10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces

Every woman is born beautiful and in different make naturally, but you find that every woman has a different face shape. Here with find they’re listed below for reference; Oval, Round, Long, Heart faced as the case may be. But as of now we are talking about Braided Hairstyles for Round face shapes black women pull in trendy designs on different braid materials and all look great. So it gives you more options to choose a particular braid and length of hair that won’t let you down but just to match your face shape. With all these hairstyles shown in the article below you can’t fail to pick the best among all that will impress your heart.
10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-1

Round faces look cute with long box braids on every black woman skin tone from the age teens to below fifties.

At the age of fifties you find that many women cut their hair short to avoid spending much time combing their hair and at the same time short hair makes them look young as age clocks first. Box braids look ordinary to any woman but what makes a difference when you plait is the kind of designs you make out of them to look enticing. This lady shown in the picture above did small long box braids that fall off shoulders in natural black color. She pushed some hair on one of the side backwards and fixed it using hair pins and on the other side hair is pulled around ears some hairs left free and a few hair pulled around ears pulled backwards to make a mini puff and her face came out in the open perfect.
• Use long Janet Collection Synthetic fiber featuring in black color to make your hair because it feels so soft, looks like human hair and very comfortable on your body.

• Make small boxes on all hair except the crown and it’s in order to start from the back of neck coming towards the front because hair aligns proper and makes you reach every section of your head.

• Now on the crown you kind of pull cornrows pulled from the right hand side towards the left particularly around this area only because hair will lie flat causing less congestion around your forehead and hair to remain on one direction.

• Now hair of the right hair side is pulled at the back of neck and held with hairpins.

• Push hair on the left hand side forward around ears and resting off shoulders then hair at the crown pushed behind it to make a mini puff and secure it by threading it in position for your hair to look fashionable.

• Apply braid hairspray finally to lock in moisture and to give your hair a lasting healthy look.

• Keep alternating hair designs every other day to look but pulling hair gently to avoid stressing hair roots but to achieve better looks from time to time, in even amounts to avoid hair catching buildup easily.
• Apply hairspray to your hair often to avoid your scalp and hair getting dry.
• Rinse hair when it gets dirt but avoid over doing it because it weakens it.

Apply Parnevu T-Tree Braid Spray, 12 Ounce to make your hair smoother, adding moisture to prevent dry scalp, flaking or itching as the case may be.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-2
Believe in yourself and know what exactly looks good on you then what ever you wear or put on your body let’s say hairstyles,

outfit or even dress shoes will automatically shine on you. This black women right before you chose a trendy hairstyle that matched with her round face as in she fell for short Afro Kinky braided hair featuring in black color and she looked marvelous. Short hair is comfortable, doesn’t cause stress and with this kind of hair you need no combing just apply hairspray in large amounts since it looks so dry that’s to keep it moisturized all time.
This hairstyle works great to women with tight scheduled and find no time to make their hair because use just scrunch through and your hair will be neat. This hairstyle can take you over two months still in good condition you what you need to do is to wash it clean when it catches up dirt.
• You will need in place sea gull braid threads to make cornrows, Afro short kinky weave that features in black and a small tail comb to help you create columns around the head.
• Now using the end tail of a small comb, you will separate small volumes of hair going round the head and add it with black seagull braids to make cornrows. Avoid pulling the scalp that tight to minimize bruising it and hurting lastly.
• As usual you will start from the back and finish at the centre of the crown and will thread the end of tip the last cornrow on top of each other to make it invisible.
• Open the weave pack and you find that some pieces are short and other longer. For the short pieces you apply them coming from the back of neck towards the middle and from that point up to the front you apply the longer pieces.
• At the end of day you will find that hair will be pointing all directions and longer at the front yet at the back being short and looking lovely.
• Finish by adding hairspray on to your hair to keep it smooth and looking fresh.
• No need to apply a comb to your hair just scrunch through and you’re done.
• Apply hairspray in much volume once in every three days for hair to keep looking good.
• Calculate from the period you plaited it up to almost twenty one days and take it to saloon for washing and finish with hairspray to keep it looking original.
Apply Fresh N’ Natural 8oz dependable to condition, add a shinny look to your hair and to moisturize your hair for a fresh look that lasts ever.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-3

Surely Round Faces can be that beautiful to add with any hairstyle in any length no matter any fiber you apply and you score high.

Look at this African American lady shining with long hair box braids that is parted on to the sides and joined into bigger braid because of its length it’s then folded backwards. This hair looks great in color or when you decide to leave it in natural black whatever you still merge out stunning. Apart from pulling long boxes this lady in front of you went ahead to cut a curvy eye brow, she painted it in mild color then she painted her eyes too in black bold color to impress everyone. She never left out adding small but colorful ears featuring in white and for sure her looks are impressive.
• Use long Darling fibers in black color.
• You will need like seven pieces for entire head to be complete.
• Assuming your hair is clean, you check with saloon for hair plaiting.
• Of course you will use small comb end tail to pick small volumes of hair then add medium sized fiber in small pieces to make long boxes to fill your whole hair.
• When you’re through with boxes divide hair from the middle of your head, marking a line that start at the front up to the back of neck.
• Push hair on sides and each side join hair into one long big box braid that falls off shoulders.
• Do likewise on the opposite side and as hair seems to be that long fold it backwards a few inches off the shoulder and attach it on to the bigger braid by threading it through.
• Add hairspray onto the scalp and braids to make hair soft and moisturized.
• Keep the hair design for a period not exceeding two weeks then alternate it with other hair designs like: pulling puff, holding hair that crown in to a high bun, push hair on one of the side and make a mini puff or leaving it to embrace your back and place a hair band at the front for convenience.
• Make sure you apply the hairspray often in even amounts to avoid hair getting dry.
• This hair can take you maximum two and half months so to keep it smelling nice and hygienic wash it when you feel much dirt has formed within.
• When you remove hair use natural extracted shampoo to wash it, add conditioner more less steam it to give your hair strength and texture.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz to make your hair pretty soft, lubricate your scalp from tight braids and at the same time provide solution to stubborn itchy scalp.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-4

You find that their numerous hair styles you can pull on round face shape even when it seems long to be short and comfortable.

This hairstyle looks simple to make and it is very true indeed but you can collect all hair at the center of the crown and make a nice high bun. This hairstyle is light to carry and works great on hot seasons since hair doesn’t touch your body. This hairstyle is easy to style by you at home as in you gather all hair from all angles towards the crown, tie a rubber band at the bottom then twist it around the crown going high. And with an elastic and round hair puff holder turn it round hair until it stretches no more to keep hair tight.
• Use Kanekalon fiber featuring in natural black to make your hair.
• Let long small boxes cover your whole hair using this fiber joined with your natural hair and it fall off shoulders.
• This hairstyle will take you almost two and half hours to make and when you’re through with these boxes, make all hair collect at the center of the crown.
• Add hairspray on to your hair then thereafter hold it into a high bun.

• You don’t need to bother much with this hair only add hairspray appropriately to keep hair well moisturized, off dandruff and looking healthy.
• I f you’re to keep it over four weeks then take it for washing when it makes 21 days as build up and dust will have collected within.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce reliable at providing lasting sheen, conditioning and a right remedy that won’t let your hair break just anyhow.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-5
Choose an elegant hairstyle on around face shape that will make you look good for any destiny and earn you compliments where ever you go.

You don’t need to spend lots of money to look this elegant but if you choose a nice weave brand , a professional hair stylist plus a nice hair design for sure your looks will be eye catching. This hairstyle is good for formal, parties, weddings and casual and what next you will here is everybody consulting you on how to make it. Be lenient enough to give them the formula you shouldn’t be reserved for useful information. Also pull with unique earrings, necklace or bracelet and dress shoes to earn more value.
• Have in place a medium length wavy weave featuring two colors that’s to say medium black with light brown highlights on top.
• Use black braid threads to make cornrows on the middle section of your hair. Cornrows should start at the top border of hair on the side and stop to another top end corner.
• That’s to cover hair only in at the center of your hair from the front to back of neck.
• Hair on the sides is done with cornrows but you don’t apply braid threads as hair in the middle section, you pick small volumes of the weave and add it with your natural hair to make like two big cornrows on every side.
• Make it as you start from the front up to the back of ears because it looks nice this way.
• Go ahead and add the weave on to cornrows in the middle part starting at the back of neck coming towards the front.
• Pick some hairs in the middle staring at the front towards the centre of the crown and rise it high a bit to form a bump and pin it to keep in position.
• Apply hairspray to your hair to make it smooth and looking shiny then using your fingers scrunch through hair going backwards right after the bump up to the back to make it neat and look bouncy.
• Apply hairspray in small amounts every day to keep hair with moisture, soft and easier to make.
• Cover your hair at sleep to avoid tangling waves and for purposes of not pulling hair to hurt the scalp.
• In case you want to wash your hair, follow instructions carefully to void messing it around. You may use cold water for washing but use less heat to dry it.
• I know hair in the sides will show in growth quickly but for the sake of keeping it look nice and fresh you will redo it after a wash and it will look original always.
Apply BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray 6.76 oz best for all types of hair including Weave, synthetic and human hair. It allows your hair to feel more smooth, add lasting sheen and no matter un friendly weather conditions that come your way your very assured you hair will lock on moisture.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-6
Still you can decide to plait your natural hair without applying any braid material on your round face and you look pretty,

if at all you merely use braid threads that look like your natural hair to make bigger cornrows. You can make like four cornrows on your entire hair and you start at the front going towards the back of neck. In order to make your hair look stylish, you leave out small amounts of hair at the front before ears on either side waving down the cheeks and pointed at the ends to be trendy. This hairstyle requires when your natural hair is soft and naturally wavy. It takes you less than an hour to make this hair. it saves you all the stress of combing your hair daily. However it doesn’t stay there for long the maximum it can take you is around two weeks. Go ahead a shave your eye brow, paint it and maintain it looking natural not forgetting to paint your lips with a colorful gross. This hairstyle suits any destiny, any time and all outfits mention your favorite.
• As I said before have your hair shampooed, add conditioner for like 20 seconds until it penetrates the scalp after washing off shampoo because it’s a necessary hair ingredient that keeps your natural hair strong after undergoing all stretches.
• Wash the conditioner off too and use a hand drier to dry your hair but putting in to mind that you should use moderate heat to avoid burning your hair and more less make it weaker.
• Then pick black braid threads and fold in into two as you hold it at the finger tip over your bent arm and do it repeatedly to make a big volume.
• Use a pair of scissors to cut the treads into two.
• Pick like four pieces of braid threads together and fold them into two then divide hair into four columns to add braid threads and make a bigger cornrow.
• Do likewise with the remaining three big cornrows and join all cornrows at the back of neck then roll over this hair into a floral design and thread it intact.
• Apply lastly hairspray on to your hair to keep your hair with lasting sheen and moisture.
• Apply onto your hair hairspray to keep hair looking good.
• As two weeks elapse your hair will start going out of order, so you remove it and wash off hair product then add another hairstyle.
Use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce to add sheen, nourish your hair at the same time leaving your hair fully moisturized.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-7

If you’re round face shaped and have tried several hairstyle looking nice and wondering whether long curly hair won’t embarrass you after making it,

I am here to encourage you that if you choose a hairstyle like the one in front of you won’t regret at all. What you need to do with this hair is pull with it a bang then on a small area on the side you leave tiny cornrows visible and the rest of hair trailing down the shoulders with curls. You will use a multi color weave that features in black a big section of it then colored maroon below. This hair is easy to make, takes less hours because you draw cornrows and just thread it on top. It’s a great hairstyle to wear for special events if I may mention any: name wedding, parties, engagements and so much more.
• Prepare your hair clean do it at saloon or at home.
• Have in place Free tress long braid teamed in black and maroon color at the bottom.
• Use black braid threads knows as Sea gull to make cornrows, but emphasis should be put at the front for them to point as if they’re going out from all directions. That’s the area covering the front hair up to the middle section.
• For the back section since the weave is going to cover it, you may position them going round the head.
• Get off some pieces from the weave possibly the short pieces and place them on cornrows looking forward that’s to say from the center of the crown coming forward only in the middle section.
• Using a pair of scissors cut its length up to above ear brows covering half of your forehead in the mid part leaving other parts visible.
• Thread the rest of the weave on to cornrows starting at the back of neck; placing the longer piece beneath then as you come towards the crown you place the shortest on top. At the end of day you will find that hair will be well leveled.
• Apply a beat hairspray that will maintain curls bouncing all time.
• Apply hairspray on to your hair until your hair becomes smooth that’s when fully moisturized but not over doing it.
• Apply a big bristled comb to through the curly weave to make it look neat going backwards then like wise use the same comb to push hair forward and gently and lastly using your fingers push a bang to look stunning at the mid of your forehead.
• This hairstyle can take you up to two months and over only when you take it at saloon for washing that’s if it collects much build up. It allows your scalp to be tidy, your hair smelling nice and looking good all the time.
Use BOBOS Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray 6.76 oz best at making your hair frizz free and providing it with moisture to leave it soft and manageable for combing.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-8

There several nice hairstyles you can pull on a round face shape and look fabulous for this time falling for twist shoulder length hair.

This hair looks nice when it features in two colors as you clearly see for yourself black and light brown colors. If you fail to get a weave that is multi colored you then apply two pieces of weave to make your dreams come true. This hairstyle looks beautiful with young women in Twenties, those in thirties, and for women in their forties.
For your face to show up clearly you have to part hair at the front on both sides like half an inch, backwards for some hairs to fall on the side and other hair pushed backwards and fixed around the crown with hair pins or by stitching. At the crown hair seems to be voluminous and fixed up in both colors to look fantastic. Wear this hairstyle for all occasions and you will look elegant however since this hair has length add small ear rings and your looks will be great.
• Part of this hair is twisted on a small area especially at the front, with both colors and only plaiting like one inch going upwards then the rest of hair is left free.
• From the area that done with twists going towards the back you add with round medium sized cornrows then thereafter to join each cornrow together with a piece of weave and the whole area is covered.
• With many brands of hair out there on market find a medium length weave that has tight curls from those numerous hair brands on market that look like this very weave. If you’re not sure on the brand of the weave to use, move to the store with the exact picture of the hairstyle in case this weave is not provided at saloon.
• Finish by adding hairspray to this hair to moisturized and add sheen to it.
• This hair doesn’t need a comb to make it just move your fingers through pushing hair from up going downwards.
• If hair at the front inconveniences you as in covering your face on the side it falls you then apply hair pin to make it fix in one position.
• For convenience purposes cover your hair when sleeping, at swim or when showering to avoid hair from getting wet or hair troubling you at sleep.
• When you start to feel itches on scalp that’s when hair makes over three weeks check with salon for a wash and it will get new life and look better again.
Apply African Essence Weave Spray 6 in 1 – 12 Oz perfect at de-tangling hair, condition hair and providing a healthy look to your hair.
10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-9
Another way of making your round face look pretty is to apply blonde long braids that are done half way with cornrows and finished as long small boxes at the back.

So to make this hairstyle look fantastic you pull some hair at the crown with puff then below ears going downwards you leave hair free to embrace your back. This hairstyle takes away all stresses of routine hair combing, it gives you more options of outfits to add with and very easy to add with jewelry and you look stunning ever.
Don’t be scared of the this hair length , since hair at the front is pulled with cornrows up to the start of crown from this point going back ward is when you add with long boxes. I assure you don’t spend long hours at saloon maximum three hours are enough. After you’re done with hair plaiting your hair stylish needs to shape the eye brow and to shave the forehead for your round face to come up beautiful. Try it out now as in you don’t need to wait for an important event to strike and keep looking fashionable always.
• Have with you long blonde braids it can be synthetic or kanekalon which ever is convenient for you.
• Comb hair to stretch it long using a big toothed comb, and using a sharp end of small comb divide hair into two sections. That’s from the start of forehead coming inwards towards the ears, mark this section as the front section and make a temporary big box out of it to later apply cornrows.
• Start with the back section to make long boxes up to slightly above ears until the all section is done.
• For the front section apply cornrows starting at the front up to the crown and remember to finish every crown as long box.
• Thereafter collect hair at the front section and put it together, using a braid thread in the same color tie hair beneath. You find that since you finished hair with long boxes it will still look long.
• Push hair at this section up wards and hold a puff that is wide. Using the same braids you will pick some and tie the puff round as if tying a knot and the rest of hair will fall at the back to sit on boxes.
• As hair at the back is left free and part of the front hair rests on top you will look so fashionable and surely every head will turn for you and every eye on you.
• Last but not least add hairspray on to your hair to keep it oily, with lasting sheen and charming.
• When you feel this hairstyle has stayed much, you remove the puff and leave hair to hang free covering your back. Or collect it at the back of neck and hold lower puff at the back of neck.
• Rather you can twist hair upwards at back of beck and hold it with a puff holder in which ever color to make your hair look nice and fixed right there.
• To avoid hair catching build up easily, apply hair spray in big amounts twice a week.
• This hairstyle doesn’t stay much longer because within the four week, in growth will be showing much and by the time you feel like washing it then it’s due to UN plait.
Use Africa’s Best Organics Itch Relief 6 oz to relieve tightness of scalp by moistening it, better still your hair won’t form dandruff or cause you itching.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-10

Am not exhausted with ideas as nice hairstyles is concerned that look elegant with round faces.

You can as well make pretty cornrows on the biggest part of your head then leave out a small section of hair especially on one of the side plaited few inches going up wards then hair left curly. This hairstyle flatters your face and everyone takes a glimpse at you will automatically grab all attention. This hairstyle requires when your hair is treated for it to look nice as you see it. However see’s you wearing an elegant hairstyle like this automatically tells how particular and a woman of class you are. You need to have growth of like on e and half months to avoid your hair breaking easily to shouldn’t have too long hair It won’t come out clearly.
This hairstyle looks good to young girls up to women in their fifties. Feel free to wear makeup that maintain your natural complexion, color your eyes and lips according to the outfit you’re wearing for you stand out of the crowd.

• With your hair already treated, it needs to have go through steaming after adding hair product that works in line with your hair texture, other prefer to apply leave-in treatment hair product to cut on time .
• But it pays to make your hair go through steaming as in it gets more strength to go through the teasing and stretches your scalp and hair met in the course of plaiting.
• For the cornrows apply darling braids because it will hold hair nice and looking neat as in the picture above.
• For the part that applied with hair piece, by a short curly hair piece teamed in two colors brown and black but when it’s not bold. You can apply lumba or any other piece that is curly and short.
• Plait a small part of hair going upwards the leave the rest of hair free, curls looking bouncy and original.
• Apply hairspray on to your hair and scalp to maintain an oily scalp and a shinning hair.
• The best essential items to keep this hair looking vibrant are: hairspray that oils the scalp for hair to be well moisturized and your natural fingers that will wade through and scatter hair somehow to look messy kind of.
• Apply hairspray as recommended to prevent hair, drying out, flaking off or itching.
Use Radiant hair spray for dandruff free scalp, worrying on more about itching and to prevent your hair from sudden hair breakages.

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10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces

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