10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces.

Last Updated: September 1, 2017

Oval faces are kind of long but with sharp ends somewhat like an egg, you find that several Black Women a born beautiful but feature differently on differing face shapes too. Find here with me over Ten Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces with different women to guide you choose the best hairstyle among all for your particular face shape and how to make it standout. You find that a lot of hair styles can be pulled on your face shape lets say; pulling half of your hair with cornrows and finish it by puffing a curly long extension at the back, or  making quarter of your head still with cornrows then complete hair as long medium sized box braids/ twists with colored hair, or even make your hair with bigger and short cornrows that start narrow at the beginning then  goes on enlarging as you push them at the back of neck then join it to look stunning with big braided hair extension. And so much more to tell but this article will take in detail, just scroll down.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-1

Go for tiny cornrows that go round your head pushing to one of the sides and right at the ends  you add a long  curly weave to puff it and slips off the shoulders to bust to look stylish.

I greatly assure you that your oval face will come out very clear making you look like beauty queen. Since the weave falls on one of the sides, covering the ears and the jaw line ,for the opposite side that is not covered it shows your other side of  face looking pretty. Go ahead and shave your forehead to put off wild hair, shape the eyebrow perfect, add with colorful lip sheen and shade your eyes with a bold color to look ever awesome . This hairstyle pulls out that true  image of African American origin as the best among others. Wear elegant jewelry and make up for your skin for cute looks.
This hairstyle can be worn by teens, women in 20’s up to fifties if you feel comfortable with long hair since this very hairstyle doesn’t consume long hours to make , just try it out any time to keep on track.
• Take your natural hair through all steps necessary; as in washing it clean either at saloon or at home with natural extracted shampoo that is preserved with  mineral and nutrients that make good hair.
• Leave hair when it’s evenly wet when you dry it out and with a help of hot comb, gently stretch hair from the roots up to end tips.
• Apply Free tress Bulk French braid with deep curls 22 Inch to puff at the sides of cornrows.
• You will need a tail comb to help you out as create small sections of hair from the lot to make tiny round cornrows over your head, finished on one of the sides.
• Before applying the weave on to the sides, first you hold the weave up and gently use a big bristled comb to comb through for possibly removing loose braids and possibly un frizz it.
• You will part off some volumes of this braid aside to make cornrows then leave out some to be joined at  the end  of cornrows to later finish up with a long puff that fall off the shoulders on one side covering the cheek and ears to look fashionable.
• Add your hair with moisture; make it look brilliant and shinning by applying hairspray on top and the scalp entirely.
• Apply the hairspray on to cornrows and  spaces in between ,message  the scalp gently using your fingers for the spray to penetrate , apply on  the puff too to keep it soft, frizz free and to look charming all time.
• But there’s always a need to calculate how frequent you apply the hairspray in period of a week, it needs twice or thrice a week to avoid hair catching buildup quick.
• Cover your hair when at sleep and at shower to stop any  inconveniences.
• Before it makes a month have it washed off dirt and accumulated spray to bring back that  look original and apply  hairspray there after.

Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce best for making hair stronger to desist hair breaking, extracted with re-known natural extracts to maintain nice looking, conditioned and lasting locks for braided hair.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-2

Look how amazing an oval face put together with cornrows that are pulled quarter of your hair and the rest of hair ,

completed as long box braids that fall mid back result into a stunning black woman that leaves everyone around you speechless. This hairstyle completes your outfit, whether back less, strapless and you look super hot. For you to score highly it  needs when you put on fitting outfits that hug every interesting feature on your body plus trendy dress shoes too for an elegant look. This hair doesn’t give you trouble to make, as in cutting off your ample time you would use to do other valuable things because within one and half hours you’re done and maximum depending on the speed on the person attending you. This hairstyle looks super hot in natural black and colored hair like; Purple, Brown, Maroon or blonde to mention a few from a long list. You can as well apply color beads  at the ends to make this hair stand out.
• Apply one of the following braids, Janet collection, Freetress braid, Darling or Angles braid with six packs.
• Have a set of brown beads to apply at the ends on each box braid for your hair to look beautiful.
• Make this hair starting at the front  as cornrows then complete each as long  boxes.
• Lastly fix beads at the end of each box to look truly African American woman and purely fashionable.
• As usual apply hairspray on to your hair to make it look nourished, look good and the boxes shinning ever.
• No need to think much  how to go with this hair, but using a right hairspray on schedule will keep this hair looking nice and very head  will turn checking your hairstyle.
• At times you can apply anti dandruff hair product on the scalp to avoid catching dandruff and on top you add hairspray.
• This hairstyle can stay up to one and half months and in growth shows up most from the third week to fourth, so you will have to remove hair and clean it or rather replace it with another hairstyle or else give it time to rest that’s close to a month.
Use Sulfur-8 Dandruff Treat. For Braids 12oz Bonus Spray for maintaining your hair free from dryness, prevent itching, excel in locking in braided hair and hair extensions. Better still to keep hair looking original through the whole period of braiding hair.
10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-3
Look adorable black women out there with Oval faces when you choose to go for colored half cornrows and which is later finished as long twists that reach the bust.

This hairstyle looks so pretty with any skin complexion and  on whole head  braided , you find that your head is clearly visible  to  from a distance thus making you look ever young . This hairstyle looks elegant for all purposes whether special or casual purposes and in fact anyone looking at you automatically tells how trendy and woman of class.This hairstyle will take you furthest two months enjoying beautiful looks, off stresses of combing your hair and just leaving the option of wearing trendy outfits to complete yourself. Add any length of earring to look feminine and possibly don’t under look shaving your forehead to leave neat and clear. Otherwise when you apply makeup, colorful lip gross and shading your eyebrow too you will look super hot.
• This hairstyle can be made on short and long natural hair.
• Take your hair through washing possibly at home or saloon which ever seems convenient for you.
• As your hair is shampooed, and added with conditioner a few seconds later, it needs to leave it with some water when drying it.
• It helps out when you apply a hot comb on while lifting hair upwards to stretch it because it makes the process easier and less time is applied.
• Using a big toothed comb make your hair going up to remove any tangles then hold hair in one position , using a small comb. Part off small volumes of  your natural hair to make cornrows at the front up to the back of neck.
• From this point to below the shoulders complete each cornrow as long  twists for nice looking hair.
• Apply colored Janet Collection synthetic braid featuring in brown color, and if you use five pieces you will be done.
• Remember to apply long braid, part off medium volumes of the synthetic braid, start with tiny cornrows at the front then as you go backwards increase volume for the cornrow to enlarge as it reaches the back of neck.
• When all hair is done, spray it to add moisture, to make it soft and at the end of day it will be looking shinny.
• Just apply hairspray on time to prevent hair and scalp from drying out.
• Collect your hair together and put it under a round stretchy head cap to hold your hair and for comfort  avoid struggling it around much and as a result it weakens as time goes by.
• Alternatively apply colorful puff holders at the back to make your hair look more interesting.
• Possibly wash this hair once in a month to keep it looking nice and feeling fresh, don not use detergents or solid soap to wash your hair instead apply shampoo that is made from natural extracts like ; avocado, coconut or egg shampoo.
Use Africa’s Best Organics Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 6 oz perfect at stimulating hair growth, relieves your hair from itching, dryness to restore nice looks for your hair.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-4
A lot more hairstyles can be pulled with Oval faces for black women and look awesome,

what one needs to have a clue about exactly is to kind of add creativeness or play around with it whether braids or cornrows to look so great. For you can take on the decision to make tiny cornrows right after the forehead to the middle of the crown area zig-zagging up to the mid of hair. So finish cornrows as long boxes. You pick some hair around the crown and turn around small volumes of  cornrows to make a floral design and right there thread it though to make it firm, so do likewise  up to four to five floral designs around the crown. So at the back of the floral designs you proceed with  small box braids that touch the back as in spreading around the shoulders to look stylish.
• Make booking with your hairstylist to have your hair plaited, it can be treated hair or natural hair.
• On clean hair and scalp you will apply Darling Braid in six packs on medium length, let the braid feature in black color that look exactly like your natural hair.
• You will have to divide your hair into two sections, the front section that stops around the crown then back part that starts at the end of crown towards  up to the back of neck.
• Have a pair of scissors to cut the braid packs out, pull off small medium sized braids and set it aside one by one.
• Each braid piece set aside is then divided into two, joined together to make kind of two strands.
• Small volumes of hair is drawn with the end tail comb then joined with the braid to make cornrows as you observe in the picture above.
• In the middle of the crown, you make cornrows forming zig- zag shape up to mid section then finish hair as small long boxes.
• Pick  six to seven cornrows and fold it round to make floral design and fix it in place by threading it through, repeat the same process but should focus around the crown area.
• Oil your hair and the scalp by applying braid spray, on the scalp you message gently thought the spaces left in between and on the braids entirely for a  shiny look.
• Only a applying a braids hairspray will keep your hair off any itching, drying out and rather keep it with moisture to look nice all time.
• When it makes over three weeks from the day you plaited it, check with saloon to wash off collected dirt or spray to keep hair looking original, with a nice odor and back to life.
Use Dr Miracles Braid Relief Spray Formula Gentle 6 Oz helps make your scalp feels good from tightness that comes in after plaiting your hair, does way with itching scalp, do way with dryness thus your hair locking in lasting sheen and to make your hair grow rather than weakening it to break off.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-5
Don’t be limited on hairstyles to make on an Oval face shape,

because for this time round you might fall for long box braids entirely and surely you make it to the top. Long boxes are nice as in you can make more hair designs with it , twist it any direction, tie it with head gears or scarf whatever cause it may be you can’t go wrong . Other black women wear it in color like; blue, maroon, Purple, Blonde and brown and natural black like the one you check in the image she looks elegant. This hairstyle can go anywhere, anytime at any place and make a command. Long braids hold hair tight and it allows it to gain more growth because it doesn’t wear out easily. Add elegant jewelry too to make you look super hot, try long box braids any time for compliments and fun.
• Apply long black Janet Collection synthetic braid in packs amounting to  six pieces .
• Put all hair together possibly at the center of the crown temporary and push with in a big toothed comb to hold it.
• You can start from sides or at the back of neck, by pulling off medium volumes of your natural out then join it with medium volumes of the braid. As usual  pick volumes of braid and divide it into two pieces then add with  your natural hair to make long box braids that touch mid back.
• Repeat the same cause as demonstrated above for your whole hair to be done with long boxes.
• Moisturize your hair after plaiting it by apply a braids hairspray on  tight scalp and on entire braids.
• Hold it into puff at the back of crown or at the back of neck, place a rhinestone hair band at the front hair and leave it free to look fashionable .Keep alternating hairstyles possible to change your looks every week in and out.
• At time of sleep tie your hair with ribbon or braid threads for hair to be together and wear a head cap over to avoid hair blocking you anyway.
Apply sulfur pomade on the scalp then on top of braids use Parnevu T-Tree Braid Spray, 12 Ounce stop dry, flaking, itchy scalp only to condition hair look nice always.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-6
Look lovely with medium cornrows on an Oval face shape ,

they look beautiful in color and when done on natural black. And to make this hairstyle more comfortable, cornrows are made up to the back of neck then secured with a bigger braid on top to look fashionable. This hairstyle drives me crazy because when you apply it on your head automatically it doesn’t leave you the same but just makes everyone around admire you. If you have been looking for short braided hair and less time consumer at plaiting then this hairstyle is the way to go? This hairstyle is great for several purposes; let’s say engagements, formal purposes, parties and wedding to cut the story short.
• Have your natural hair shampooed from either home or at saloon.
• Comb it to remove all tangles and for your hairs to be that smooth for plaiting.
• According to the lady in the image above, I see she’s wearing colored hair featuring brown so you can either use short Darling braid, Angels Braid and Janet collection among others that is convenient for you.
• It requires using like five pieces of the braid it will take you through.
• When you look at these cornrows you’re able to see that they start small and go on becoming big at finish.
• You cut the braids out of the packs, pick small volumes of the pieces and put them aside up to when one pack is done, so you divide each piece into two then join together and apply on to selected section of hair.
• You keep applying small volumes of the braid as you plait like one or two for  cornrows to keep growing bigger at the time of finish.
• Let all cornrows begin from one point going all sides but finished at the back of neck ,at the end of day, you find that your hair will look excellent.
• When you’re done with cornrows, thread them through all at the back of neck to be firm.
• Get over some pieces of hair and braid into one long braids to fix at the end of cornrows.
• Apply hairspray on to your hair and the scalp to make it tender and nourished and on top of  hair .
• Its’ that easy to care for this hairstyle because , it doesn’t need to add anything else other than a hairspray to keep hair and scalp moisturized thus hair looking fresh ever up to when you remove it.
• Take it at saloon for washing once in four weeks to keep it growing and looking healthy.
Use Better Braids Hair and Scalp Oil, 8 Ounce for keeping your hair smooth, oily to look great time in and out.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-7
Shine with multi colored hair featuring in black and maroon that is long enough to touch the shoulders.

You make medium sized cornrows around your hair with free tress super wave braid 20 inch, you use part of the braid to make cornrows and it on the sides to look beautiful. This hairstyle looks good with teenage Black girls and bridges the gap up to women in their forties. This hairstyle can take you up to one and half months and from then in growth will show up much around the cornrows  thus need to re do or remove it but the braid itself will still be looking good if you spray it evenly.
This hair is perfect to party, nice hair for bridesmaid and if at all you pull it with colorful outfits no doubt you look elegant.
• Organize with your hairstylist to plait your hair at a time that’s convenient for you.
• You can capture this very photo on your mobile to show your hairstylist the very hairstyle you want exactly.
• This implies that you have to have a free tress super wave braid 20 inch that features in black with maroon highlights.
• Use the exact free tress braid to make medium size cornrows around your hair, so using a razor you cut one hair piece at a time, across in the middle where it joins to have two pieces.
• Pull from these pieces small volumes of the braid to make cornrows, finish all hair at the middle then on top apply the wavy long braid.
• When you’re through with the cornrows, stitch them through and leave out a few boxes out hanging then on top apply the remaining Freetress braid with waves.
• Use a big bristled comb to make it and finish up by applying hairspray to it and the entire hair for your hair to look great, with waves looking cute while the boxes feature too at the front to look fashionable.
• Every other day comb the waves after applying hairspray to make it smooth and frizz free.
• Wear a head cover over your hair when showering, at sleep to keep it in shape and for comfort while at sleep.
• Check with saloon for a washing off buildup or dirt when hair makes over three weeks to avoid dandruff or possibly itching.
• For cornrows you can spare it for daily sprays, as do it twice a week to prevent it from heaping quick buildup then for the wavy braid apply spray every day but on small amounts to stop it from frizzing.
Apply BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray 6.76 oz best at detangling weaves and human hair, locks in moisture, shine despite harsh weather conditions that come your way.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-8
I have seen black women shine when they try on cornrows with curly hair extensions on Oval face shapes and they stand out of the crowd with respect.

You can’t go wrong with this hair no matter what because, first you apply cornrows on your head and it makes you look young then you add curly long hair extension to puff it on top  to look  beautiful and truly black woman with confidence. Since cornrows tend to make your head even small the long curly extension added on top adds volume to your hair and length for you to look war.
Mostly slender people look pretty with this kind of hair  because it adds up weight to them and for the plus size it makes them look old unless you wear fitting outfits to curve your body. As in it focuses on all features that make you attractive around your body.
• Make a purchase of Freetress bulk Aruba Curl braid 20 inch featuring in natural black to look exactly your natural hair. Or else your hair stylist has them in stock that you need not to come with it.
• Pick each piece of the curly piece , and using a razor blade you cut through from one end to the other with someone holding for you one side to get two pieces out of it.
• Pull small volumes of the braid and add it up with selected hair to make cornrows with the help of small comb with  long tail .
• Apply the same process over again up to when your entire hair is done with cornrows. Finish up every cornrow at the center of the crown area. And when you reach this point tie  hair to form kind of a small knot using the very braid when you pass it through and pull tight for the rest of hair left curly on wards.
• Pick some hairs of the braid and turn it round the over the center and thread it through for your hair to look neat and to hold hair firm.
• Apply hairspray thereafter for hair and scalp to be fully moisturized and to maintain its original look.
• Keep adding the hairspray on to the curly braid to prevent frizz, hair becoming smooth that’s once in every other two days.
• When you add hairspray on to cornrows, make sure you apply evenly in between the lines and message gently for the spray to penetrate and for cornrows you rub gently going backwards.
• Cover up your hairs at time for sleep to avoid hair blocking you and to bring you discomfort or even make your sheets and pillow catch spray.
• For purposes of keeping your braid still in order, after washing it use less heat to dry it.
Apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce for preventing hair extensions from frizzing, it DE-tangles hair, regulates moisture around your hair and to make your hair manageable for combing.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-9
Dress your hair with box braids shoulder length on Oval face shape on bob hairstyle.

You even apply hair clamps sparingly to make it shine on top. You can even pull bangs when you push middle front hair on to the sides and tie it using the same box braid to look cute. Some hairs on the opposite side above the eyes is pulled backwards and secured with a rubber band to prohibit hair from falling over your forehead. So each side of the jaws hair rests below the chin as if pointed but burnt at the ends to make ends tight. This hairstyle is comfortable in all seasons, it looks beautiful with every black women skin tone and above all gives a relief off combing your natural hair daily which at time consumes your valuable time.
• Use Hot Water Braids, the implication of this braid is that you can apply hot water on it and make it curly or look straight.
• You pick a few boxes and coil it round section by section using either a small plastic stick then pour hot water on it when you un tie, it comes with curls already formed.
• For this case of the matter, use short hot water braids to make box  up to when you whole hair is done. Pick each end tip of box braid and burn it with a lighting candle rub it hard after burning to hold together.
• Place a few hair clamps around your hair to make it look fashionable.
• Complete it with braids hairspray make hair fell soft, attain a shinny look and to take you longer.
• You can hold it in many interesting positions like; hold all hairs on the side and around the crown and hold a mini puff and Leave the rest of hair falling backwards for fun,
• Rather push hair backwards and place a rhinestone band over to look shinny and to hold hair in position, or leave all hair free to touch the shoulders in style.
• By the time this hair makes the third week, buildup will start itching, so this is a time you will wash it off to give your hair new life to look nice so as to maintain its original look.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce allows your hair keeps its original look, solution to itching and weak hair the breaks off.

10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces-10
Discover yet another hairstyle that drives everybody around crazy when you wear it on an Oval face shape.

This hair involves you to make medium size cornrows but when you’re completing it you instead pull long boxes that reach the bust or at the back. This hairstyle is pulled in two colors that is brown and cream. At the end of day you collect all hair around the crown and puff it around. When I check this hairstyle I find that from the puff going downwards I see the braid featuring tight curls. The implication of this hairstyle is that you apply a tight curl braid to make cornrows ,half box braids and later finish your hairstyle with long tight curled hair that embraces the bust or touch the back.
• Apply a tight curl long braid that features in two colors; brown and cream.
• Get of one pack first, and cut it out of the pack pull small volumes of the braid and part it to make two small pieces then join it in the middle to apply at the start of every cornrow. As you plait hair you keep on adding small amounts of the braid on to each cornrow for it to increase volume as it comes to the end.
• Start cornrows from all directions and completing all at the center of the crown to hold a puff afterwards.
• From the crown going down wards for a few inches make boxes out of each cornrow long enough to touch the back of neck, so when you puff it reaches the ears.
• Pick some braids and gold it round the crown to give a strong backing , as in holding puff firmly leaving some hairs falling over the puff looking at the back then thread it through several times to make it tight.
• Add a braid spray on to your entire hair to make it soft, embedded with moisture and to look healthier.
• Pull this hairstyle with several designs other than the original one to kind of change your looks to better.
• When in growth shows out, you can apply a tooth brush to push it in ward, and even shave off your forehead to stay looking nice.
• Feel free to wash your hair off dirt when it makes close to 4 weeks to keep the scalp un blocked, releasing natural oils that lubricate it naturally and stimulating steady hair growth.
Apply African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 keeps your hair moisturized, stops it from breaking , brings life to itching dry scalp.

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10 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles for Oval Faces.

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