
I love the feature like curtain-like bangs which hitting below the cheekbones it’s all about to enhance the facial contours and it’s very impressive to enjoy this haircut that contain stop layer shorter than the under-layers. To accomplish this hairstyle, the locks are trimmed from the mid shaft with medium-size curling iron. To finish the look, brush the hair with a natural bristle brush and settled into large curls.

37. Sexy Messy Lob Haircut:

“Looks Amazing On Round or Oval Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
To make the silhouette of this lob soft and oval, the sexy messy haircut features an off-centered parting and back-swept long bangs so that it gives you right fall and shortened top locks. You can gently style this cut by applying some mousse to your damp hair and use a blow dryer while tousling the hair with your hands. That’s frizzy and free look so that it can wear easily by any women who go from formal to casual look.

38. For Love Romantic LobWith Bangs Haircut:

“Looks Prodigious on Medium Heart Face Shape and Fluffy Thick Hair type”
The outer layer is a few millimeters longer while, the inner hair is cut the shortest. The ends of the hair stripes will naturally flip in without any styling. That why its versatile and amazing cut that needs nothing to maintain. Less effort and less time to make over it can become favorite haircut of any women. Hence, to accomplish with success try to apply golden blond if you have fair color so that it’s not only enhance your face features but also you special for everyone.

39. Soft Mid-Length For Round Face Shapes:

“Looks Extraordinary on Diamond Face Shape and Thick Hair type”
To enjoy maximum trend of layers haircut, ask to your stylist for the important difference between the layers, for that apply some good quality mousse gently to the hair and style it with a blow-dry and to make a shape use medium size round brush. While when you brushing your hair, once you accomplish with waves to avoid the excessive volume. Then you can take all beauty credit for it.

40. Thick Layered Cut:

“Looks Amazing If you have pointed or Heart Face Shape and Thick Hair”
Frizzy fluffy and mess-free is loved by every beautiful lady. Thus, this medium length layered haircut contains dense ends to make fluffy hair and to get this gorgeous look so go and style it with a medium curling iron and settle it with a usual bristle hair brush. To maintain its beauty and style you can use to spritz the hair with a slight shine spray for the perfect finishing touch. While, the texture applied Golden reddish blond with caramel touch is just marvelous.

41. Lob With Straight Heavy Bangs:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Diamond Face & Heavy Hair”
Keep smiling, be happy and go with chic style so that the person who saw you inspired by you. That’s why this lob come with thick ends and straight heavy fluttering bangs. To style it effortlessly use a flat iron, but hold one! Remember, to enhance some thermal spray before smooth ironing the hairs it’s good toguard the hair from high temperatures so that your hairs does not burn. Add some shine spray for final finishing touch.

42. Bob with Side-Parted Fringe:

“Show Countless Personality on Heart Face Shape &Fluffy Thick Hair Type”
Some ego, some class, and some style all these things combines to make this versatile haircut.Mid-length hairstyle plus point from a girlie touch by a side-parted fringe that make this haircut stunning and perfect for you personality. These beautiful haircut is good on the women faces who have wider forehead so that it will covered.While,by giving the blunt ends with a soft finish takes anyone eye on your face for a long time.You can walk with dare and live like a queen.

43. Relaxed Medium Length:

“Looks pretty If You Have Heart Face contour and Smooth thick Hair”
Searching for more relax haircut? Then welcome!This is the right place where you approached, you can opt this haircut for a more relaxed look like you never had before.The beautiful and mild waves fall out straight to the ends for a natural yet neat look.The side swept covers your face so that the person who saw you get instant focused on your eyes. This is elegant, simple and classy haircut to adopt this season.

44. Textured ends Long Bob:

“Looks Great If You have Oval or Round Shape Face & Silky Thick Hair”
Keep smiling because you looks beautiful when you smile and if you are wearing this gorgeous haircut then it increase the natural beauty of your face. So and get this hairstyle by choosing for big volume with a focusing center parting, while, inserting the mid-length hair under at the shoulders. But keep one thing remember, if you want this cut for a long time and carry it with beauty apply blond texture on the ends that’s make it superior style than others.

45. The Basic Baby Bob Cut:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Straight Thick Hair”
Stylish women opt stylish haircut as they shows some class to others that’s why others inspired by them. You can go by this super cute haircut if you’re looking to rock a somewhat sleeker bob with a clean cut and straight bangs. Golden blond texture is the right thing to apply on your hairs,so that you can tousle it up with a bit and finish it with a slight hairspray for a cool, sweet and edgy look.

46. Long & Layered:

“Looks Gorgeous On Any Face Shape but Requires Curly Hair for a Gorgeous Look”
If you’re working and focusing on growing your hair out or considering for a longer style, this long layered for medium length haircut is the one you want to win the party. It’s layered and it’s the flawless style to get you through that in-between phase. Whenever you smile the side part naturally take viewer focus on your facial expressions. Thus, this beige blond can complete your look and make you exclusive persona.

47. An angular bob with short, chin-hugging layers:

“Looks Amazing On Long or Oval Face Shape and Thick Hair”
It’s a new century 2016 and make sure, that you can set your resolutions, but have you ever thought about a new look yet? NO? Try this one! It’s blunt perfect and easy and super chic, it’s all’s favorite haircut and surely you will also love this cut. It requires almost no-styling at all and this one length bob looks stunning almost on everyone face. Its heart killing when it take a side swept to show sexy look.

48. Face-Framing:

“Looks Prodigious on Cute Heart Face Shape and Silky Smooth Hair”
One of the coolest ways to make an affected or not-so-dramatic advancement is with a face-framing haircut. Who’s ready to make the chop? With 2016 spend your time with this perfect style of lob. Take this cut just slightly below the shoulders, and can add face-framing layers along with shorter layers so that throughout this you can get this gorgeous cut. It’s gorgeous, simple and less maintenance take haircut.

49. I love Volume:

“Looks Surprising on Heart Face Shape and Any Hair type”
If you haven’t try a new cut for many years then try this one! If you are super excited to take it then for a voluminous cut go for a look with a somewhat angle, and a few extended layers and finish-off by adding an additional long bang at the front. So that when you take a side part this bangs gives additional look that is unique and charming to make a girl chic and princesses of this season.

50. Long Bangs:

“Looks Amazing on Long or Oval Face Shape and rough Hair type”
Stepped up with the medium length hairstyle with long bangs that keeps your hair length maintain and takes less time to make over it. Hence, get this shoulder length hairdo by care the layers slight all through the haircut, and its good if it’s choosing for about on  face-framing bangs around the beautiful face. As it beautify your facial expressions and make you a unique personality.

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50 Ultra Sizzling Medium Haircuts for Women 2017

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