5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women

Long Box Braids have one thing in common no matter the color you wear them in or different lengths that fall on the butt- over the shoulder- to the waist name it? Big or small the result is looking sexy. Long Box Braids can be complemented by wearing them with shades, Hats, adding blonde highlights to make them look perfect. You can style them in more than one style to look like a queen or celebrity. Leave them free by creating a line at the side then part hair to the left or right to butt length. Try another style of Long Box Braids by pushing hair on the left at the back of neck and for the rest pushed at the right hand side resting on the shoulders to look awesome. And more styles as you go through this article will brain storm you on a trendy move.

5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women-1Nothing compares when you want to look attractive and sexy as Long Box Braids for Black Women.


As you will observe cute styles in this article, you find that they differ in lengths to suit all women expectations. This lady above here looked beautiful when she went in for over the shoulders long Box braids as she swept one of the sides at the back on neck while the rest of the hair was pushed on the left hand side below the shoulders to look fashionable. She wore with her braids a v neck butterfly top that made her command class and respect.
1.Before you go for a hair plaint, follow these rules for you to catch on time and to achieve the best results:

2.Not at any one time should you plaint it when it has build up or dirt so washing it is necessary.

3.It’s not a matter of washing it just, make sure you use the right shampoo for your hair to keep it’s body and color not to fade it out, don’t plait on damp hair as will be quite hard for the braid to hold your natural hair or even not applicable, dry it either under the drier or use a heat tool, straighten it for smooth plaiting.

4.Maintain it with a wash after three weeks and there after add a hairspray to beautify it.
1.It’s recommended for Long Box Braids for Black Women to apply to it a braids hair spray that will take you over 4 weeks or more of good look.

2.Thus Apply Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1, 16 oz to make braids look fresh throughout.
It makes hair softer.
3.It prevents dandruff or an itching scalp.

5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women-2

Rock with Long Box Braids for Black women as you plait them long to touch the waist. They exclusively look beautiful in Black, Blonde and other Colored hairstyles depending on a particular color that drives you. You will create a line on the left hand side of the crown to push hair on the left and right hand side resting on the shoulders to look stylish added with black shades reserved with respect. This hairstyle is a perfect hair for cold days as it keeps you warm and in hot days you can either hold it at the back of neck with hair clip or create an up do with it. This hairstyle is great for casual, vacations and runaways.
1.Give your hair a nice shower to remove dirt, dandruff and hair products that you applied with it. If you have treated hair, use shampoo that’s met for treated hair.

2.But if you have Natural hair like wise use the kind of shampoo meant for Natural hair to avoid your hair losing its original color and being flyaway.

3.Nothing different from other kind of braids is added with Long Box Braids for Black women, only pick your favorite color braid for Box braids that is long enough to reach where you want it and this can be achieved with the help of your hairstylist.

4.Visit the salon for washing after 3 weeks or so and finish with a hairspray to look great.
1.For Long Box braids for Black Women nothing much is needed to keep it charming but a braid hair spray will do wonders for you.

2.Add BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz. to soften and moisturize braids. It acts as a remedy for itching scalp.

5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women-3

Ladies look stunning with long Box Braids for Black Women that reach below the waist complemented with a light blue hat or any other colored hat that matches your outfit. That hat will add value to your looks and at the same time shield you from direct sun rays on a hot season. This hairstyle can party, cute for a casual day out, and it adds glamor to your beauty if you wear it on your first date out.
1.For a clean scalp and hair, you hairstylist will pick hair in small sections when it has no tangles to hold long Box braids from the roots up to below the waist and it takes quite some time to complete it.

2.So you shouldn’t be in a hurry but just to give your hair no one priority.
1.Apply a braids spray that will work both on the scalp and on the entire braids to save on pocket but to meet two goals at once.

2.And that’s to say Apply African Pride Braid Sheen Extra Spray on scalp and braids right after braiding your hair and on a daily basis to makes braid shine, prevent hair breakage, to hold braids tight with a healthy look.

5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women-4

Black women of late have been try to wear hairstyles that bring out their African norms which I find that this Long Box Braids for black women has brought it perfectly out. This Babe plaited long boxes to butt length , by parting hair at the left hand side pushing some downwards and pushing the other side upwards a bit to form a short bump finished with tying some braids one big braid and some resting freely on the bust down to the waist . She added with a colorful necklace in blue that connected with her outfits and skin tone. This hairstyle teams well with young women in teens up to forties.
1.Let your hairstylist make this braids on clean natural hair that has been washed a minutes away because for this period hair is still clean.

2.She or he will pick the required length of the braid you need to make for the required length.

3.The cleaning doesn’t differ from those above because however hairstyle you do the environment that makes hair dirty remains the same.
A simple braids hairspray will met your expectations for a nice and shinny braids that leave no head un turned. Apply African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray on braids and the scalp every day to prevent braids from drying out or hair breaking, thus giving your braids a healthier look.

5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women-5

Lastly but not least, you try out on long Box Braids for Black women in Jumbo style to walk in footsteps of Rastafarian. These hairstyles are mostly done by celebrities and artists. Those ladies that want long box braids that take a shorter time to be done that the small ones with an aim of keeping it for less time then, this particular Long Box Hairstyle is the right option to go for. You can puff it, add with a scarf just after the forehead to make it colorful.
1.As usual have your natural hair cleaned right at the saloon you’re going to plait from all if you have ample time it can be done from home.

2.Let your hair professionals with your guidance pick the right braid to make these jumbo braids up to the required length.
Add to your braids and scalp Braid Sheen Spray with Conditioner 12oz to add shine to your hair. It contains conditioner that penetrate deep to nourish your scalp to deal with an itchy scalp, dry scalp and hair breakage.

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5 Cute Braided Hairstyles with Long Box Braids for Black Women

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