5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

Black Braided hairstyles for black women are so far promising and enticing to wear as the hair industry is coming up with more unique hairstyles that rock with black faces. Black women have all pleasure to rejoice because more colorful hair extensions and weaves are manufactured purposely to make black women prettier. Here are some of the celebrities with elegant looks like Beyonce and the like with for Long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid that can’t leave un noticed. You can wear then in color and curly, have it with tiny cornrows and straight to below the shoulders, have it side corn rowed added with thick waves longer, or with cornrows with puff long curly and as desired because when I mention all the hairstyle we might take another day. I know by the end of this article you will have gotten yourself the best  long black Braided Hairstyle for Bridesmaid to try on as chances avail.
5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid1Beyonce stands on firm grounds to prove to the world that any kind of hairstyle


will favor her when it comes to her cute face and black skin that any women would love to bear because she doesn’t need to toil much to reach where she is now. She wore a colorful Gold Brown or blonde if am not certain that any bridesmaid can plait to make the best bridal intrigue any bride wouldn’t miss out. This hairstyle is teamed in good colors that any bridesmaid outfit would look perfect with, name any color or dress outfit be it tube top, strapless mini dresses or even maxi dresses to enlighten you. It takes you to add simple jewelry, make up, eye catching eye brow and light lip sheen to pull a stunning look.
1. Make sure your scalp and your hair is clean, it might be Natural hair or treated hair. It’s advisable to wash it on the day your going for the hairdo because am sure it will free of dirt which by coincidence if un looked can irritate your scalp In a short while.
2. You and your hairstylist will pick a gold brown human hair extension or in blonde for human hair weaves and extensions take long to mess up. You will negotiate the length and exact color you fall for.
3. Your professional hair designer will pick small volumes of hair to make small box braids that are done half way and curl below to reach over the shoulders.
4. To prevent the scalp from over drying you there and then spray your braided hair to keep it shinny and with glittering curls.
5. You can either hold your braided hair as a puff, as you collect it at the crown area for to look cute half way braided and with thick curls tailing off shoulders for a romantic look.
6. Use a puff holder on your hair or even to look neater but by chance if you opt for alternative hair design then you can leave you hair free to rest on shoulders with a silver head hand placed right after the forehead.
1. This Long Black Braided hairstyle for Bridesmaid will take you for long, and its maintenance is quite easy, as a single hair spray will keep your braids charming all time.
2. For the curls use your fingers to scrunch through and it will take you for 2 to three months. Have a hair wash, once after three weeks.
Apply Better Braids Braid Spray for Dry Itchy Scalp Irritation Flaking Skin Removes Dandruff Hair Care Elasticity ,it’s a multi- purpose Hairspray for:
• Conditioning and adding strength to your hair.
• It moisturizes the scalp and braids.
• It provides lasting sheen to your braids.
• It’s anti dandruff just in case you have dandruff on your skin.
5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid2

Precisely if you want to have straight Long Braided hairstyle as a bridesmaid you still rock. This Black Braided Hairstyle doesn’t rely on particular face shape to look beautiful but any face shape will shine with it, what can put down is the person you choose to plait it. It takes less hours too to have it done on your natural hair as a small part will be created with cornrow braids then a hair extension added. You can apply it in any color but black as a color rules over other colors because it’s easy to match with anything and strike to the great heights. This color hair extension blends well with black hair thus looking more less like your natural hair teamed with your pretty face to have the best looks that amuses everyone.
1. Assuming you have given a rinse to your natural hair? With lovely Alma 3 in 1 shampoo 250ml that is enriched with essential nutrients to maintain color and strength of your natural hair.

2. Use a cotton piece of cloth to dry your hair as cotton absorbs water efficiently than any other fabric.
3. Remember to leave it with small amounts of water that will soften it as you’re trying to make it straight.

4. Use hot bomb to straighten the entire head and for short hair use a small bristled comb to make it straight too.

5. Pick black long Yaki human hair braid to take your for more weeks even when you’re through with the wedding.

6. Half of your head will be drawn with tiny cornrow braids looking all directions just after the fore head to the middle section to make it stylish and for the other part of your head, cornrows will be drawn crossing over your head.
7. For the other section mentioned above, this long yaki human hair weave will be added and with longer length from the top decreasing in height as you go downwards.
8. Finish it with a hairspray to make the weave soft, the scalp oily and to keep it fresh.
Maintain it with a hairspray every day and for the first hair wash should be after two weeks or so as your hair catches dirt randomly.
Apply Soft Sheen Carson Weave Care Superior Care and Extensions 3 PCS SET to detangle the weave for easy combing.
5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid3

For the Bride that wants to make things that are different from the ordinary making when it comes to choosing hairstyles for Bridesmaid that will be memorable , I have you sorted as this Long Black Braided hairstyle ruins . It gives any impression of cute white women with longer hair as black hair can’t grow longer like this un less when your parents are from different races. For white women to be called beautiful she has to have longer hair that falls to the back and I guess this woman over here is pretty no matter the color of her skin. This hairstyle shows off clearly one side of her face clearly well, pronouncing her eye brow, sexy eyes and earrings to define her cute looks.
1. Shampoo your Natural hair thoroughly well, dry it to remove tangles.
2. Pick an off brown Batik Romance braids that are made with bouncing big curls and reach at the back.
3. On the right hand side using batik romance braids big pencil lines will be created starting slightly after the forehead towards the back above the right hand side ear for the ends left trailing down with curls.
4. For the left and back part of your head, tiny cornrows will be drawn pointing from the back going to the front. And on the cornrows, the batik romance braids will be stitched together for the tiny cornrows to be hidden underneath.
5. From the middle section of the head going on the left hair will be pushed straight up to above the eyes and curly up to the bust.
Apply a hairspray to moisturize your hair and scalp as well to maintain the fresh look all time.
• Use Keune Design Line Leave-In Spray Hair Extension – 4.2 oz to keep lasting sheen to your hair.
• To smoothen and remove tangles from the weave, thus making it easier for you to comb.
• It’s safe for everyday use.
5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid4
Set a record of being the most dressed and bridesmaid line up with latest long Black Braided hairstyles that will drive men crazy as all girls look romantic, best skin tones, best romantic eyes and jewelry that can’t leave them be listed in the Guinness book of records. With this particular long Black Braided hairstyle for Bridesmaid all respects and beautiful looks are reserved. It doesn’t take long to make but in its simplicity it strikes high. No matter any black skin tone or face shape one will emerge out of salon looking great.
1. Shower your natural hair with natural hair shampoo.
2. Use heat tool to make your hair dry.
3. Use a comb with large spaces to comb your hair straight for ease.
4. Go to salon and have a chart with your hairstylist to pick the best tiny medium brown and black curled human hair extension that falls at the back.
5. Your entire head will be drawn with cornrow braids that are medium sized that look in all directions for trendy hair designs.
6. As all the cornrows will draw from all boundaries of your head and fore head inclusive collecting at the middle section of the crown area to be joined within, a long curly hair extension will be added on top to form an elegant puff and an awesome looks.
Just a hairspray will do you wonders. On the very day you plait hair apply I on to the scalp and the extension. This will help your scalp and hair to be moist and to keep its curls up to the last when you apply to your hair on a daily basis.
• Use Tina Riana Hair Extension Detangling Spray 8 oz to remove tangles.
• It’s anti frizz prevents hair from dryness, making hair manageable and maintain lasting sheen to your hair.
5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid6
Have an outstanding long Black Hairstyle for Bridesmaid this 2015 when you go for wavy human hair piece that is teamed two colored that’s to say brown and mild black. This hairstyle stays for long, has many options for styling and takes less time to make it.
1. With your natural or treated hair and clean enough for plaiting check with your hairstylist to have this pretty long Black Braided hairstyle for Bridesmaid.
2. Your hair will be drawn in two sections, the front and the back part.
3. For the front left side, right side and the middle front hair will be created with micro boxes done like 2 inches and wavy to below the shoulders.
4. For the back part, tiny cornrows will be created crossing over the head then the long wavy human hair piece stitched on to it up the back of neck.
5. As you finish, use a hairspray to give it more life.
Maintenance is easy, only a hair spray will keep it looking fresh up to when you remove it. You can use a big bristled comb to comb through. Style as desired ,for more styling options.
Use African Essence Weave Spray 6 in 1 on scalp and hair for soft and manageable hair. It’s safe for everyday use.

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5 Stunning long Black Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

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