50 Ultra Hot and Stylish Men’s hairstyles 2017

We all knows that hair styling is an important key for the ladies, but! Wait a second! If hair styling is vital for the women’s then it’s essential for all men as well. They furthermore, like their hair to be spectacularly done and forward which comparatively suits to them and give them the best look. In this regards the cantinas male are giving administrations everywhere throughout the globe to the men style it happened with the ideal haircut that suits best to them. Not a big deal! Weather hair be short or long in the event that it is finished with perfection. It without a doubt gives additionally beauty to your personality.
It’s good to be elegant and simple when man searching something decent hairstyle. Whenever a man programmed him for a formal function, then he loves to suit up with tuxedos and he puts up their shinny shoes, then it will be best if they go with hairstyle neat and tidy.
However, it looks good if a man go with long hair and other haircuts that are untidy when wearing a tuxedo. But in this situation, it’s essentialto know about the best hairstyle for a formal schedule. But, no matter if it’s taking formal haircut or casual haircut the agenda should be decent and nice, in short the key word for your hair is sophistication and elegant.
With the passage of time as styles and trends are changing, boys wanted to try something new for their hair. That’s why we have collected the most attractive men’s haircuts while collecting on this article of 50 best haircuts and styles, which is the best platform where you can find every latest chic haircut for boys.
These amazing haircuts includes pompadours, undercut, long top men’shairstyles and casual style and many more haircut ideas. You can choose the best haircut that suits you a lot. Let’s go and check out the trendy hairstyles, so that you can pick the right one style you want.

1. Backcombed Hairstyle With Beard:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Round Face shape & Normal Wavy Hair”
The backcombed hairstyle is classy and very decent hairstyle to be combined with beards. The short sides with longer hair on the top makes this haircut best for all mans who have dashing beard and enough volume of hair. This haircut with a classy suit and with a daring beard you can win hearts of every girl that are coming in today’s night party. The sides gives neat and clean touch while, your face representing a handsome of your entire look.

2. Beard and Long Hair:

“Show Stunning Personality on long face Shape &thick wavy Hair Type”
However, long hairs are more feminine look than masculine hairstyles men wearing them, thus they should surely combine it with beards. So that they show handsome and dashing look with impressive beard and long hair. It’s up to you when you want you make half pony tail to show more dashing look and at the same time tidy head so that no hair comes on your face. But to get this complete look apply blond texture on your hair and on your beard. So go with long hair that can be matched with some beard.

3. Blown Back Hairstyle For Men:

“Looks pretty on Almost All Face shapes but required healthy Hair”
The neat fade and high pompadour shows you are trendy Prince of this season, while the side part classic razor faded pompadour look amazing on your personality. However, a lot of barbering skilled went into making this cut happen. But keep one thing in your mind to avail this haircut you should have enough volume of hair first and then comb your hair by side part and enjoy this stylish look especially for men’s with wavy hair.

4. Carved Undercut Funky Hairstyles:

“Looks Great If You have Round Shape Face & Wavy Hair”
This is the great haircut that means a lot on the man personality. This amazing haircut pays special look while making your style unique and attractive for others. Like the Mohawk style! Its fringe falling down on the forehead and showing carved cutting by razor using, on one side make this haircut unique and amazing to adopt this season. That’s why many of guys are preferring this carved undercut that is styled funky. Thus this funky haircuts for men can make people stare at you for a long time.

5. Classy Hairstyle:

“Looks Great If You Have Heart or Pointed Face &Thick Hair”
With enough volume on front so that the impressive layer on top, this hairstyle curves over the head, and gradually tapers to a tip at the front. It’s an ideal choice for men who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their style. Thus, this classy hairstyle can make you look professional and elegant. However, to adopt this style you need thick hair and enough length so that you can enjoy the maximum style of this haircut.

6. Crew Cut For Men:

“Looks Gorgeous on Round Face Shape & short Hair”
Find this cut for your bold style to show this is summer time. However, if you have less hair and facing hair fall problem then this haircut is good enough for summer and winter as well. This clean and neat crew cut hairstyle for all men can give a fresh look and showing sophisticated style. The fade on both sides giving smarter look while the V shaped hair cut shows that you are still handsome. If you have Round face shape then this haircut is perfect for your personality.

7. Curly Hair With Bangs:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Curly Hair Type”
Although there are plenty of men’s hairstyles that are available on gents parlor but this haircut is the unique cut that is challenging for the unique personality developer. That’ why, there are numerous hairstyles that you can pick like this if you have a curly hair. These hair length is not too long or not so short. The good thing about this hair you can go with casual wearing it. This textured make your hair more attractive and stunning.

8. Curly Side Parted Hairstyle:

“Looks Prodigious on Oval or long Face Shape & curly Hair type”
We know that as you are choosy for wearing cloths selection as well as choosy for hair cutting adoption. If you have long hairs and curly hair kind, then this curly side parted hairstyle is best option for you to adopt. Like combing through all the fluff to find your signature haircut is not the easy task. So to avail this unique haircut increase your hair length apply brown color and take a side part from curly hair, this thing is great for the amazing style.

9. Very short Fade Hairstyle:

“Looks Extraordinary on Round Face Shape and any Hair type”
You can show your love for army, while, adopting such too much short fade haircut. While, this hairstyle is suitable for men who do not have enough time for styling their hair. And facing major issue of hair fall. This neat and clean haircut is the popular and unique short men’s haircut which is well known for giving a highly fashionable look to one who has it. This is a perfect haircut.

10. Free Flow Curly Frizzy Haircut:

“Looks Amazing on Round Face Shape and Curly Hair type”
Feel frizzy walk with casual style, realizes that you have your own world in which you lives alone with your creations. Thus, this free flow curly haircut gives you handsome and carefree look. While, you can make the furthermost of those curls with this long haircut like Gregory. Take this frizzy haircut and enjoy this year but do remember one thing that the wavy hair is quiet curly hair and we can see wavy as ‘loose’ curls.

11. Long Curls On Top:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Oblong Face & Heavy Wavy type Hair”
It sometimes become difficult to distinguish the trends for men from the classics, it’s because men’s hairstyles change with the seasons. While, among the various haircuts for men, this haircut suits you well, if you have curly long hairs and do not want to lose this beauty. Then do not worry just go ahead and go with this ideal style no matter if you have an oval face, so the long curls on the top can make your face look smaller.

12. Long Hair With Center Parting:

“Show Countless Personality on Square Face Shape &long Wavy Hair”
Glamour, beauty and stunning all you can find in this haircut if you have long hairs and finding the haircut so that to utilize your time and beauty, then go with this long hair with center parting. This style can make you look glamorous just like Jared Leto. This hair style is the most sought-after hair stylist. The Ombre beach waves naturally textured gives you unique signature look. While, center parting defines your face contours.

13. Medium Curly Haircuts For Men:

“Looks pretty If You Have Oval Face contour and Wavy Hair”
Not too short nor long, there are so many ways of styling for you medium curly hair while, the usual typical is brushing it back. However, for a medium length look, you can stress-free go with long on top curly crown and textured on the ends of hair is the way to go. Wear it down in this casual so that the preppy-meets-hipster style or you can use it with the product to tame hair for a more formal look.

14. Curly Comb Over Haircut:

“Looks Great If You have Rectangle Shape Face & Thick Hair”
The man who have natural wavy hair can opt this hairdo. While, choosing it apply some pomade or Brylcream so these both of which are very inexpensive and reliable to use. If you really want to give it a bit of acontrol, try something like Uppercut. The sides are short for neat and clean look while there are much styling options though. After applying some good quality gel just comb over for slick look to pull hair on side.

15. Messy Short Haircut With Beard:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Rough Thick Hair”
If you have long hairs and finding some good style then Messy style looks best on you which gives you masculine look and make you perfect personality. However, in this style the beard can have all the effect in a fellow’s appearance. Long messy hair with dashing beard are a work of art that you may be one of those folks who look incredible. You can style it by crossing your fingers across you hair to maintain this look.

16. Military Cut Hairstyle:

“Looks Gorgeous On Round Face Shape & Any type of Hair”
Every branch of the military is going to have its own rules and strict regulations for how you can cut your hair. This classic look is very common among many members of the armed forces with the short hair on top and the high fade on the sides. Although, it’s very a simple neat and trendy yet neat haircut for men. Back and sides are highly fade so that if you are suffering from hair fall problem you can wear this haircut so that at you can avoid from the issue of hair fall.

17. Pompadour Comb Over

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Thick volume Hair Type”
The man who are blessed with natural thick volume of hair and finding some good haircut for their beautiful hairs then you must opt this one. While choosing its good if you apply some pomade or good quality Brylcream such that these both are very inexpensive and consistent to use.This hairstyle can keep your longer hair away from your face and give you gentleman look. So when you brushed up hair at back, you can effortlessly maintain it feel mess-free.

18. Shaggy Cropped Haircut For Men:

“Looks Prodigious on Medium Heart or Diamond Face Shape and Any Hair type”
This a fresh and eye-catching hairstyle for men. That’s why it has the most in-demand hair right now. That’s why most of the hair stylist recommend this cut if you have enough volume of hair and medium length.This hairstyle requires less beard to look masculine. This is the haircut that is highly recommended to achieve if you don’t have much time maintain your hair and wants to go for formal meeting or a casual party tonight.

19. Shaved Haircut With Beard:

“Looks Extraordinary on Square Face Shape and Thick Hair”
Different haircuts are totally cherished with certain styles and it urge to think, that with the neatly shaved sides and long hair on top and a trim goatee or beard styles is awesome. At the conclusion somewhere it’s defined that, when the massive majority consider beard styles the full beard is the thing that normally rings a bell. Hence, if you long hair and enough volume of hair you must go with this hairdo and enjoy your time of this season.

20. Side Parted Haircuts For Men:

“Looks Amazing on Round Face Shape and Thick Hair”
Handsome man should have handsome look. Thus, this type of haircut can be flawless with a beard.Once just linked with the full beard has started calling to another era of whiskers men in the development of recent years. The side part wearing although having thick fluffy hair, shows you a gentleman look. Therefore, to maintain it you must comb over side part and apply good textured color as same on beard to attract people towards your face.

21. Side Swept Textured Haircut:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Oblong or Oval Face & Thick Hair”
This hairstyle can be best for work as well as for school. It’s very difficult to choose the right one for you, as every style does not look great on every guy. But how do you know which of the style looks bets on you? Simply realize what the shape of you face and opt the styles that are defined with facial contours as this article expressed. Hence, by taking side part and short hair gives you decent and sophisticated look.

22. A Simple Short Hairstyle:

“Show Countless Personality on Heart Face Shape &rough Hair Type”
Short hair can show you the most handsome and unique persona, thus, this hairstyle can be suitable to any guys. So to find the best one through all the fluff to looks good to your signature look is not an easy task. But with the help of this content you can find the best for you. So sides are short and top are styles impressively like a short spikes just blown at forehead.

23. Slick Side Parted Haircut:

“Looks pretty on Inverted Triangle Face contour and wavyHair Type”
Men who have wavy hair would surely going to love this haircut. Thus, we all knows that hairstyle has become a special statement as style is refining with respect of time, but once you find it you can rock this year. The golden textured applied on side part hair strips, gives amazing contrast while, other part of head is dark. You can get the exactly one by applying gel and comb it to right.

24. Curly Spiked Hairstyle:

“Looks Great If You have Round Shape Face & curly Hair”
Spiked is for everyone, for white same as for black. So what if you have curly hairs this image proved you can also enjoy spikes this year. That’s why this is hairstyle has become very common for black men. You can style it very well, it’s recommended to use good quality gel so that this style remain perfect in shape for a long time. You can effortlessly maintain it and go for DJ party.

25. Spikey Crew Cut For Men:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Thick Hair”
This is a perfect stylish hairstyle that can make you classy and handsome. It’s short and trendy, so you must try this Short Spiky Haircut. The boys who adopt this short spiky hairstyle can show the sexy spiky hair cut. Short spiky hairs are cool to manage and it’s really fun to style. Both sides are faded and to is just a bit spiky showing, that you have great fashion sense and it remain you stress free for a messy maintenance.

26. Trendy Medium Haircuts For Men:

“Looks Gorgeous on the Women who have Oval Face Shape & Any hair Type”
Medium length hair is usually the most standard of all hair lengths for men, it’s not just because it looks extremely sexy, but also because it is tremendously versatile and can be maintained with and shaped into a style that suit to any occasion. Thus, if you have medium hair then there are many of styles that you can select like this one! The textured hair and combed like spikes while applying some gel, this gives the best experience which you have ever had.

27. Amazing Pompadour Hairstyle:

“Looks Amazing If you have Diamond or Heart Face Shape and Thick Hair”
This popular hairstyle is considered as a classic haircut, so that’s why, it’s still love to choose this haircut by men’s. Both sides are bit thinner but less than the top. The most considerable point is that the hair should be balanced on both sides else it will lose it looks. Blond textured applied make this hairstyle more prominent, long pompadour can be achieved by blow drying your hair. Thus, with thick hair and good textured can really rock this year.

28. Asymmetrical Short Haircut:

“Looks Prodigious on Rectangle shape Face Shape and any Hair type”
An exclusive haircut that is very stylish and easy to maintain. Top hair is little like spikes, so we believe that brief hairstyle are coolest to have. That’s why it’s highly recommended this haircut for all gentlemen that is instant and attractive as well. And it’s adopting most of the men because it look handsome on them and quick hairs are smile easy to manage and entertaining designs are always welcomed every year.

29. Messy trendy Curly haircut:

“Looks Extraordinary on Round Face Shape and Rough Hair type”
Men’s looks modish in a curly hairstyle no matter if it’s applied on short or a bit long hairs. Energetic handsome young boys can also change their hair color tone. Lighter to darker tones of brown hair color are trendy. Curls with a different hair color tone make your personality more smart and good looking. It’s messy at the same time it’s trendy as well with dark sexy beard, you can go for any party while showing how much handsome you are.

30. Sexy Curly haircut:

“Looks Extraordinary on Inverted Triangle Face Shape and Curly Hair type”
Sometimes messy sometimes sexy, this hairstyle is perfect for all handsome boys. So to make it more versatile it would good if this haircut wear with blond textured which should be matched with some beard. So that all these combinations gives amazing dashing look. It’s well recommended for the man who have curly hair. Well! Such man sometimes get confused in hair styling choice.

31. Cool Brushed Up Haircut:

“Looks Amazing on Almost Round Face Shape and any Hair type”
A cool hairstyle for men with well managed pompadour. Thus, manage your hair with style. In fact, every hairstyle does not look prodigious on every dude. But how do you get to know how this hairstyle will look great on your face shape so do not worry without trying many of styles and without looking ridiculous half the time. You can adopt this hairdo if you have round face and less beard. Simply you can enjoy this trend this year.

32. Cool Undercut For Men:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Pointed or Round Face & Heavy Hair”
Sides are fade to give neat and clean look, top is styled well by using brush and good hair styling products that is required if you need something different for a long time. This haircut formed a perfect sphere. Although there are more styling options, but this cut needs not so much maintenance and effort free to style. Thus, you can slick or pull hair up from the forehead for a completely different look. Which shows like you are going with amazing spikes.

33. Long bangs blown back:

“Show Countless Personality if you have Triangle Face Shape &Thick Hair”
This haircut can grab attention from women. Because, long bangs are one of the most stylish cuts for men who favor to keep longer hairstyles. In this cut the long bangs are created with the scissors and the strands that are also tapering and pushed back to make the style, even more, attractive. It is finished by texturing hair and frizzy fringe blown back to a uniform length. However, if you have less beard no matter, too much you can still looks attractive.

34. Cool Undercut:

“Looks pretty If You Have Triangle Face contour and thick smoothHair”
An undercut hairstyle can be ideal for any men who want masculine look. The versatility of this style its best for any season so you can wear it effortlessly anywhere. So we talk elegant the elegant hairstyle for men is in a good term with these words, short, neat, tidy, organized, and well presented.According to this statement the first thing you must have is a short haircut. Second is a comb, and the last is nimble fingers.

35. Creative Side Crop Short Top Haircut For Men:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Thick Hair”
The short haircut is achieving momentum and fortunately it is just not only for the rock-and-roll hipsters anymore. Variants style can make it gentle and still it looks amazing for office going guys. This is appropriate for men who have thick hair.Stay on top of the latest trends with this short men’s haircuts of 2016. This cuts are so easy to wear and stylish too. If you applied blond textured then can really worth of its beauty.

36. Curly And Cropped Haircut:

“Looks Gorgeous On Round Face Shape & Curly Thick Hair for a Stunning Look”
Your curly hair can look trendier in this haircut.The image shows representing versatile looks as if from 60´s or 70´s. its feels you like you are going for Friday night party 2016 but having love for 70´s disco party. And this trend of going is good to enjoy that has its great influence on men’s looks too. The blond golden curly on top will make you look vintage and very on-trend.

37. Curly Fade Haircut:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Curly Hair Type”
This is a nice haircut for black man that can make you look neat and handsome.However, black man have number of option to opt the best one haircut. Short curly hair covered round shape head sphere on front very well. While, sides are faded and the razor cutting just a one line is amazing to give trendy look which you ever had. It’s effortless to wear and can go anywhere you want without time utilizing to maintain it.

38. Curly Fade Mohawk Haircut:

“Looks Prodigious on any Face Shape and curly Hair type”
Even if you have a curly hair, you can still enjoy a Mohawk haircut. Such great ideas are originated by our creative hairstylist every year. Thus, if a barber is skilled well like to make this curly fade Mohawk haircut on black men and boys. It’s really award winning individual who only takes appointments for his work is a true professional. The texture of the hair ruffled up by your “Curl Sponge” that is creating mad buzz in the streets.

39. Curly Hairstyle with Texture:

“Looks Extraordinary on Triangle Face Shape and Thick wavy Hair type”
Textured long curls worn with side parting gives a beautiful look to the guy with chiseled facial features. If you have plan for the party tonight then by wearing elegant suit, it can make you more handsome.This hairstyle is perfect for men who have Triangle shape face. If you want to reduce the volume you can control curls with a simple hairspray. The same color beard as you have your hair, this contrast is really making you unique and stunning.

40. Wavy Hairstyle With Beard:

“Looks Amazing If you have Rectangle Face Shape and Thick wavy Hair”
When curly hair with beard combined with an elegant suit, it can make you more handsome and attractive. So that it grab women intension towards you easily. It’s styled so well that in this haircut, the curls are left lengthier and impressively cut into layers that are about the same length throughout. Use the Shampoo and conditioner which suits on your hair type if you like.

41. Fade Comb Over Hairstyle:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Round Face & smoothHair”
Once again, we can satisfied that shaved sides, longer front part escorted with clean shaved is what we usually see in chic boys of 2016. And why not to follow this trend that appears to win hearts of many beautiful girls and gain more and more popularity. Thus, this is a cool haircut which is usually worn by well-known actors and models. If they show their chic look then why don’t you? Try it must and be a famous personality.

42. Fade Short Haircut For Men:

“Show Countless Personality on Oblong Face Shape &fine Hair”
If you are finding for a fashionable hairdo then this one is just perfect for you. You can make you own signature look this year by choosing this hairstyle. Everyone will say you have some spark have amazing style, you can show shortcut on you which is so charming with textured short hairstyle and elegant outfits. Sides are shorts to give clean and decent look.

43. Feathered Bangs Hairstyle:

“Looks pretty If You Have Square Face contour and Rough wavyHair”
This is a stylish and refined hairstyle that can be worn by any men. This hairstyle has a natural form of waves that are cropped into the layers and combed from the top to fall below the eyes. It’s like feathers are falling down from top to bottom. If you applied some textured then it may give you excellent look to achieve.

44. Formal Short Haircut:

“Looks Great If You have Triangle or Inverted Triangle Shape Face & fineHair”
This is so versatile hairstyle that can be wear in any event.So who accept as true Brief hairstyles are coolest? Yes it is! For noblemen quick hairstyles are the best-looking haircut. Quick hairs are easy to manage and charming to design. The era of side parting with short sides is long. That’s why we promise you the sincere attractiveness that you are searching for.

45. Hair Designs For Short Haircut:

“Looks Great If You Have Round Face & curly Hair”
You can place the designs like stars and straight lines at the front and back while using razor to accomplish this job, you can make it on the sides or include the back.Cool men’s hairstyles short hair are now very general, with a number of outstanding razor designs. Men have found that this haircut is very comfortable, which is not only in the shampoo but remains in place. It’s easy to maintain and trendy to go with.

46. Hottest Haircuts For Men:

“Looks Gorgeous On Any Face Shape but Requires smooth Healthy Hair”
The trendy chic hairstyle that is commonly worn by younger men but it can also look prodigious on mature age group. It looks extremely good on short haircut accumulation for men as well as for school going young men generation. The cut upholds a longer top, but it is not even as it is pointed as you move towards the temple so that it can merge in with the shorter sides and back. The longer features are then styled up to give them a perfect blowout height.

47. James Dean Haircut:

“Looks Amazing On Triangle or Inverted triangle Face Shape and Thick Hair”
You can also look like James Franco and can looks handsome in this James Dean hairstyle. If you have enough volume of hair. This good and cool styles short blown spikes hair are amazing to adopt. However, the blown pompadour is stylish and beautiful. The hair combed back at the top part of the head can make you look different. However, you can maintained it for a long time by using some gel and hair product to stay it in shape.

48. Long Blond Curly Hairstyle:

“Looks Prodigious on Cute Round Face Shape and Silky Smooth Hair”
The man who loves bangs can adopt this hair style, because by adding some bangs to it you can make your look more sophisticated.The man who have some natural form of waves that are cropped from the crown to fall below on your eyebrows. Hence, this is a classic Boys Hairstyles 2016 that are for Dramatic Cute Boys with trendy Haircuts Cute Boys that works more great with golden blond.

49. Wavy Hairstyle With Beard:

“Looks Prodigious on Cute Heart Face Shape and Smooth Hair”
By the way, if you want to make your look wonderful, while having wavy healthy hair also, then the wavy hairstyle is much better. Anyhow, wavy is totally different with curly because wavy hairstyle styles your hair looks messy. However, it looks so messy, it makes your grace gets an incredible look instead. So, these are wonderful medium hairstyle for men and you can wear it right now with wavy hair with dashing beard.

50. Long Curly Hairstyle:

“Looks Surprising on Heart or Round Face Shape and Smooth Hair”
Don’t worry about your wavy hair because it can make your look unique with the right hairstyle. The latest hairstyles of men are supportive for growing beauty and charm of personality at any time. However, lots of options are existing for making discrete types of variations in short hairs. Its sexy pompadour with short sides to give handsome and decent look as well. Well! If you applied texture on top then it surely increase your beauty than before.

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50 Ultra Hot and Stylish Men’s hairstyles 2017

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