5 Adorable Black Braided Hairstyles with Bandanna

Plaiting black hair has never been boring as anybody would think, to make this hair look adorable and trendy  black women when you  add hair accessories like bandanna or anything to make it look beautiful. You find that other women tie different color bandannas to express art, fashion, favorite colors, for us who don’t have a clue about  to follow. You can apply bandanna on short and long braids, wide fabric or small  tied in whichever position or design that turns you on. With me below in this article I have come up with 5 of the best adorable Black Braided Hairstyles with Bandanna that will inspire you on varying braid hairstyles of this century.
5 Adorable Black Braided hairstyles with Bandana-1

You might fall for long colored Box Braids that slip off shoulders and in a way of making this hair more comfortable to you,

you apply a red and white colored bandanna tied from the back coming towards towards the  front resting on the sides. Besides the long box braids that look pretty on when added with a colored hair accessory like bandanna you strike two birds with one stone. As you tame your hair from flowing all over likewise you make it look more fashionable. Don’t leave out adding elegant jewelry because it matters a lot if you want to be listed out as a woman of class.

• Apply Brown color Vivica a fox Kanekalon jumbo braid 6pack.
• Your natural hair shouldn’t be less than two inches for purposes of  holding braids perfect.
• Ensure that  your hair is clean right from the scalp and whole hairs to maintain hygiene if  possible
• As you open each pack, you will get off medium volumes of hair pieces to make two pieces out of one  applied on medium volumes of your natural hair to make long boxes until the whole hair is done.
• Make un up do  on part of  front  hair within the  crown ,  thread through this selected section without leaving any hairs hanging around.
• Leave out braids at the back part to flow down the shoulders.
• Apply even amounts of braid hairspray around your whole head, then lastly tie colored bandanna from the back to touch  forehead.
• Apply hairspray all over the scalp and entire hair on even amounts.
• Since hair is long and may bring you discomfort at sleep , put it together under head cap to lock it within.
• If this hairstyle bores you, you can alternate it to another which is  better  after a fortnight , maintaining the same braids.
• Let your first wash come over two to three weeks , that’s if you want to hold it for long.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz for adding sheen, condition and providing moisture to your hair every time you apply it.
5 Adorable Black Braided hairstyles with Bandana-2
Possibly you can plait your hair with long Afro kinky braids in two colors featuring on  brown and black,

but the same time you feel this hair should be held together with a plain color bandanna to keep it off your forehead and on limited volumes around the shoulders. The color of braid blends perfect with the orange bandanna and wide enough to hold hair at the front all the way thorough the back of neck. This hairstyle looks beautiful to young women up to the age of forties and looks good for casual day outs. Am telling you open outfits look fabulous with this hairstyle since some parts of your body are exposed out, you truly bring out the feminine look in you and strike as a beauty queen.
• Apply medium length Afro Kinky braids on natural black and one piece featuring on brown color to be applied sparingly around your hair to balance color.
• Use five packs of natural black and one pack of brown at the end of day your hair will be blending with even colors.
• For your hairstyle to take you long , feeling fresh and stress free take your hair through washing on the scalp and hair to be adequately clean before plait.
• Hold all hair at the center of your head temporary to avoid it falling over the sections you’re  not working out.
• Use a small tail comb to get off small sections of hair you want to plait, then add with medium volumes of the Afro kinky braid twisted all the way from the bottom up to ends but mostly use the natural black color and in a few places apply the brown one.
• As the whole hair is done with braids add braid hair spray on even amounts, push hair backwards and hold it at the back of neck leaving out some hair free.
• Tie the bandanna over your hair covering all hairs at the front up to around the crown then tie some hairs at the back of neck with the same bandanna continuously.
• In case you’re done with this style, get off the bandanna and hold your hair into half puff with another hair accessory while some hairs is left free at the back. But you shouldn’t hold hair to tight for some cases I have observed hair breaking off to pulling hair backwards so tight in form of puff.
• With in a period of a month take your hair for a wash once , to put off any related dirt formed from natural oils your scalp produces and the hairspray .
• Since this hairstyle has volume it kind of gives you trouble when taking sleep, otherwise you need to put it together under head ventilated cap for easy respiration.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz for making your hair soft, moisten at the same time preventing your hair from itching.
5 Adorable Black Braided hairstyles with Bandana-3
Black women round the globe love to wear trendy hairstyles no matter the length in all colors that turn each individual on.

Check this young black woman in the pic above looking stunning with long boxes teamed with a blue bandanna to match her outfit. This hair looks so beautiful on natural black  because it matches every skin complexion and varying face shapes. However if you fall for bigger boxes it needs you to have strong hair which is long to accommodate the weight. If you ignore this cause you find that the longer you stay with this hair, the weight of braid pulls hair forward so when you have weak hair at the time of removing it automatically comes along with your natural hair. It of cause Leaves you with bold scalp which is annoying and disappointing so take caution.
• Free tress Janet Collection braid on long length, featuring on natural black 6 packs.
• Have your natural hair washed completely clean, if at all you’re to plait treated hair it has to have growth of one and half months.
• As you plan to hold this braided hair up to a month and over, it sounds good after washing your hair clean you apply hair product on  to your hair for steaming to give your hair strength to go through the pulling and stress period.
• You will have handy a small tail comb, to help you pull out small amounts of hair to join with the braid to make long boxes.
• Repeat this process until your whole hair is done.
• For this time over use bees’ wax on the scalp and on the braids to keep every section of your hair oiled for a shinny look.
• Pick a few amounts of hair around the crown  push it at the back then tie with a blue bandanna  round hair to look colorful.
• Let the rest of hair flow going downwards, to freely embrace your bust or back with cute looks.

• Since the you’re carrying heavy braids , avoid over styling your hair since it stresses its roots to make hair wear out quick and weakening it instead.
• Its proper for instance if to puff your hair at the back of neck slightly tight to avoid straining hair at roots or hold part of your hair and puff it at the back of crown then leave the rest of hair falling below the shoulders.
• Have it washed once in a period of 4 weeks to open hair cuticles for good respiration and to generate new growth.
Use Murray’s Beeswax, Black, 4 Ounce for braids and dreads hair oiling,conditioning and making your hair shinny all time.

5 Adorable Black Braided hairstyles with Bandana-4
You can go for medium size length boxes also on natural black, that fill your entire head, using a different braid let’s say darling braid.

This braid serves the same purpose as it holds your natural hair perfect and feels soft yet looking good on you. It takes you three hours making this hair and its weight is affordable and any jewelry added onto it makes you look cute. For this hairstyle you apply a big bandanna that‘s multi –color tied from the back to cover a wide range of hair then leave some hairs from mid brown towards the front out. Since you’re pulling a colored bandanna its proper to add it  on plain color outfits that work hand in hand to show style and class.
• Use Darling braid medium length of 6 packs.
• Have with you a pair of scissors to cut the braid packs out and a tail comb to use when picking small volumes of hair to add together with the braid making boxes.
• Start the boxes from either the sides or at the back of neck and lastly at the front.
• Push all hair from the back of neck and the sides towards the front  around the crown tie hair using black braid threads to keep hair intack.
• The rest of hairs at the front, is folded round towards the forehead with volume and end tips pushed wit in seconded with stitches to make hair firm to form a bun. Add with hairspray on all hair and for the scalp you message gently.
• Hold a medium size bandanna and fold it into two , tie hair from the back towards the mid crown to form a bun .
• Make simple hair designs that don’t strain hair roots once in week to push you up to the end when hair is still strong.
• Alternatively undo the hairstyle and leave hair free then tie the bandanna shortly after the forehead up to below hairs at the back with its ends pushed within rather leave ends of the bandanna pointing both sides.
• Rinse your hair with in three weeks to maintain a fresh look and even take off product buildup.
Apply African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce for maintaining a healthy look to your hair, lock in moisture and making your hair stronger to do way with easy hair plucking.

5 Adorable Black Braided hairstyles with Bandana-5
Check all lengths of braided hairstyles black women fall that a bandanna is applicable.

Let’s say you want long big twists done in which ever color that strikes you most and afterwards you want to pull an up do to prevent hair from touching your body then a bigger multi colored bandanna is tied where below up do from the front around the forehead and round your head then finished at the back of neck.
• Cut each park of kanekalon fiber out and get off medium volumes of pieces aside to divide into two rather put together and twist it with medium volumes of your natural hair then tie a knot at the end the actual braid.
• Repeat this process to fill every part of your hair and possibly it can take you three and half hours to complete.
• Gather all hair from all directions closer to the crown, tie it firm using black braid threads several times.
• It needs when you to apply longer braid thread that is folded into four rounds to have body and able to tie several rounds then finished at the back of hair.
• Pull the rest of hair around the crown up wards , with volume fold it round several stretches and hide the end tips within and next thread hair tight to for the design to keep in position.
• Add hairspray to entire hair and the scalp for making your hair fill with moisture, and also bring down the tension of the scalp after several twists.
• Then get hold of a wide bandanna and fold it horizontal then place it right at the start of hair at front coming down to cover the whole fore head leaving out eyebrows up to the chin visible.
• It requires you to tie the bandanna almost twice and finish at the back of neck.
• If hair seems voluminous on your head , hold hair in positions that doesn’t need to strain the roots of your hair to take long wearing out or cause unnecessary breaking.
• You can hold hair with a different color bandanna at the back of neck to make a puff or at your convenience.
• Hold this hair for four weeks and remove it to maintain the original strength of your hair rather than have it weeks instead.
• Apply hairspray that fade out of the skin quick to avoid much buildup.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz best for smoothing and making your hair look original on each application.

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5 Adorable Black Braided Hairstyles with Bandanna

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