10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American.

Women love hair most if you could mention any part of a woman’s body that is given first priority. However their several African American hairstyles that come on different lengths, styles to met any women’s expectation. For this reason emphasis will base on fine hair. Fine hair means having light hair. Among the numerous African American Women Hairstyles that look pretty with all faces shapes and different skin tones is the Short Straight Hairstyles for African American . You find that this very Hairstyle is done on numerous colors to mention some like Blonde, Black, Maroon, Brown, Blue and Gold depending on individual favorite color that every woman fall for. It is at times pulled with bangs, cut straight or cut shorter at the back and pulled straight to cheek level looking messy, cut hair straight with pointed ends or pulling it straight Short Bob drawn to the sides in whatever angle you want it to face. Try all creative ways when styling your hair to look cute and I guess this is what you’re looking up to.

10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-1
Check Vivinca featuring in the image above looking so beautiful. She wore Blonde Short Straight Hairstyle that she cooled off later by adding  Bangs to cover part of her forehead above eyes.

She’s long faced, with a light skin tone automatically this assures any long face shaped women that when you choose to go Blonde Straight Short with bangs you’re guaranteed to make heads turn. This Blonde Short Straight Hairstyle however looks elegant with any face shape, only that Vivinca demonstrated it on a long face. This hairstyle is easy to comb, light to wear and takes less time plaiting it compared to voluminous and longer hairstyles out there. It takes you for a while therefore giving you a relief off routine hair combing. It looks good anywhere at any time with any outfit and dress shoes.

• Purchase Blonde Short Straight hair piece featuring light and bold blonde colors that reach mid length.

• Make sure before you visit salon for your natural hair is washed clean.

• Before fixing this hair piece on your natural hair, first cornrows will be created to fill your entire head starting at the back and finish at the front then the hair piece joined on top.

• You will use black braiding threads to fasten cornrows.

• Open the hair piece and check the varying lengths of the pieces within.

• Starting with the shortest hair piece fixed at the back of neck to join  on to cornrows as you proceed towards the front increase length.

• Towards the front on the left hand side corner, let the hair piece face inwards but resting around the forehead later to pull with  bangs.

• Use a small bristled comb to pull hair straight respectively, on the left hand side covering the ears then on the right hand side pulled behind the ears .

• For hair at the front and on the left hand side corner pull it straight above eyes. Cut it very short towards the mid of forehead then as you finish let it be longer after you curve it above eyes.

• Add with a hairspray to make your hair moisturized and looking bright.
• No need to worry maintaining this hair, add with a hairspray on the scalp once in a week then on the entire hairpiece, once in three days to keep it soft and looking brilliant.

• The hairspray applied will maintain it with a good scent, looking bright. And  to keep it for  long have  a wash every three weeks but not beyond 8 weeks or so.

• Use a small toothed comb for making your hair straight.

Use Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Reflect Sheen Spray for Unisex for soft and brilliant hair.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-2

African American Babes out there, have you been looking for a very short  hairstyle that will make you look sexy and attractive enough to make anyone whisper around for complements.

Then look no further as this hairstyle above, re-known celebrity Rihanna is wearing has sorted you out. First and foremost it gives you comfort, looks cute on every face shape and as it covers all your forehead in shape it gives anybody a chance to view all attractive features of the lower part of face. Mention the lips, Eye shadows, your sharp Nose, Eye brows and bigger earrings as they look elegant with short hair.

This hairstyle works best for woman in 30’s up to mid forties because it makes them look awesome and young. Is there any African American woman who is certain of which short hair to pull with to look hot then scroll through this article for more hairstyle guiding tips? Your skin should also be given attention as it works hand in hand, beautiful face and nice hair equals cute woman.

• Have your natural hair washed clean, for your scalp to have life and to take you through plaiting period without itching at the same time your hair having a pleasant smell.

• According to the shape of the haircut, since it goes round with different volumes ,your natural hair will be drawn with medium length cornrows going round the entire head.

• It’s better to start from the back and finish at the middle of the crown area.

• You apply black braiding threads when joining the weave to look invisible.

• I assume you already purchased your short hair piece in black and brown blending.

• Open it; check the lengths of the hair piece for the short to be fixed at the back and the longest at the front.

• If the hair piece is small and you don’t want to use two hair pieces and want your hair to have volume?
• Have each hairpiece divided into two pieces using a razor.

• Cut where it joins horizontally from one end to the other and have two pieces.

• At the back of neck up to start of the crown use one piece but around the crown use two pieces for the back part to look slanty then the front part raised.
• After joining the hairpiece on to your natural hair, get a small pair of scissors to trim your hair evenly.
• Cut it short to follow the contours of your head, especially at the back and on the sides.

• In front of the ears cut it sharper and for the rest of the hair falling around your forehead, cut it up to eyebrow length .

• Use a small bristled comb to pull it straight and use the tail of this comb to create one or two lines from the right hand side for your hair to look stylish.

• Finish with a hair product to keep your hair with moisture and that shinny look to steal the show.
• Maintenance of this hair is quite simple; you can apply a hair product on a daily basis but moderately for your hair to be moisturized at all times.

• As you go for sleep and when showering, wear a ventilated net for for efficient respiration.

• A small comb will be best for making your hair.

• Visit salon for hair wash after two weeks if you have dandruff or your hair has caught dirt.

Apply Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil to add moisture to your hair and scalp. It makes hair soft manageable and for the prevention of hair breakages.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-3

There’s  times when you want to have your hair straight and longer at the front to cover your forehead and bit of the eyes and super short at the back and on sides for a nice hair design.

African American women love to have blonde hair most and it looks fabulous on every individual face shape.
This hairstyle is mostly casual and good for parties and weddings but formal purposes it doesn’t give a point. Since it covers almost your entire forehead, it doesn’t give a chance to anyone to view  you clearly. But for other purposes which aren’t formal it’s very okay.

This hairstyle above doesn’t discriminate any face or skin complexion whether dark toned or light toned.

You can wear it in several colors that strike like, neutral colors to name a few like maroon , brown , purple and when it’s made in two colors . For example black teamed with brown, black and maroon and so forth.

The right to choose which type of hair piece in varying colors to buy is determined by you the customer and if you’re not good at selecting nice colors for yourself then your hairstylist can give a helping hand.
• As usual have your hair rinsed off dirt or hair buildup for the scalp to be clean and the entire hair to look healthy.

• Go to the saloon to make your hair, your natural hair will be combed straight first to remove tangles with a big toothed comb.

• Your hair will added with blonde on the upper part then hair on the sides maintained with a natural look.

• Pick a pair of scissors and trim hair super short at the back and on the sides  then hair in the mid part is left longer to later pull bangs.

• Add with a hair product that works best for straight hair then with the help of a small tail comb make your hair as you featured in the pic.
• Comb it in order once every day.

• In case you feel this hair design is boring then you can push it backwards to look cute.

• Wash it clean in case you feel your scalp itches to pave way for healthy new growth hair.

• For the hair product to make your hair manageable and soft even apply it twice in a week  to keep few product on scalp to avoid much product buildup.

Use TCB Naturals Hair & Scalp Conditioner to keep your scalp , hair with moisture, it’s embedded with olive oil within to help to keep your hair looking healthier and once your hair keeps moisture for long hair breaking won’t bother you.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-4

If you’re a fun of colored hair and you believe in setting passe for others to follow then this hairstyle will guide you to meet your expectations.

Choose your favorite color and pull  hair at the front on sharp edges at the center on your forehead and on above cheeks.This hairstyle looks elegant with any African American women regardless of the nature of your face shape. It’s mostly causal and non for formal because it covers  your face. This hairstyle is so trendy and mostly worn by celebrities and other ordinary people who utilize all the resources possible to make their life happy. No one sets your destiny but yourself after determining to be the person you want to be. As in if you choose to present yourself decently that’s what you will show on your appearance and if you choose to be reflected negatively it’s vice verse.

• Purchase yourself Short Razor Cut weave in bold maroon featuring light pink highlights on its boundaries.

• Visit your hair professional to dress you this weave.

• Your natural or treated hair will be given a wash first with coconut shampoo or egg shampoo depending on your texture of hair. Or otherwise any other shampoo recommended by your hair dresser can do the needful.

• When hair is done with washing, remove excess water with a cotton cloth and leave relatively small amounts of water on your hair purposely to make hair easier to unfold and be straight when apply a hot comb to make it.

• The next step from here will be to create cornrows on your natural hair using braids threads in black color.

• There’s no standard formula when plaiting cornrows on your natural hair but it looks orderly to start from the back proceeding to the front.

• Using the same braid threads in black join each piece of weave on to each cornrow but when you reach at the crown start using two piece facing inwards on each cornrow from one end to the other for hair to have volume and long enough to cover your forehead.

• Get a pair of scissors to trim short hair at the back and on the side, and after each ear on every side cut hair with a sharp edge and at mid of forehead too just above the nose.

• As you make these sharp edges make sure eyes are left out visible.

• Finish with a hairspray right at the scalp and on the weave to make combing easy for you.

• Nothing much is needed but just applying hairspray either once every two day or three depending at your convenience.

• In case you have an itchy scalp, add with anti-dandruff to feel comfortable.

• With proper maintenance this weave will take for up to 2 and half months.

Add with black 151in1 Miracle Hair Spray to keep your hair keep its original sheen and protecting your hair from damage due to direct sun rays.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-5

Alternatively you can decide to treat your natural hair then go for a haircut. Hair on the side and at the back  is cur super short then hair in the middle section longer  pulled straight looking pointed upwards for a stunning look.

It requires when your natural hair is medium length so that after cutting you leave some volume of hair within the middle section. It doesn’t matter which hair texture you have but when natural hair is treated with chemicals it seizes to be hard. The chemistry here for soft textured African American hair, you apply stronger hair relaxer to relax hair and for the soft textured women hair a less strong hair relaxer will be applied.
• First step is to have a hair cut on your natural hair and leave some volume in the middle long then on the sides and at the back  super short.
• Your hair will be applied with relaxer using a small comb.

• Your entire hair before relaxing it will be divided into three sections, the back part alone, and one section on the right and left side respectively for quick hair do without burning your scalp.

• For each section formed, small portions of hair will be applied with the relaxer but not reaching the roots to avoid relaxer burning your scalp before hair is ready. Each section when done will be put together and left for some seconds to to fix and become soft.

• This process will be done on all sections created.

• The person applying the relaxer will need to wear hand gloves to avoid  hands  burning.

• Using your fingers rub each section gently to make sure hair is getting softer.
• Use a small tail comb to pull hair straight from the roots on each of the section, quick to prevent the relaxer from burning the scalp.

• When all hair has become soft, wash the product off with cold water then apply shampoo to completely wash the relaxer off the scalp and hair.

• When shampoo has been washed off add with conditioner on to your hair and rub gently for it to distribute evenly for seconds then wash it off .

• Use a cotton cloth to remove excess hair from your hair then add with setting lotion by pouring a small amount into your thumb then distribute to your entire hair evenly.

• Get a big bristled comb to pull hair backwards when it’s moist. With the help of a small tail comb, starting at the front part, pick few volumes of hair: comb it straight and set it on rollers  until you complete the entire head.

• Tie a soft pad around the ears from the forehead up to the back of neck to protect ears and the forehead from burning.

• Sit under drier and set time and heat according the length of your hair.

• Remove the rollers, apply hair product on scalp and some onto your thumb rub it gently and apply on top of hair.

• For hair at the back and at the side use a roller to comb downwards. For hair at the crown use a small bristled comb to pull it straight towards the left hand side and apply gel to it to be stiff.

• Complete by adding a teaming hair product to make your hair look shinny .
• Add with hair product once in seven days for your hair to be moisturized.
• Use a small toothed comb to make your hair nicely.
• And for hair treatment visit saloon once every after two weeks.

Use Dabur Amla Hair Oil keeps your hair soft, shinny and healthy looking.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American.-6

African American women have a variety of short hairstyles they pull with to strike any time at any destination just mention the particular hairstyle you fall for to your hair stylist and will have the best selection.

This African American woman before you chose to for short Straight hair pulled in Bob cut form. You can achieve her looks by using Baby Cut short weave featuring in blonde. It takes fewer hours to make just if you decide to go to professional hair dresser within one hour you will be done. She’s round faced, having a light complexion .She shade her eye brow lips to look hot. You too can look like this woman no matter the shape of your face and on a different skin tone. This hairstyle is affordable, easy to look after and comfortable for all seasons. It you’re looking for easy combing hairstyles that is short and without stress this hairstyle before you is the way forward. Spice your looks with makeup and small ear pins to score highly.


• On your natural hair, cornrows will be drawn first on your entire head. They should a line circular wise for fixing the weave neat.

• A line should be created at the front  left hand side, for hair to be parted either side.

• With Baby Cut weave at your disposal, open it and separate each piece according to height.

• Join the short hair piece on each cornrow line by line from the back up to top corner of your head.

• For the hair piece on the left it has to be shorter and on the right hand side pulled longer to touch the neck passing above ears.

• On the left hand side, hair has to pass behind the ears and short enough to touch the back of neck.

• Use a small toothed comb to comb your hair straight, to focus on line created on the left hand side push hair either side and on the right hand side a big bamp pushed at the beginning.

Nothing much is needed, only a hairspray applied on to your hair in small quantize daily will keep your hair charming.


Add Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray for keeping your hair moisturized, prevent your hair from un necessary breaking. Use it for daily use in moderate quantities.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-7

There’s a time you feel you have tired all hairstyles in different colors and hair designs and want to go for Mohawk Short Straight Hairstyles with eye catching bangs that cover one of the eye for you to look sexy.

You are perfect at your decision because for women’s beauty lies most on hair. The more tricks you play with your hair makes it strike to the top and at the end of the day you looks will be marvelous, inspiring for others and satisfactory to assure any one falling for this particular hairstyle that it’s UN regrettable.

• Check with salon for a haircut on your natural hair at  one of the sides cut hair bald and at the back short but with little volume then in the middle of your head long.

• As I take a close look at this Babe before me. She added with blue color highlights on hair  on top at one of the side that is cut bald. It’s possible to for you to use a hair piece in black then blend it with blue highlight,

• Or have part of your natural hair tinted with blue color for a few section.

• Among the two options we have mentioned before, let’s go for a Black Short Straight hair piece that is added with a blue highlight  for us to get the true picture if what we’re looking for.

• Since you’re through with hair cutting and possibly a hair wash, the crown area  and one of the sides will be created with tiny cornrows. a

• As you join the hair piece on  to cornrows start from the right hand side then finish at the left hand side of the crown. As you reach in the middle of the middle section join two pieces and stitch them into one for this part to look voluminous.

• Within the black hairpiece that is added on to your hair, get aside blue highlights then fix them within o for your hair to look colorful.

• Use a small bristle comb to push hair on the right hand side, covering one of the eyes then using the tail of the comb rise it up a bit in the middle to look hot.

• Shade above your left hand  eyebrow  with blue color too  to look elegant.

• Complete by applying a hairspray on your hair for it to be with moisture and easier to comb.

Never run out of hairspray or hair product to apply on your hair if you want your hair to stay long and looking healthy and without breaking.

Every two weeks visit salon for hair trimmings in the side and at the back to do away with growth, keeping the level of your hair original and to keep the glitter on.

Use Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hairspray to keep your hair with lasting sheen and maximum hold.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American.-8

Look exclusively beautiful with Short Bob hairstyles for African American women that are done multi colored ,that’s if you’re looking up to celebrity lifestyle.

This hairstyle is wore by women on runways, Models, Beauty pageants’ and re-known hair designers that inspire African American women like Beyonce, Rihanna to mention a few. It’s a hairstyle that takes few hours to make, easy to comb, colorful to blend with any African American Skin Complexions, name any face shape and your recognition marked. It has sharp edgess that reach up to the cheeks and great to add with makeup that will make any one whisper around for cheers.

• Simple buy yourself a multi -colored straight short hair piece teamed in brown, gold and
• Light brown.

• Go with it to your hair stylist but if you ‘re not that good at selecting best hairpieces then let the hairstylist do the selection for you.

• In case you  have no time for washing your hair at home , do it at saloon because it’s hygienic to plait hair on a clean scalp

• As usual first, cornrows will be drawn on your natural hair and for this hairstyle to come out perfect; they will have to be done circular wise.

• Cut the hair piece from its parking and join it on the cornrows the shortest to begin with at the back then the longest to put at the front so that it hair looks leveled at finish.

• With a small toothed comb push hair straight  on the left hand side aside of the eye and finish it on  sharp edge below the cheeks.

• On the right hand side, push hair to cover ears and to reach mid cheeks.

• Finish by adding a hairspray to the scalp and the entire hair to it to keep moisture and looking fresh at all times.

• On the scalp apply hair product or spray twice a week in moderate volumes to avoid catching much buildup.

• On top of the hair apply hairspray daily or twice in 7 days as product prescription states.

• Take a hair wash once in three weeks to keep it clean and do it from saloon.

Use Olive Oil Spray for balanced moisture hold and to keep your hair original for long.


10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-9

Short Straight hair for African American women is lovely, done in interesting varying styles and in hot colors that can’t leave anybody wearing it UN noticed.

Have your natural hair turned into Blonde to cover the biggest part then leave a small part of your natural hair on one of the sides on original color . With your skin looking nice added with a nice hair and jewelry your looks will be excellent, smiley as a way of believing yourself.

Changing the color of your natural hair to blonde hair doesn’t take long hours , any African American women wearing Blonde hairstyle is treated with royalty, put in a category of trendy hair setters, and special treatment given  to her because of  cute looks.

Since you fall for colored hair, rather one side of your hair too short and for the other a bit longer then   check with salon  to perfect it.

• As i check the hairstyle shown above, this hairstyle features in two colors, for the shorter hair on the left hand side and at the back hair is in natural color and for the rest in blonde.

• For the blonde type of hair, your natural hair is added with tint to achieve that blonde look right from the roots to end tips.

• Your hair specialist will take you through steps provided on the kit.

• Next step will be washing your hair with cold water when it has formed, set your hair on rollers after  adding  setting lotion and sit under drier to dry it off.

• You will sit under drier for your hair to dry out then get off the rollers from your hair to get bigger waves that later is pushed straight for your hair to have volume at the crown and easy to pull with  bang to look stylish.

• Before pushing straight these waves, you will need to apply hair product on the scalp using your fingers and last on top.

• Comb hair as desired and where possible add elegant earrings and a smoky eye to look stunning.

• Maintenance of this hair is easy; once in every two weeks take your hair for treatment for your hair to be applied nutrient shampoo and conditioner for body healthy hair.

• Once in 7 days add a hair product for it to look soft and to avoid dry scalp and hair because dehydrating your hair resulting in hair breakage.

• Use a small bristled comb making your hair.

Use Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil to help moisturize both scalp and hair. It works great for prevent hair from breaking by giving it strength and at the same time conditioning it to have that shinny look any body is looking for.
10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American-10


For some African American women prefer treating their natural hair and when you treat it for long it tends to change its original color to brown and gold-ish on top make your hair to look awesome.
If wearing a straight hair piece will give comfort then don’t hesitate because a hair piece gives a break from routine salon visits on your natural hair .
Some of your front natural hair is left out when you use a hair piece, with an intention of setting it with rollers then cover on top of the hair piece to make hard to tell whether it’s artificial or natural hair. It blends within for you to appear elegant.
• Using Natural hair piece, your hair will be pulled with tiny cornrows round the head leaving a visible line at the front pointing at the left hand eye.
• As said before , your front hair will be left out in small volumes to later sit on top of the hair piece where the line shows and should fall on either side to look neat.
• The hair piece park will be cut and hair piece removed to be joined onto the cornrows using black braid threads that will hold it firm and blend within.
• Finish by applying hair product on the roots and on the entire hair piece to make it soft, manageable and to keep looking shinny all time.
• This natural hair piece can be keep good using hair product or hair spray whichever of the two that seems comfortable.
• It’s not advisable to keep applying the hair product frequent because it causes buildup to form easily.
• If used daily apply in small quantities for you to feel comfortable.
Apply black 151in1 Miracle Hair Spray to hold your hair for long, Perfect protection from direct ultra rays and lastly for maximum hair color protection.

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10 Short Striking Straight Hairstyles for African American.

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