25 Short Hairstyle which Worth More than Million of Bucks

Last Updated: November 18, 2017

This time is to get bold and trendy, just listen to your heart and go to enjoy most Chic Short hairstyles in 2018. There are endless advantages to carry short hair. First it gives you bold and chic look also its less damage-prone and second it’s very easy to maintain especially when you are bit in rush to go somewhere, at that time you need very less maintenance to make over your beauty.

In summer it’s convenient to go with short hairstyle for daily workout as it can easily flaters anyone towards you because it gives you younger look. So if you want to choose one of best hairstyle for you than its latterly endless option to choose.
So be ready to have great fun with new hairstyles this year. There are many of famous celebrities who are also wearing these short chic styles as it’s inspired by them and represents you to look stylish like them. These famous styles could be super short, fashionable layered, bobs and pixie cuts etc…

I am very sure, you will also find one of your favorite hairstyle which suits you more. No matter you have thick or fine hair, round or oval face shape, each hairstyle is defined by confirming you style suited hair type and face shapes with different color textures. Thus, you can easily find in this collection for gorgeous feminine look.

Precisely, we have concluded few of results which worth more than millions of bucks! So after a great study we have concluded 25 hottest short hairstyles which are in trend right now. If you opt any one of it, trust us—you won’t regret it.

1. Pixie Haircut:

“Looks stunning if you have Round Face and fine hairs”
Pixie cut is bold and stylish, that’s why it’s very famous and most favorite choice of most of the celebrities. From Jennifer Lawrence to Rihanna it’s the most favorite style to choose to adopt. Hence, if you golden blond your hairs and adopt pixie haircut while wearing a side swept this gives you stunning as well as unique look.

2. Modern Bowl Cut:

“Stunning look if You Have Heart or Oval Face & thick Hair”
You may think why it’s called bowl haircut? It’s called because it’s basically look like a bowl that was put on your head and someone trim along the bottom of it. But try to get this cut by professional stylist as he will give you except chic look. So that others will also get to know to figure out how they can get a bowl cut too! Thus if you have black or dark texture applied then looks stunning in that hairstyle.

3. Be Creative and Play With Color with angled Bob:

“Looks elegant If You Have Round Face and No Compulsion for Hair Type of Hair”
If you love to go with short, but not willing for super short, then just think about angled bob. How’s about that? Well! If that sounds boring and old fashioned to you. Then be creative let’s try something new which no one have done before, you can apply different colors on your hair like red, and blond to colors like blue, green and purple on just a couple of layers.

4. Wet & Sexy Wild:

“Looks Beautiful If You Have Oval face shape with Wide Forehead & Normal Hair”
Having curly hair and searching for a best chic style? Don’t worry this is the perfect hairstyle that looks best on you this year. So you must try this look and make unique persona. In this haircut the right layers with a bit of hair gel will show your tresses looking like its wet and give you a wild look even when they’re dry. Think just at how sexy you looks! But get it absolutely apply golden blond texture to your hair.

5. Pixie with Beautiful side Bangs:

“Looks Gorgeous If You Have Heart Face and Thick Hair”
This hairstyle look great if you have thick hair. And if you are searching for a cut which gives only a thicker side? Then this is best for you demand. Whether you flat iron it or curl it or simply do nothing, the cut will give your hair a plenty of shape and the thickness will support plenty of hold. Hence, all of you beautiful ladies who have some natural wavy lock in your hair, let them loose this summer and show gorgeous look.

6. Naturally Wavy:

Naturally Wavy:
“Show Countless Personality on Any Face Shape & wavy Hair Type”
If you have naturally wavy hair then short bob is best to adopt as this cut always gives you sweet and pretty look. While, there is another condition like for those women who does not have wavy hairs, it’s not a big deal. They can twist of curling iron that will still earn you the same chic look.It’s amazing and unique hairstyle.

7. Chunks Of Color for Mohawk hairstyle:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
You may have seen Mohawk in other way, but this is upgrade version of Mohawk hairstyle which accomplished its beauty with texture applied on hair up top. That’s why it’s called pastel punk Mohawk. Therefore most of the women feels stunning and stylish when they adopt that look and see themselves in the mirror. The color you applied it should be unique. The clean fade side should be darker like black and thick top should be Swedish blond.

8. ‘Get Up And Go’ Hair:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart Face and Less Wavy type Hair”
It’s simple, elegant and spectacular hairstyle. Which always feels you like ready to go anywhere any time. Whoever, there are so many looks that require no maintenance at all. And this hairstyle is one of the style. I like to thanks razor cutting on the ends, which does let need a lot of styling efforts. Well! To make it in good position you just cross your finger passing your hair is really necessary.

9. Clipper Cut Hair:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
It’s very bold and daring hairstyle to a women to adopt. As it too much short your hair, but once it suits to your personality, then you are ready to give supper shock to friends and family. And we know one pretty think about you once you see this image you may instant think about Miley the famous and bold celebrity. That’s why this another inspired model will also help you to show you how you is look in clipper cut.

10. Natural ‘N Tapered:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart or round Face and curly Hair Type”
This hairstyle is a great idea to style for all black girls. So the girls who born with a head full of curls can definitely adopt this cut as it looks beautiful on your face. The all this hairstyle is need is just a bit of hair gel and this style will hold from day until night. This style feels you comfortable from day to night due to its less maintenance.

11. Cute Braided Bob Cut:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
Feels like princess and be like princess, this hairstyle is one of those hairstyles which really make you feels like a royal personality. That’s why this cute hairstyle is the best way to describe what the absolute value of short hairdo. To make to more beautiful apply golden blond so that it will make you stunning and highlight your facial contours.

12. Side Swept Bang:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart or Round Face and Less Wavy type Hair”
This is the latest version of very short Bob, this is the most versatile short hairstyle that many of celebs used to seen while wearing it. This hairstyle has a lot of length at top and long bangs which is giving side swept. It’s the type of haircut that can make going back to a longer style which is pretty to view and easy to do. And the best thing about that style its dark black texture which gives you hot look.

13. Tapered Neckline:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
In summer this hairstyles is the best choice to adopt. It cleans you neck for whole summer which feels you comfortable to go for beach party or an adventurous place where you obvious to go through Hot sun heat. It’s simple, elegant and nice hairstyle that has a lot of precision and gives you trendy look as well. Thus, the tapered neckline will make you memorable wherever you go.

14. Roller Set:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart Face and curly Hair Type”
This is the awesome hairstyle which is short and easy to go anywhere while still showing chic look. If you checks length hairs and you are not quite ready to do the Big Chop, then you must look for spontaneous sponge rollers. It will curl your tresses tightly, while, making your hair 2-3″ shorter. That’s way, you can go with shorter when you want or can go with longer top length when you want.

15. Front Braid:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
If you are worried that having short hair is just means that you will have less options to style your hairs then it’s wrong, nothing is impossible. You just make sure to keep some length up in the front. So that you can maximum enjoy this style while showing cutest front braid look. Hence, if you apply Ombre it looks cool to you.

16. Great Cut For Thick Hair:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Round Face and Less Wavy type Hair”
This is great messy pixie cut, which is thicker and give your rough messy look. It looks cool if your hair is thinner on side. Hence, to attain this you need short haircut that has a great ton of layers and for your stylist to mix up a color which amazingly blend that adds a lot of depth and dimension to your style. If you have wider forehead the side bangs covers it beautiful while, still showing you chic look.

17. Gorgeous Cute Short Blonde Hair:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
Every women loves pixie cut who loves to have short. You may saw older one, this haircut is another version of it. This is the versatile cut that has more length on the sides and also in the back. It becomes more attractive when if you apply blond color on hair that will make you really looks good. Thus this short pixie hair have reduced which appear very pretty in thick hair. This thing makes the look lighter and comfortable to wear.

18. Curly Girl:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart Face and Less Curly Hair Type”
Every women loves to enjoy curls, because they very attractive and pretty as well this style makes girl look even prettier than ever. Short curls gives soft and attractive look. Thus, if you are blessed by short curly hair then you must opt this look. Hence, to enjoy this hairstyle you must apply Light Golden Brown to pamper your curls more so that you can rock this year.

19. Feminine Caesar:

“Looks Amazing On Round Face Shape and Any Hair Type”
Caesar cuts are the eventually unisex look. Everyone knows that men’s are very handsome and virile, well! What you think about women? So, it’s well known that when you decided to go out with this specific hairstyle all focused essentially goes to your face. This hairstyle is versatile in its own which says “I am very confident women” without explaining a single word. This if you apply light golden brown color then you can show stunning look at every meeting.

20. Beach Hair:

“Looks Spectacular on any Face shape and Less Wavy type Hair”
This style is so mesmerizing and deeply attractive that every women can scream “let me put my bikini on, and let me take my volleyball and ready to go with friends for beach party” this style will feels like you have so freeing hair. You can show versatile look if you apply golden beach color with amazing ombre. This short wavy haircut is trimmed above than shoulder and let free for whole summer.

21. Long Bangs with short haircut:

“Looks Amazing On Round Square Face Shape and Silky Smooth Hair Type”
Black beauty with black hair texture can show countless personality while having this style. This hairstyle is one of the spectacular look to go with short, so if you are desiring to have short haircut that should be short at back and sides while long on front for long bangs the this styling sky truly is the limit of fashion. You can wear this style for a sensual ad sophisticated look or you can put a pair of barrettes in it for a cutie pie look.

22. Stacked Bob with side part:

“Looks Spectacular If You Have Heart Face and Less Wavy type Hair”
Our stylist have introduced such a nice style variety for a women chic look that no can beat women beauty. Bob haircuts has always been so popular and stylish among women to show chic look. Thus if you stacked with Bob stacked with the Dark blond then this complements goes excellent for whole year. If you like it must try this style and make sure to take this picture with you to show it to your stylist to have that perfect look.

23. Tapered Bob:

“Looks Amazing On heart Face Shape and Any Hair Type”

If you pay close attention to this cut, you will get to know that the back is razor cut and it’s really high and then some long top layers are covering it. This hairstyle is great and marvelous to adopt in summer. Hence, if you are searching for really short, then, this hairstyle is perfect for your choice but try to apply luminous blond to make your persona unique and confident. So, Tapered bobs is really very gentle and dazzling simultaneously.

24. Simple Half Up Bun for Cute Girls:

“Looks Spectacular On any Face Shape and Less Wavy Hair Type”
Systematized chaos! That’s one mode to define this short do. There are so many styles but this style is the unique style to show you artistic beauty, it’s very easy to tell where they start or end. It doesn’t matter you always take pony tail, sometimes must try to go with simple half up bun. This look is fresh and eccentric. It’s perfect for the Girls who wants to look artistic and elegant.

25. High-Volume Hair with impressive Tight curls:

“Looks Amazing On Heart Face Shape and Curly Hair Type”
The girls who are blessed by curly hairs can opt this hairstyle to spend your holidays with impressive look. This is the sexy look that contain short at back but long sideburns and High volume up top with tight curls. Thus all of these makes this cut unique that everyone will envy you for, surely! So, go black beauty with black texture for short haircut this year.

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25 Short Hairstyle which Worth More than Million of Bucks

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