10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron

Last Updated: September 2, 2017

When you walk beside the bride as matron, you make your face over, hair and wear outfits which are moderate compared to the brides. However you don’t shout out more than the bride so it involves you pulling hairstyles that look almost simple compared to the bride’s but look cute with you. It doesn’t imply that you have to plait all your hair, for some plait hair on the sides only and add hair extensions on the rest of hair yet others plait all hair and style it in trendy designs to stand out. When you scroll down this article you find that some treat their hair and hold back puff with the a big box hair extension placed round the puff, others simply plait their natural hair in to bigger cornrows going backwards without applying any braid fiber .Check with me below more than one wonderful Black Braided hairstyles for matron to guide you next time you get an opportunity of becoming one.
10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-1
You may decide to treat your hair; make cornrows on the sides then add colored hair extension while pushing your front hair with volume for your face shape to come out clearly.

This hairstyle looks beautiful with all black women regardless of your face shape or skin complexion. It takes less time to make, looks elegant with any outfit you pull with it. Above all your face becomes more visible and if added with makeup, jewelry and colorful lip gloss you look awesome. If your hair makes three weeks from the time it was treated, it will requires you add treatment hair products and steam it for the hair product to penetrate through over the scalp and the entire hair to reserve its original texture and more less give it strength to minimize on hair breaking off. But if it over this period and shows some growth then your hair will be re touched set with hair rollers then put under drier and thereafter combed to remove waves.
• You will need in place a human wavy and colored weave to apply at the back to pull a wavy puff as human hair weaves have the best quality fiber that fills like your natural hair, soft and stays for longer period compared to local ones. Use a colored human hair weave that’s teamed in blonde and brown as these colors gives you a variety of outfits and jewelry to pull with.
• Assuming your hair has no growth, visit saloon for steaming your hair, treatment hair product added on to your hair and conditioner and all these products are extracted from best natural products that are meant to make your hair look nice.
• Hair on the sides is pulled with cornrows like four rows using black braid threads up to the back of neck on both sides.
• So for the remaining area at the crown you apply rollers on hair and sit under drier to dry hair. So when hair is dry you remove rollers out and apply hair product on the scalp and whole hair, using a small comb push it to stretch then push hair at the front upwards with volume then the ends stitched onto the last cornrow on top.
• Since cornrows fill up to the back of neck, you will stitch the human hair weave on top but it’s wise to start with the last at the bottom coming up wards because hair levels perfect.
• Finish this hairstyle by adding hairspray to make it feel soft, moisturized and looking nice all time.
• Cover your hair at sleep with a stretch head cover to accommodate all hair and keep it in one position to avoid inconveniences all the way through the night.
• This hairstyle will take you maximum two weeks and take it at saloon for washing after this period for another hairstyle o r give it time to relax.
• But the human hair piece will be in good position to take you further with another hairstyle for a period of two months in its original length or cut it shorter to pull a bang.
• Apply hairspray twice in a week to balance moisture around your hair.
Apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray for best nourished, moisture locking for smooth hair.
10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-2
As for black women with treated hair you push all hair backwards in the middle of head and puff it around there then place a big box braided hair extension in the middle of hair before the puff to look elegant.

This hairstyle is easy to pull as in it requires you to treat your natural hair if it’s natural and for the already treated hair it involves you washing your hair, add rollers and push all hair at the center make a puff. Then a side use a human hair extension because it looks exactly like your hair then make out if a long box braid that is placed round the puff but below like twice to make your hair look nice and to cover up the point where puff joins. You’re left with applying makeup that keep your natural looks then add lip gloss that blends with your skin tone perfect and eye brows too to almost look natural but striking great for the day.
• Visit saloon to have a hair wash definitely with egg shampoo or any other related natural extracted shampoo because it leaves your hair in good shape.
• If you want to save on time you can apply leave in lotion after washing off the shampoo and drying your hair a bit leaving small quantities of water within. This leave in lotion saves you time you would consume steaming your hair yet it serves the same purpose.
• Using a small comb with a tail, push all hair backwards and with the help on tail pick small volumes of hair and roller hair from the top to bottom and pin it. Do likewise up to when your whole hair is done.
• Depending on the volume of your hair, set the heat and time on the drier, sit under and wait for your hair to dry.
• When hair is dry remove rollers and apply hair product on the scalp and a few amounts of it on top after rubbing it between hands.
• Push all hairs at the center of your head but the end tips looking backwards. Tie hair in position using black braid threads relatively tight , then comb tips backwards and push it inwards to create a cute puff.
• Get hold of a human hair piece and braid it to long box braid that I along enough to turn round below the puff twice and thread it attaching it to the puff to tighten.
• Apply hairsprays that will moisture, make hair look shinny and feeling fresh ever.
• You don’t need to get nervous over how to make this hair look nice always but a hairspray applied on time will keep your hair looking good.
• Keep it for two weeks then remove and wash for another hairstyle.
Apply Moroccan oil Luminous Hairspray Strong, 10 Ounce best for adding sheen to your hair no matter hush weather conditions that come your way. makes hair feel smooth , look shinny with a pleasing scent.

10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-3
Plaiting your hair to be matron doesn’t necessary mean all your hair should be plaited, in fact you can apply a braid hair extension at the back of your hair.

This implies that your push all your hair backwards, as in make a line on one of the sides on treated hair. So as you finish collecting all hair at the back you cover up by apply same color long braid hair extension by turning it round several times at this point for your hair to look elegant. Originally women would use gel to make hair stiff so that it touches the scalp and hair would stick onto the scalp for over a week but as time goes by you can now apply watery lotions like pink lotion to make hair sure soft and to easily make it fall in the scalp without making your hair stiff.
• As usual this has to be done from saloon and first your hairs to be cleaned off any buildup that would cause itching.
• As you’re done with hair washing, reduce the amounts of water with in your hair using a towel , add setting lotion to your hair in a few amounts and using a small comb push hair backwards and set with rollers then sit under drier to make it dry.
• As you’re through with this process, remove rollers then apply a big bristled comb to push off waves off hair.
• Pour few amounts of pink oil on to your hair and rub gently to dissolve.
• Using a small long comb push hair backwards and on one of the sides , with the end tail create a line while you level hair starting at the front going backwards to kind of make hair fall on the scalp.
• Let this hair collect at the center of the back of head, using black braid threads tie it together moderately tight and for the hair that still goes though make it with boxes.
• Turn this hair made of boxes around and stitch it in position.
• Now set aside some pieces of black hair extension and braid it longer, to stitch it round the back hair and cover it up several rounds for it to have volume.
• Add with hairspray to lock in sheen and for your hair to look fresh all time.
• This hairstyle can take you maximum two weeks and with in every week apply hairspray once to avoid applying much hairspray.
• Cover your hair were necessary to keep it in order let’s say at sleep or shower.
• When you’re done with it, check with saloon to wash off the hair products, have it steamed and set into another hairstyle to keep looking beautiful.
Use It’s a 10 Miracle Blow Dry Volumizer, 6 Ounce for even moisture distribution and to add weight to your hair making it look good beyond your expectations.

10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-4
Whatever the case may be you might fall for long twisted hair as matron then make it shorter by pulling un up do to avoid hair touching your body and more less to fill more comfortable.

This black braided Hairstyle for matron doesn’t work on the big day only but with take an extra mile after the big day up to two months still looking good. To make these long twists adorable as you pull the up do accessorize it with a colored ribbon on one of the sides then around the crown area you push hair forward and tie it in the middle with braiding threads. Make it look short when push it round achieve floral design and push the ends beneath and thread it through to keep it hair firm. Pull this hairstyle with decent jewelry that blend with your outfit and dress shoes and a clutch bag too to look fabulous.
• Use long Janet Collection braid that features in natural black with six pieces.
• Use a big toothed comb to comb your hair off tangles to make it straight.
• Cut braid pieces one at a time from the pack, and get off few amounts of the Janet collection braid and set them aside to be added with small hairs picked with the end tail comb.
• Twist hair from the start up to the end until your whole head is done.
• Divide hair into two sections for the area around the crown as the front part then from then end of crown up to the back of neck.
• You can as well apply hair product or hairspray on the scalp since it’s quite tedious to apply when hair is compacted and for some of the sections of your hair don’t get filled with the hair product.
• Start with the back part as you gather all hairs together from the sides and at the back pushing forward towards the end of crown. As hair is put together using braid threads stitch it through going circular-wise. Hold the rest of hair tailing down and push it in between the center of the hair and still thread through to come up with a cute up do.
• Continue with the front part that’s the area around the crown, pull hair forward and tie it in the middle using braid threads and to make hair tight also stitch it through. Get hold of the rest of hair that is long and fold it round in a floral shape and its end pushed underneath and complete it by threading it with in to make it invisible.
• Dress a colorful ribbon around the up do which is elastic showing on the sides to make your hair look cute.
• To avoid the roots of hair getting weak, you need to at least keep the style of hair like a week then alternate to different style after n in that if you keep on pulling hair often it wears out quick.
• To avoid much build up catching your hair bring you discomfort, apply once hair product or spray in even amounts to push you to another.
• In case you want to keep this hair longer take it for wash with two weeks or three depending on how first you want it.
Use Leven Rose Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Natural Jojoba Oil for moistening your hair and scalp with lasting sheen.

10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-5

Dearly if you want to maintain your hair braided given an opportunity for being matron, nothing can fail.

Let’s assume you want it medium length and after wards you up an up do to do away with hair touching your body. Sure you can pull medium sized cornrows that emerge from the both sides then all hair collects at the crown twisted into a magnificent up do. From both sides you start cornrows up to the center of your head then finish hair thereafter as two strand twists. This black braided hairstyle for matron? Gives comfort all the way the wedding, and after giving a break from combing your natural hair daily. No black woman can go wrong with this hairstyle no matter your face shape or skin tone the outcome is impressing.
This hairstyle takes you maximum one and half months and further than this in growth hair will be showing much, making your hair un tidy therefore a need to remove out. Since this hair seem s compacted at the crown, it gives trouble to add hairspray that reach every part of your hair. Before you make the up do it’s wise to spray hair right from roots and gently message it around the whole area to avoid hair troubling you.
• Apply Bobbi boss Jamaica braid around five pieces. Open each hair piece one after another and put aside small volumes of the pieces to be divided into two then add together and join with selected sections of hair to make cornrows. Push cornrows from the sides and at the back of neck.

• Begin with hair on the sides and using a small tail comb, divide hair into sections. For one of the side and hair in the middle part first hold it together temporary with a rubber band to avoid interruption.
• As you make cornrows on each of the side and at the back of neck, make in different lengths the long and short as if they’re interlocking each other. When you reach around the crown you twist hair up to the end tips.
• Gather all hair at the crown from all angles and fix it together around this area, pushing it from the back coming forward as if pointing on one of the side. Within the area thread hair through while finishing the front part with more volume.
• Add hairspray thereafter on to the scalp and on to the braids to prevent, a dry, itchy scalp but rather filled with moisture it needs to look healthy.
• Apply hairspray onto the scalp and whole hair at large at least two times out of seven to avoid applying in much spray, as in to keep hair with less buildup maintaining clean nice looking hair.
• Within a period of four weeks, wash hair once to maintain to keep it clean and to smell fresh all time.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray best for all braided hair, dependable when it comes to lock in moisture yet it gives strength to weak hair to prevent it from breaking.

10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-6
For Black braided hairstyles for matrons other women opt to braid a part of their natural hair leaving a small section showing their natural hair then on top wavy hair piece placed over touching the shoulders to pull a side pony tail.

This hair looks cute from all angles so clearing your face stunningly visible, easy to make up and you look great. It doesn’t take long hours to make as in after showering your hair you put rollers on a small area of your natural hair leaving the part for cornrows free and sit under drier to make all hair dry. This hair looks elegant to any other person if you’re looking up to make a nice hairstyle for special events.
• Take step and visit saloon first to rinse off dandruff, product build up and sweat.
• With a help off hand drier you can dry your hair and a big toothed comb helping out lifting hair up in sections until it becomes soft and stretching.
• Have handy a long tail comb to help out when dividing sections across the whole lot of hair.
• Have handy black braiding threads and a medium length wavy weave that’s off black to be fixed on top of hair at the side to create side puff.
• Now using a end tail comb, cut a line at mid front hair almost one and half inch pushing hair on the sides.
• Following that same line as if you’re going on the very side but around the crown, take measurements of the area pointing on the other direction leaving out part of your natural hair to be added with the wavy weave.
• For the rest of hairs remaining, draw cornrows covering the contours of your head particularly on the side, while at the back of neck it goes round to ears.
• Push all hair towards one side and make out of it one big box, turn round this box and stitch it firm then place the wavy weave on top around it and thread it tight .
• Complete your hair with a spray to keep it well moisturized and for the weave to be manageable when combing.
• Apply hairspray on to your hair like two times on your hair to keep it soft and well nourished. But on the weave it’s proper to apply every in small quantities to maintain it smooth and manageable when combing.
• Since part of your hair is left out un braided, it needs to take it to saloon for washing and to add nutrient hair product to keep it going every two weeks.
• Let this hairstyle last up to four week because , if your natural hair you left out without plaiting lasts more than this it loses its original texture.
Use BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray 6.76 oz for making your hair feel smooth, balance moisture and above all to lock in lasting sheen thus your hair looking good all time.

10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-7
For a reason the matron need not to look more striking than the bride, in this case one might prefer to look simple as in making big cornrows around hair natural hair.

You make them start from the front running towards the back of neck. Add simple size-able earring to embrace your outfit. If you check the lady in above pic, she wore a nice no arm and backless outfit that looked cute on her natural skin. This outfit needs to hug your body whether it’s short or long. This lady need to hold a cream clutch bag or black then dress shoes of heels either in red to pull the color of earring or cream to be on the safe side. And you don’t need to apply much makeup rather to stand out with a cute face skip it out and leave the skin looking natural. Only light eye brow paint can be applied for you to look amazing.
• Have your hair shampooed and steamed at saloon for good textured hair.
• According to the length of your hair, set your hair with rollers for your hair to dry quick.
• After you’re done with drying hair, get off rollers and use a big toothed comb to put off waves as you push hair backwards.
• Divide your hair into five big rows of hair and make cornrows out of it looking backwards.
• At the back of neck you will stitch hair together and cover it up with a box braid hair extension, possibly human hair to look exactly like your natural hair.
• Apply hairspray on to hair to keep it looking shinny and healthier.
• Just cover your hair at sleep to keep it orderly.
• Add hairspray on to your hair to keep it with adequate moisture once in three days and in even amounts, to avoid hair heaping buildup.
• At the end of two weeks, check with saloon to remove this hairstyle, have a wash for another hairstyle or give it a rest and hold simple hair design with hair accessories.
Apply Art Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask formulated from the best natural extracts like Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Keratin to condition, make hair soft, condition and give hair a shinny look.
10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-8
As the sky is the limit it’s the same the way people pull amazing hairstyles for Black braided hairstyles for matron in varying ways with the same goal of looking great on a special event.

For those black women with treated hair, a lot of hair designs can be pulled which seems easier to make and take less hours but
For this hairstyle requires you to have long treated hair, that can be held into a puff at the center of your head then a long braided hair extension added over your natural hair round and stitched into position to look elegant. Anybody looks cute with this hairstyle regardless of face shape, skin complexion and within forties and below.
• As usual make booking at saloon for your hair to be rinsed clean off any hair product and dead skin.
• For cases where you have limited time, apply leave-in hairspray within hair after hair washing it, set hair with in small quantities after applying setting lotion.
• For instances where drier brings you discomfort, apply hand drier with controlled heat to dry your hair.
• When you’re through with hair drying, remove rollers, apply hair product on to the scalp and a few volumes on top.
• Using a small comb put off all waves as you draw hair towards the crown, put it together and make short box at the point hair joins up to the end.
• Get hold of a long hair extension looking like your natural hair to come up with long box braided hair extension that can turn round the crown over two times then use braid threads to fix it right there.
• Add a hairspray on to hair to be moisturized and to look original all time.
• Spray your hair twice a week, and using a small comb or a piece of roller to bomb hair backwards towards the skin.
• Hold this hairstyle for two weeks and return to saloon for a hair steam, remove the hair extension then style your hair into a different hairstyle.
Apply OGX Shimmering Keratin Oil, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 4oz for providing your hair with moisture, keep it looking shinny and for a smooth feel.

10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-9

Everyone needs to pull great hair and great looks given the chance and ability, this black braided hairstyle for matron you see over here looks fashionable and beautiful with anybody out there. It involves pulling a long puff that falls at the back twisted big to look great. If your natural hair is hard textured, first it will be added with chemicals to treat it and become smooth, flexible to turn in every and clear for anything added on makes it shine.
Each outfit you blend with this hairstyle just look fabulous, even without adding any jewelry your looks will just is amazing.
• Have handy long human hair extension featuring in the same color of your natural hair, to twist it into a big long pony tail that touches mid back.
• Your hair will be shampooed off any product build up and within few seconds you will conditioner that is made of essential nutrients your hair needs to look healthy.
• Later you will wash it off, reduce amounts of water in your hair using a towel thus leaving your hair with few waters then apply a big bristled comb on to your hair to push towards the back.
• Use a small tail comb apply rollers on to your hair and sit under drier to dry it, set time according to the volume of your hair.
• As you’re through with hair drying, remove rollers and apply hair product on the scalp in small quantities.
• Push hair straight using this same comb towards the back of neck.
• Collect all hairs from all directions towards the back of crown, put it together by making boxes and fold it round, a pink lotion on top.
• Leave the lotion to dry out then thread the extension at the back going round it.
• Place the hair extension on top and turn it round and using black braid threads stitch it several rounds to make it firm as part of it tails at the back to look cute.
• Apply hairspray lastly on your hair to lock in lasting sheen and smoothed.
• Cover your hair when at sleep to avoid hair shadowing you up and to protect from getting messed.
• Keep this hair not more than 14 days because beyond this period your hair will start getting off.
• Apply the hairspray on to your hair two times in a week to keep hair looking original.
Use Mane N Tail Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce for adding sheen, condition hair and ensure moisture balance within your hair.
10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron-10
You have seen different hair designs around the globe, on varying black women face shapes and every hairstyle strikes on its own. But am here to highlight on statement making hair styles matron s pull leave the audience amused.

Try cornrows that point every direction yet gather at the center of the crown. Form the crown to below the shoulders hair is completed as boxes but feature in two colors that is favorable to all and that’s brown and black. This combination of colors matches perfect all skin tones in whatever design you fall for.
This hairstyles takes you through the special event and after for a period of one and half months looking wonderful and with any outfit you pair with looks good.
• Get angels braid that is colored both black and brown highlights around five packs.
• Have handy a small tail comb to help you create margins around your hair.
• Black Sea gull Threads with a sowing device to make the braid tight around the beginning of the puff.
• Collect all hair behind the crown to hold the puff, sow together cornrows for the boxes to puff better in style.
• Add with a hairspray around the entire hair to lock in moisture for nice looking hair.
By adding hairspray on time in even amounts to prevent your hair for getting congested with spray to cause early discomforts.
Use Africa’s Best Organincs Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 6 oz for oiling your hair, do away with related hair problems like itching scalp, dry scalp rather stimulates hair growth and leaves your looking healthy at any moment.


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10 Wonderful Black Braided Hairstyles for Matron

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