5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun

You have  seen numerous hairstyles that women love to wear to look sexy , cute , perfect for wedding, luncheons, engagements, parties and various important events which I assure you that can’t make them regret their looks and hairstyle is none other than the Black Braided hairstyle with a Bun. With me I have gathered five Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun worn by re-known celebrities in adventurous designs for you to choose just in case you didn’t have any clue of which best Black Braided Hairstyle with a Bun to go for. This Black Braided hairstyle can be done on Natural hair and treated hair and any of these adds value on your pretty face try one.

5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun1Here comes Alicia Keys with latest braided hairstyles with a Bun looking fabulous,


and this doesn’t imply that she’s the only Black woman that can look striking as you see her. Any Black woman with any face shape and skin tone can’t achieve her looks. You plus the saloon you choose to go for working on your hair can out you up or down. But I guess you look up to the best looks and you will go for the best hairstylist regardless of the cost because what you’re looking for is to emerge out of saloon with the best looks that turn heads around you. Pull with trendy outfits, jewelry, dress shoes that blend with your outfits, and of course with natural teaming makeup to look great.
For Alicia Keys Braided Hairstyle with a Bun is done on treated hair.
1. If you already have treated hair, you will visit saloon for your hair to be shampooed with the right shampoo meant for this kind of hair.
2. Your hair stylist will add conditioner to your hair to purposes of making your hair have a more pleasing texture, body and stand humidity.
3. Conditioner is put for seconds then washed off. A small amount of hair product will be added into your hair and curling lotion to curl your hair when it’s a bit wet.
4. You will sit under a hair drier or use a heat tool to dry your hair, after wards rollers will be removed from your hair, hair product applied on your scalp then with a big bristle comb your hair will be combed straight.
5. Your hair will be pulled from all angles towards the crown area fastened with braids stitches then ends joined into a one big braid that will be pushed in wards stitched together for the hair. That’s if you’re going to apply a hair extension.
6. Later a braided hair extension in cornrow form will be stitched together with your hair flapping with volume to make up the best up do then finished with a hair spray.
If you’re to have Black Braided hairstyle with a Bun without adding a hair extension then after going through all steps up to the fifth one , your hair stylist will use braiding stitches that look exactly like your hair to tie around hair that is collected at the crown area to make it firm. After that step then your hair will be braided into big cornrows that inter cross, for the one at the center to be voluminous then finishing with a flapping hair design above the ears to look elegant.
This Alicia Keys Black Braided Hairstyle will stay for 3 weeks or four maximum. And to maintain it looking pretty, will take you to wash it every after two weeks, for you to have a steam your hair because steamed hair looks better than hair that has only be applied leave in then set it there and then. And for every hair wash you can alternate the hair design to achieve better looks as you desire. To keep your hair looking fresh and manageable you will add with a hairspray then it’s necessary to put a head net before sleep to keep your hair in order.
Apply Aveda Brilliant Medium Hold Hair Spray for perfect hold and adding moisture to your hair to look brilliant.
5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun2

For Black Braided hairstyle with a Bun done on your Natural hair with Synthetic braids or Kanekalon and preferably with micro box braids that are long then styled into a Hair Bun this picture above has it all for you. This Black Braided Hairstyle with a Bun stays longer, doesn’t you to make frequent visits to the saloon, easy to carry and goes for any destination be it small or great but just fitting right there you have gotten yourself sorted out. It’s easy to match with jewelry and any outfit, time saving just for you to look fashionable. The only issue with this Black Braided hairstyle is that it takes you long hours making it that it to say taking you from three to five hours and this will entirely depend on the speed of your hairstylist, after all I think any woman can bear because beauty is pricey. This hairstyle looks good with teenagers and for women in thirties, forties and early fifties as tight schedules demand.
1. Take a shower of your natural hair with shampoo that is meant for natural hair either from home if you have ample time, in case you time conscious visit salon for convenience.
2. Use cold water when showering than hot water to retain hair oils that your scalp needs to feed on and the same time lubricating it.
3. If you have ample time still you can air dry your hair but if you have thick hair and with big volume then use a heat tool to brow dry your hair using a comb with big bristles to make it straight.
4. Lift your hair up as your drying it until even the tiniest hair level is straight. But for this section you can use a small bristle comb to straighten it.
5. Your hairstylist will pick small portions of hair to plait micro boxes with either kanekalon or synthetic braids, which ever suits your kind of hair in that color that blends with your natural hair and with length that falls over the back.
6. After your hair is done, it will be gathered from all corners towards the middle section of your head, stitched together for the ends to be turned around the middle section to create a stylish big knot or a bun to look beautiful.
7. This hairstyle is comfortable for all weather conditions then have one this season.
Right after you have plaited your hair, add with braids hairspray for your scalp to feel smooth and for your braids to look pretty. But in case you have dandruff on your scalp, apply a hair product that removes it for you to avoid skin irritations and to have it for longer. For the hair product you can apply it once in a week on the scalp but for the braids hairspray apply it every day for better results.
Use Black Magic Braid Sheen & Holding Spray for making your braids moisturized and have that fresh look that lasts.
5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun3
For the Bride, Bridesmaid, for celebrity looks and ever striking looks, Rihanna is here to inspire you on remarkably cute Black Braid Hairstyle with a Bun that will get you noticed. It’s simple to make, makes a great impact on your looks, pulls you to high class women and with elegant jewelry your looks will just be mistake to be of a queen. Which woman on planet earth that doesn’t want look beautiful like Rihanna, then you don’t need to struggle much to have such looks and within one or two hours you can have such tremendous looks without putting in much . The only issue here is to have a professional hairstylist and of course your pocket happy to take you through.
For Rihanna had colored hair and she added with a hair extension braided into a big cornrow braid.
1. Let me assume you have colored hair too; you will need to have your hair washed from salon with particular shampoo that’s meant for colored hair to prevent hair fading.
2. But if your hair is not colored but only treated like Rihanna’s and you need to add color to it? You will have to go through steps of adding color to your hair and it will take you more hours at the saloon.
3. After color has been added to your hair, your hair stylist will push all hair with a small bristled comb towards the crown area, sprayed to make it soft, looking shinny and to prevent it from drying that can later cause it to pluck off straight from the roots as a result of over straining it.
4. At the point where hair has collected, it will be stitched together and for the tail to be made in to a single big braid pushed inside for it to be invisible.
5. Around the crown, a long hair extension in color with your hair, will be braided big and turned around the center finished with a firm stitch to keep it in position and looking neat and colorful.
6. A hair spray will complete it to add sheen and a bright look all together.
First and foremost this Black Braided Hairstyle will take you for up to two weeks and for more stay like a month you will have in between one single wash of your hair from salon for proper hygiene and for good looking hair. Thereafter you finish with a hairspray fir better results that last.
Add L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold with UV filter for Color-Treated Hair for manageable, soft, strong hold, Uv Color protection.
5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun4

Ladies are you looking up to wearing celebrity looks no matter which profile you carry and which is not costly then check with this lady in the picture above because she pulled with an awesome Black Braided hairstyle with a Bun on treated hair with a smile and all the confidence to pronounce to whoever takes a glimpse of her face that she’s looking beautiful. It doesn’t need you to put in much money to have yourself such looks. If you add with it teaming makeup that leaves your skin complexion in your natural look and cute earrings then you automatically have to score highly.
1. Visit your hairstylist to have your hair washed off build up and dirt with shampoo,
2. Thereafter conditioner will be applied for like a few seconds to act as food for your hair to look healthier.
3. At is also washed off then leave hair a bit damp to add small quantize of hair product to your hair and setting lotion to add rollers for your hair to curl with big curls that can be easily pushed straight with a medium bristled comb.
4. After you will sit under a drier for your hair to dry out and rollers will be gotten off your hair.
5. Your hair stylist will apply hair product on the scalp and a small amount of hair product rubbed in your palms then smeared on top of your hair.
6. With help of a medium bristled comb, curled hair will be pushed straight to then pull into a cute puff.
7. Beneath the puff hair will be made firm with braid stitches for hair to be in one position.
8. Finally a teaming color hair extension will be plaited into a long braid to join it around the puff to come up with a colorful hair Bun.
9. Finish with a hair spray to keep your hair looking shinny.
The maximum period such a hairstyle can stay is for three weeks and when it makes two weeks at least have your hair washed, given hair treatment like steaming to add life your nice looking hair. Finish with a hairspray to keep it charming.
Apply black 151in1 Miracle Hair Spray for lasting shine and beauty.
5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun5

Babes look remarkably cute with natural Black braided Hairstyle with a Bun or an executive up do. This hairstyle is among hairstyles that are on current trend. It’s worn by any woman age group thus from teenage to late forties or even fifties depending you take yourself. No matter its length it’s made short to make you feel comfortable and suits every season. It’s great for casual, formal purposes and for great occasions. It’s light to carry, simple to maintain and time saving because you won’t need to comb your hair any more but just add small complementary to spice it.
1. You will have your natural hair be cleansed off dirt and formed buildup to plait clean hair with a clean scalp.
2. After washing it you will have to dry it and to remove tangles and to make it straight for ease.
3. Your hairstylist will pick small volumes of hair to plait small but long box braids.
4. Hair will be collected at the crown, stitched in position and later running clockwise the braid ropes to finish with a stylish hair Bun.
5. And to add sheen and fresh look to your braids, a braids hairspray will do all the magic you need.
When you’re through with plaiting your hair, within seconds add with a braids hair spray to ease the tension of your tight scalp, and for your braids to retain its fresh look always. You will add it every day to make your hair manageable and with add a good scent.
The best braids hairspray to apply to your hair is Lusti Organics Olive Oil Holding Spray to keep your braids moist and beautiful.

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5 Remarkably Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a Bun

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