5 Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls

On such a big day in your life as brides you chose beautiful little girls to complete and lead your bridal team. Of course you choose colorful outfits possibly white in color to look like angels. Else to add you pick trendy hair designs that look pretty with these little girls, it’s always one flower girl and a peg boy. But if you don’t like to use a little boy you use two flower girls as your wish as your pocket supports you. There no specific hairstyles for flowers as anyone would think, it’s just a matter of choosing nice hairstyles that look elegant for these little kids and fit such a great day in someone’s life. Other brides love to treat their hair yet others feel braiding their hair is the best option. If you’re to plait these little kids natural hair for your wedding , it needs to give an allowance of two to three days before the occasion to give these little girls ample time of making their hair and cool down the tension of tight scalp for them to be comfortable throughout. Check with me in this article 5 Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls that will look beautiful and make these little girls attractive to impress your audience.

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Look you brides to be out there, you may choose to braid your flower girls entirely with medium size cornrows that is pushed one the side dressed with kid colored hair accessories.

This hairstyle doesn’t make these little angles sit for long hours to bore them but during hair plaiting you give them dolls or play them music to occupy their minds and by the time they start getting tired of sitting your done and she checks her self looking nice. Add with this hairstyle small ear pins and short heels to make them stand a full day of marching and taking to the dance floor without shoes hurting or failing them.
• Use short Darling braid that feature in black around four pieces.
• Before applying the braid on to the little girl, wash her hair first with shampoo for kids and dry her hair  on low heat using a hot with hair is left with some waters to workout in making hair soft quick after washing.
• Cut out the braid from its pack and get off relatively big volumes of the braid, one pack after another and every volume of braid  you set aside you again have to divide it even into two.
• Use a long tail comb to measure volume of natural hair you’re going to make cornrows. Start from the back of neck pushing hair on the sides, finishing on the sides inches before shoulders for comfort.
• As you’re done with making cornrows, place on each a different color hair accessory to make hair colorful.
• Shave this little girl’s forehead off small hairs and shape the eye brow too using a razor or shaver but handle it with extra care to avoid hurting the little angel.
• Apply hairspray in between spaces and rub gently on the scalp to penetrate easily.
• Apply hairspray on top of hair to make it look shinny.
• For this hairstyle will take you through the slated occasion and after  over a month, so have it washed once in this period to clear off any buildup.
Apply Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Styling Hairspray, 8 ounce for adding moisture to kids hair, make it hair feel smooth and best for normal hair too.
5Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls-2
Wonderfully look at how this little angle is shinning with half cornrows and medium length box braids at finish added with beads to look cute?

Innovate the  style off dressing, when you make  your flower girl  put on a back less with no sleeve mini dress translated as a tube dress and  fitting. Still you can maintain the usual sleeve and long dress for flower girls and you design this wear for reception when the bride changes to another attire also these girls change to this to look wonderful and memorable one.
• This time round you make cornrows half way your head pushing them from sides collecting in the middle the center of hair. Put cornrows together at the crown by threading  it through as you  leave  boxes run over to touch the back.
• You finish each cornrow as a long box braid looking backwards to fall at mid back.
• On each box that is completed, place at the ends over four beads in white and blue colors one after another then tie a big knot below beads using the same box braid ends .Turn the box end round and pass it through to create space in between and pull tight for beads to sit on top and be intact.
• Likewise apply hair product on top of hair and scalp to moisturize it and to hair look healthy.
• Apply hair product once in seven days on the scalp mainly to keep it well lubricated and to prevent build up forming easily and for the boxes to look shinny.
• As the little girls goes for sleep, swim and at shower gather all hair around the crown and wear  a cap on top of hair to avoid wetting it.
• Keep it up to one and half months with two washes in between this period to keep off itching and bad odor.
Apply Dax Bees-Wax, 14 Ounce for oiling scalp and hair entirely and to add sheen to your hair.

5 Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls-3
Brides use favorite pink as the best color for girls and a bit of white filled with in this little girl’s hair combined with heart cornrows for memorable looks to make your wedding outstanding.

This hairstyle looks cute on very little Black girl, it consumes a few hours but it makes a great impact on little girl’s face. Every parent loves to see her off spring looking wonderful and what I know for real is that mothers put in all this effort to make their daughters look awesome because it settles their mind.
This hairstyle requires you to plait heart shape cornrows around your hair and in between you hold small volumes of natural hair twisted to shoulder length. Apply kid color accessory distribute evenly in colors; shave off those wild hairs around the forehead and shape eye brow purely for the little one to look beautiful. By the time you apply makeup on her face she will look war.

• For a clean and nice looking hair, shampoo the little girl’s natural hair to make it extremely clean.
• Place a short towel around the shoulders to protect  her clothing  getting wet.
• Use another towel to reduce the amounts of water in her hair, as you’re drying it leave a hair damp then comb hair backwards towards the back of neck.
• Using one hand hold a big toothed comb and comb hair upwards while the other hand is blowing heat around hair to make it dry. Use a hand drier to help you out until the whole hair is dry and stretching it.
• For the tiny hairs at the front or at the back use a small bristled comb to stretch it while blowing heat too until it becomes soft and standing straight.
• Apply short Janet collection braid in natural black and four pieces are enough to take you through.
• First get off medium volumes of the braid and using a long tail comb, mark out the section of hair to make long cornrow and in  between leave small volumes of natural hair to be twisted going downward.
• Repeat this process to the rest of hairs and colorful apply the tiny puff holders on every twisted braid to look awesome.
• Finish with a hairspray on entire hair to add moisture and looking nice throughout.
Only hairspray will keep it looking beautiful and taking you an extra mile.
Use Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Best Leave-in Conditioner for Vibrant Color & Volume Growth – With 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil for since its made of two best natural hair extracts that’s coconut and carrot seed oil it gives strength to hair cuticles, make hair look shinny and keeping hair fully moisturized.

5 Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls-4
Discover yet another Black Braided hairstyle for Flower Girls that is simple to make yet it rewards honorably.

It requires you to make this little’s natural hair in to more than one cornrow design on the same hairs; like zig – zag design and later normal cornrows at the back of neck pulled in to a puff at upper back of head. For half an inch at the end of the puff you apply on each hair colored braid in white for hair to look colorful. Such hairstyle of hair preserves hundred percent of this little girl’s natural look rather than over working on her face instead
• Use not more than four braid pieces of Janet collection in natural black.
• Starting with hair at the front with the help of a sharp comb, draw small volumes of hair with this comb and join each with small amounts of the braid to make zig zag  cornrows on this entire front part up to the mid back of hair. Put hair together at the back of the crown then tie a rubber band featuring in black color to look invisible.
• At lower back of boxes fix a white braid to make hair look colorful .
• Lastly it’s the braids hairspray to keep this hair oily and shinning when added right after plaiting.
• No need to bother yourself striving hard to keep this hair looking beautiful but use the right hair spray that will work out hand in hand with natural oils the scalp produce to keep your scalp off itching and dry scalp.
Use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce lock in moisture to your hair, apply on hair and rub between though lines gently and to make hair feel soft with a nice scent.

5 Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls-5
As more Black braided hairstyles for flower girls continue to flow in,

another preferred design is to pull  cornrows on one of the side up to mid hairs then on the other side you push big twists falling on the sides.Every little black girl of any skin tone and face shape doesn’t go wrong with this hairstyle only compliments applause her.
• Use short Afro kinky braids featuring in natural black about four pieces to be on the safe side.
• Divide hair into two halves one side to be done with cornrows then the other to be pulled short kinky twists.
• For the side that is pulled with cornrows, start at front up to mid back of neck.
• for the other side starting mid of hair going on the sides pull big natural twists up to cheeks.
• As you’re done with plaiting hair, for this hair to look charming, fully moisturized and maintaining its original look apply a braid hairspray in big amounts on the first day.
• When you apply hair product on to this hair and rub gently between  twists and cornrows for brilliant looking hair.
• Cover the little one’s hair when showering, at swim and at bed time to keep it in shape.
Use Just For Me Texture Softener made from best sunflower oil to smooth en, add texture to your hair, stops hair from breaking and it stays longer.

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5 Innovative Black Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls

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