10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles In 2017

Short hair is comfortable to wear because it doesn’t touch your body in any way to cause you sweats as long or voluminous hairstyles normally touches the shoulders . Another reason why African American women go for Natural Afro Short Hairstyles is because this hair is easier to handle and at the same time  it makes the wearer look young all the time . There numerous hairstyles out there that are done short but for this reason we are focusing on Natural Afro Short Hairstyles. Afro hairstyles simply refer to having hair on the sides relatively shorter and at the crown area more and raised. It can be Curly, wavy, Natural Hair Cuts, Dreadlocks, Treated Straight hair cuts, Afro kinky wavy whatever design you may may name it. And for those African American women clocking forties and above short hair is the way forward because it will keep your looks with high expectations thus your age cut ten times giving you pleasant looks.

10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-1 Any woman can look pretty with Afro curly hairstyle if anyone just bought this idea from this Cute Babe featuring in the pic above.


You can achieve this look if you purchase a curly short weave that is multi colored as you check the picture comprising of  black and brown or else you can have your natural hair treated with tiny waves or Wet look then add tint few areas round your hair to make it colorful.
• For one that has bought a curly weave featuring in her favorite colors brown and black as shown above, check from re-known stores or designated places that sell  African American weaves near  your destination is.
• Your natural hair will have to be pulled with cornrows on medium size going  clockwise your entire head.
• Starting from the back of neck, pick relatively size piece and divide it into two then join it with small volumes of your natural hair  to make cornrows.
• On top of cornrows fix  weave  according to length thus the shortest to feature on the sides and at the back of neck then at the crown more length maintained.
• Shave your entire face too after fixing weave to look neat.
• (A)You can use two hair pieces for this weave if you want your hair with more volume  but all in all one piece can serve the purpose.
• Few seconds after plaiting your hair  try applying Morgan’s hair pomade to cool down the tight scalp at the same time to prevent any itchy scalp and your hair moisturized.
• For the scalp you apply hair product once in seven days to prevent hair from forming buildup thus leaving it clean.
• For the weave apply hair product once every other two days on small amounts but with even moisture distribution to maintain hair looking good.
• You don’t need to use any comb with this kind of weave; your mere fingers will do the needful once  you gently scrunch it through then push the tips in position to keep hair neat.
• You may set  some hairs at the one of the sides especially at the front hair to push a Bob style.
• (B) In case you want to have your natural hair treated with chemicals to have curls , let’s say Wet look or leisure curl you apply different hair products  to support this cause that’s after a hair cuts then use small pair of scissors to trim hair to order.
• Seconds after treating your hair with chemicals wash off the product , add conditioner for seconds to your hair as away of providing nutrients to keep your hair looking good.
• World of Curls will apply here for soft, manageable and bouncy curls.
• You should cover your hair with to protect your pillow from getting messed, as the product will fill your or pillow which isn’t a good thing.
For curly hair to maintain curls locked in and having a shinny look add with World of Curls because the result is commendable.


10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-2

For this African American Afro Hairstyle right before you, looks pretty on all faces shapes and works  best for those women who feel  they need a break from wearing long hair  thus looking for comfort and better looks.

This hairstyle maintains you with that young look you’ve always looked especially when the clock seems to run first. It only takes you to have a haircut on your natural hair, by reducing hair at the back and o on both sides to appear shorter. For hair at the middle or crown  coming towards the front  you keep it with volume to be pushed forward for Afro shape to come up perfect.
• It requires you to go to the salon and have a haircut on your natural hair.
• Since you’re looking up to Afro style then emphasis should be put at leveling hair on the sides and at the back short on the same length then keep more length at the crown.
• If you feel you want to change the looks of your hair from the original black color then you can add with any color bleach on any of the following; Maroon, Blonde or purple whatever you choice may be to look dearly.
• You shouldn’t bleach you hair from home just anyhow, you need to have in place necessary kits and  some one to help you out. thus if you don’t follow  necessary procedures  your natural hair may result to poor texture and hair loss.
• In case you want to keep you hair natural but looking exactly like the lady above then you need to apply curly hair product, as in to have mild tiny curls that show a messy look all together.
• From the day you check with saloon to have a haircut, wash your natural hair with  natural extracted shampoo that is enriched with ingredients to keep  Natural African American hair perfect.
• As you wash your hair wet if first with cold water, I assume you have with you shampoo to use. Pour a small amount of shampoo on the wet hair rub gently as you distribute round  your head.
• As rather foams, also rub  on the scalp  gently to remove dirt thus giving your hair life.
• For healthy hair, hygiene is so crucial because it stimulates hair growth.
• As you dry your hair, leave it a halfway moist then use a big toothed comb to straighten your hair and a hand drier blowing your hair through to make it manageable.
• For the shortest hair that is hard to be reached with a big toothed comb, use a small comb as you rift hair up and blowing heat around it to also stand straight and smooth.
• Thereafter you will apply a hair product that is best at curling hair and follow instructions written on the label for best results.
• Still with this kind of hair, World of Curls is the way forward.
• It keeps your hair frizz free, perfect at locking in curls, and keep your hair moist, giving your hair a shinny look that lasts and above all making your hair softer.


10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-3

For African American women with long faces that fall for Afro thick curly hairstyles in color or maintain their natural color of their hair this image above gives a highlight of how to choose the best weave that works with your complexion ,

if you’re that person that doesn’t fall for haircuts. If you apply  a weave it can met your expectations and  take you for a period of 10 weeks the furthest as you wish to keep it..
• You can download this very pic on your phone is you don’t have experience in choosing weaves. Buy one for yourself in color that attract your eyes.
• Have your natural hair washed off dirt or buildup resulting from previous  hair products for a clean scalp and odorless hair.
• You can either wash your hair from home that’s if you have with you ample time and the necessary hair kits to use.
• Air dry your hair after applying a towel  to reduce volumes of water  with your hair , use a big toothed comb to make your hair thus removing  tangles and make it straight for easy plaiting.
• Your hair professional will draw cornrows on on your entire hair on any preferred design that brings the shape of the weave perfect, starting from the back moving towards the forehead.
• The hair weave will be loosen from its packing and separated in small pieces.
• A single hair piece will be joined to each cornrow threading it through to make it firm.
• This process will be repeated until the entire hair is done, but around the crown area two hair pieces will apply to have add volume compared to pieces fixed at the back and on sides .
• You will have to apply a hairspray to this thick hair for it to be soft or manageable.
• You can create a bang on one of the sides to look outstanding.
• Add with a hairspray to moisturize the weave and to give it a shinny look.
• Use it as recommended, following the label guidelines.
• You can use your fingers to organize the curls but if it’s so thick then use the end tail of a small comb to make your hair going  upwards and lastly using your fingers to bump inside those hair tips that seem long.
• For some people, two hair products apply here one for the scalp and the other for the entire weave. But if you find a neutral hair product that can go both  the scalp and weave then it will cut costs  down.But remember to consult your hair profession on this matter before doing any thing.
• Go for a hair wash one in a month to prevent itching thus your hair will be looking great and with a pleasant smell.
Apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray to keep your hair moisturised,to also provide your natural hair with lasting sheen and lastly to make combing easier for you if your hair is congested.


10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-4

Afro short hairstyles for African American have numerous unique designs to choose from but also the following factors considered. Your face shapes, skin complexion and  color of hair you want or  choosing to featuring natural black?

The choice lies in your hands and what exactly you want to achieve you as an individual. Some African American women pick different hair pieces for Afro for it to blend with individual skin tones.  For example if you check this lady in front of you, she picked a weave featuring mild black color and light brown highlights because it goes well  her light skin complexion. It doesn’t mean a dark toned lady can’t look good with it but with different skin tones of varying women each individual strikes pretty different. Others look outstanding than their counterparts simply because each individual face comes pretty different and in a unique way. You can pick the same hair piece, same hairstyle, same hairstylist and all looking nice but each one of you striking  different more than the other . Please get me clearly on this matter you all look great in different angles.
• For this particular hairstyle, one can make her entire hair coiled or apply a weave for the same purpose then part of your hair at the front is coiled to save on time. So if your hair washed clean, your apply hand drier to make hair tangle free and to make it smooth. so cornrows will be drawn first on your natural hair then  weave fixed on top last.
• For this case let’s look up to you choosing a curly short human weave in color called Lumba but if you fail to get this actual brand you go for another brand that serves the same purpose, all other wise consult your hairstylist for better weave choices.
• Pick it in colors that blend with your skin tone for a stunning result.
• This lady featuring in the pic, went for mild black color teamed with light brown highlights on top and medium short.
• On a clean hair, your hair stylist will pick small volumes of your hair with a small tail comb starting from the back of the neck to plait an inch or two then leave the remaining part fastened at the very point where it has stopped by making a knot there then leave the rest of the hair hanging straight.
• As the same process applies to the entire head from the back of neck towards the front, leave out part of your natural hair at the front to be coiled and thus  people around will  debate on you  whether it’s your natural hair or weave.
• This process will take more than two hours.
• Spray your hair seconds after plaiting it to keep it soft, manageable  and to lock in sheen.
• This hairspray has to be rich in locking in curls.
• No need of using a comb, only your fingers will apply as you will scrunch through to make it kind of look messy and end tips pointing every direction looking good.
• For the first time you apply the spray add it in much volumes but not over applying it to make hair too soft and for days that follow use it once every after two days in mild.
• As you add hairspray frequently, hair catches dirt and the product soaked within. You will start to feel your scalp itching that’s from two weeks and more depending on the environment you’re residing in. Take a wash to keep it clean and smelling nice.
Use African Pride Braid Sheen Spray Extra Shine to make your natural hair soft, free from frizz and to stop your hair from plucking off.


10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-5

Perhaps you can choose to have a Wavy Afro Natural hairstyle that is created with line on the right hand side, hair pushed straight downwards and on the left hand  hair  pushed with  a wavy  bump at the crown.

This hairstyle looks cute for African American women clocking forties and above. It’s a one occasion hairstyle that looks elegant anywhere at any time going formal or causal. This Afro African American hairstyle looks perfect with all hair textures, face shapes and skin complexions to mention a few.
• They’re African American women out there with soft textured hair that grows fast. When you look at it you might think it’s treated with chemicals when actually is not true only the appearance beats your understanding.
• It’s gifted with waves and with this particular texture of hair it comes out fabulous  then  for the hard textured still you can create these waves when you set hair on tiny rollers because they hold waves for long.
• Your hair has to be  moderate short and if it’s long then you will have to go for a haircut to trim it proportionally.
• Remember to always wash your hair clean before changing a hair design to avoid bad odor, scalp itching and to be reflected negatively.
• Assuming you have shampooed, conditioned your hair, apply a setting lotion and use rollers to curl your hair then sit under a drier  for hair to dry.
• Add hair product on the scalp and put some on your thumb and rub it gently then apply on top of your hair entirely.
• Use a small toothed comb to push straight hair on the right side towards the ears and on the left side push with waves and a big bump at the crown for a stunning look.
• Apply a hairspray to your hair to maintain a fresh look.
• Alternate this hairstyle to another after 7 days or so to change your looks to a better.
• Before sleep wear head net to keep you hair in order and comb to order from sleep to keep a trendy look.
Use Creme of Nature Argan Oil Replenishing Sheen Spray for extra moisture to your hair that will enhance healthy looking hair.


10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-6

There’s a time you ask yourself what next to do after trying all hair styles in all length, short , medium, shoulder length and even to butt level. You do all this to spice your looks or wanting to look beautiful.

You feel missing natural looks after applying several weaves, extensions and wigs. What comes in mind straight away is to have yourself an Afro hair cut on your natural hair with tint. They’re many options to choose from for best Afro  hair styles if you make use of your hair stylist. Others love it natural black and the rest  love it tinted in shouting colors with the purpose of looking superb. Natural hair looks good on any African Americans women no matter the texture and I support you on taking such a better option once at a time.
• For the lady featuring in the image above, when you take a close look at her afro hair cut, you find that she tinted her entire head with one color and that’s maroon.
• First you will have to check with salon for a haircut.
• If your hair is already short, a few trims will be required on the side and at the crown to shape your head.
• Have your hair washed and dry either by air drying or use a hand drier to save on time.
• For your natural hair to be tinted, let the hair stylist do it for you because there steps that need to be taken to protect your hair, eyes from damage and even burning your skin.
• After going through all steps for your natural hair to change into your favorite color then apply a hairspray to make your hair soft and at the same time easy for combing.
• For tinted hair, you have to check with saloon every two weeks for a wash which includes adding conditioner and other necessary hair kits that will protect your hair from losing its original texture.
• This tint will last for a period of three months and by end of this period, its advisable to plait your hair to take a break  from chemicals or and to re gain growth.
• If you want to regain your natural hair, it’s advisable to plait it for a period of 6 months and by the end of this period, your hair will have added length and you can  trim off the colored hair so the accumulated growth from this period with give you nice hair.
• If you want to have it straight hair then apply the relevant hairspray that does it better and if you want it curly you do likewise.
Since the lady in the picture above is featuring Afro short straight hair and is what you’re looking up to then it’s better to use American Silky Shea Butter Spritz 12oz for easy styling options and to keep your hair looking shinny.

10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-7

Afro hair is attractive, easy to maintain and makes any African American woman look fabulous. Apart from having it in neutral black you can as well have it defined in colors that go with every skin tone, face shape and black skin tones of every kind.

This hairstyles goes well with African American Teens up to women in forties without regretting the outcome. For this cute girl featured on top, she went for thick raised Afro short curly hair that commands class and looking unique. It doesn’t take long hours to make this hairstyle at  saloon  just within one and half hours you will be done because you have to pull cornrows at bottom then weave fixed on top.
• According to how i see this hair, a multi colored weave was fixed and featured both black and brown colors.
• So its fixed relatively short on the sides and at the back of neck then more volume is maintained in middle section because it needs to be raised and long.
• Add the brown color to your hair in small quantities distributed evenly around your head for your hair to look colorful. But if you’re a fun of black then leave your hair on  natural black.
• Add with a hairspray that will make these curls bouncy, shinning and easy to style.
• To keep this hairstyle for long, apply a hairspray that will keep it frizz free, moisturized and make it look fresh every day.
• It doesn’t need you to use a comb because it will make waves less loose.
• When you add a hairspray to your hair, it will become manageable and easy to twist in all directions. Your fingers will do the job for you as you will pull the ends tips upwards to look messy.
• In case your hair is too thick from the bottom then you will need to use the sharp end of the tail comb to lift it upward to avoid it being congested then your fingers will organize the end tips and so push hair that seems longer within.
• Use your fingers too to pull some hair to fall around your forehead for you to look fashionable.
Apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Keraforce Intense Hold Hairspray for intense curls definition.

10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles-9

Look at Rihanna looking so awesome with Afro short wavy hair and I guess every African American woman out there is admiring her looks.

This hairstyle isn’t stressful to care for, it’s just an alternate for easy hairstyles when you‘re tired of wearing hairstyles that take much time to comb and need a lot of attention besides being expensive. This hairstyle maintains you with a young look, attractive and takes less time to comb. It teams with any outfit and fits all occasions at any time. Their African American Women out there who admire to look exactly like celebrities, for this reason Rihanna inspires anybody. By the end of this article you will be sorted and have a variety of Afro short hairstyle to choose from so that you’re not left out of trend next time you choose going Afro style.
• Go for a haircut to have your natural hair cut short if you have medium or long hair. For hair in the middle section leave it with volume and longer and for hair at the back and side trim it short enough to fit in the smallest setting roller.
• Let your hair be washed to clear off dirt, use the best shampoo that is rich in ingredients to make your hair look healthy.
• Don’t forget to add conditioner  on to your hair because it works as vitamins to your hair thus empowering it attain its original texture.
• After washing your hair and still moist add with a setting lotion to fill your hair entirely.
• Use a big toothed comb to push hair backwards then with the help of a small tail small toothed comb, pick small volumes of hair that fills up the roller.
• Pull hair straight starting from the back of neck, as if you’re folding the end tip of hair hold the roller behind hair then fold backwards until it touches the scalp then secure it with a pin. Repeat the same process until you finish up the entire head.
• Tie a soft pad around your forehead, ears inclusive but gently to prevent excess heat from burning your forehead and ears.
• Sit under drier or use a hand drier for your hair to dry out.
• Remove the rollers from your hair, apply hair product on scalp and get some on your thumb in small quantizes . rub gently and apply to your hair until it dissolves within.
• With the help of a small toothed comb, push waves from the front going back towards.
• For the tiniest hair, use  it to pull the shortest hair to order.
• Add a hairspray for the waves to stay for long and looking shinny.
• Wear a ventilated head net to avoid your hair from sweating, and to keep waves from adjusting as you sleep.
• Add a hair product on top of hair twice a week and on the scalp once.
• Take it for treatment within two weeks.
Apply TCB Naturals Hair & Scalp Conditioner 10 oz for oil scalp and hair sheen lasts. It will maintain a healthy look to your hair. its a two product as it works on the scalp and on

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10 Noticeable African American Natural Afro Short Hairstyles In 2017

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