10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces.

The most important thing to take note of in a woman‘s life is to really know the nature of your whole body if I may highlight you on remarkable features: your face shape, your bust, your waist, hip, butt and legs. You put on according to the shape of your body to figure or size .No woman can fail to look beautiful with any outfit or anything that completes a woman if you exactly know what goes well with your body. Now back to the topic, I have looked around the globe and gotten nice Black Braided Hairstyle for Heart Faces that will drive everyone crazy upon wearing them and at the same time limiting you to go for hairstyle that won’t work for you.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-1

Tell you what? Pulling a high bun on your braided hair has never been a mistake no matter the nature of your face shape.

You go for long box braids that fall at the shoulders then to make hair comfortable and short, you collect it at the center of the crown and tie it using black braid threads. You then fold it going round the crown and the end tips pushed inside. You further apply a sowing niddle through the hair to make it fix in one position and to look neat. Am telling you, will keep this hair for as long as you feel like holding it. The only issue that you shouldn’t miss out is to leave your hair un sprayed because it clams down the tight scalp and make your hair look original all time. Nothing can stop you from looking beautiful if you also add nice jewelry and makeup, outfits and dress shoes to entice whoever looks at you.
• There is no technique in making this hair, only have to have handy are: long black Kanekalon braids, sea gull braiding threads and a sowing niddle that will help you thread hair intact.
• So for hygienic purposes take your hair through washing using nutrient shampoo that make add nutrients to your hair plus conditioner for the benefit of your natural hair to have strength and nice texture.
• Use over seven Kanekalon hair pieces that is long to make medium sized box braids that fill the entire head.
• You’re free to start the boxes on the sides, the back of neck the lastly at the front.
• Pick medium sized Kanekalon braid from the one park first and using the same piece divide it into two and interlock the pieces in the middle.
• Fold it from the top then apply on small volumes of your natural hair.
• Twist it first right after the scalp then proceed with boxes up to the end. Repeat the same procedure until your entire hair is done.
• You can apply the hairspray thereafter because when you put it together it sounds quite hard for the spray to reach every area as it should be.
• Gather all hair at the center of the crown and using black braid threads tie round to make it tight. Do it repeatedly like up to three times for secure fixing.
• Hold hair into one and fold turning round the crown making hair voluminous then beneath the crown push the end tips inside to make a nice design then thread it to be firm.
• You don’t need to bother yourself much to keep this hair looking elegant, just add hairspray every two to three days to avoid your hair from drying out.
• Alternate hair fashions as possible for each fashion to take you not more than a week to avoid over stressing your scalp and hair thus making it weak and wear out easily.
• Wash hair once in a month until you observe much in growth is showing up and hair doesn’t look good anymore.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz for soft hair and fully moisturized hair that looks fresh ever.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-2
There’s a hairstyle that drives me crazy and no face shape discriminates it but to flatter it in response.

This hairstyle takes less time to make compared to other braided hairstyles on trend. And to cut the story short, this hairstyle is done on big cornrow a braid that’s long to touch the back. This hairstyle looks pretty on a heart face shape for young women within the range of teen a up to fifties and can go to any important destiny.
This hairstyle is easy to add with any size of earrings because your face clearly shows up from all angles, apply smaller earrings either in silver or any other color that blends with your outfit. For you to look more stunning, shave your fore head and the eyebrows then add make up that makes you retain your natural look and you will entice everyone. Apply wanja on eye lashes too to make your eyes look lovely. Surely your fellow ladies will admire looking like you exactly and you will be an inspiration to all.
• Easy just have your hair washes clean of any hair product or dirt that may have formed on the scalp and within your entire hair.
• Desist from using ordinary soap as in it will do the cleaning but leave your hair dry and hardened. It’s advisable to use nutrient shampoo for your scalp and hair to rely on that is gotten from natural extracts.
• As your hair is still wet use a cotton towel to dry it but not completely, leave small amounts of water within and apply a hot comb lifting hair up wards from the scalp until it becomes smooth and stretched.
• Have in place like four pieces of Darling braids featuring in natural black and in a long size. Make seven bigger cornrows that start at the front then tail longer to touch mid back. At the back of neck thread hair together to avoid hair from swindling around or even getting out quick.
• Complete hair by apply hairspray to make hair lock in moisture and to add lasting sheen.
• This hairstyle takes you maximum four weeks, that implies that you will wash it once and depending on how quick your hair gets dirt you can wash it a the end of the second week or third up to when you un plait it.
• Go to saloon to wash it for high service.
• Since it collects at the back of neck you can add a colorful puff holder to make hair look fabulous.
Use Africa’s Best Organincs Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 6 oz for maintaining cornrows looking lively, oily and with no hair related problems like itching or hydrated hair and scalp but to look original and stimulated up to the end.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-3
Look extremely cute on heart face shape when you wear long small box braids to either push them around the bust and the rest of hair touching your back to look fashionable.

Long braids look cute with young black women in all age groups: those in teen age, women in thirties and women in forties. Long braids go with any outfit you dress with and go perfect for formal, casual and special occasions. This hairstyle looks lovely when added with long earrings especially silver and in bright colors. This hairstyle has many options of styling you can make with it anyway; as in you can push all hair backwards and secure a hair band like two inches after the forehead to avoid hair from coming forward. You can as well hold hair at the back of neck with a round puff holder in natural black or any other color so long as it matches what you put on for the day or push some hair from one side falling on the opposite direction an d few hairs left on the side falling over shoulders. Fix the opposite side hair especially above the eyebrows with black hair pins to make it fix in position.

• Use Janet Collection long braids featuring in natural black and let pieces be seven.
• Assuming you have taken the initiative of cleaning your hair at saloon, and your hair is soft and tangle free thus standing straight.
• Use a small comb end tail to pull off some small volumes of hair in which ever direction you feel comfortable to start, cut each hair piece one at a time to pull medium sized pieces of braid.
• Divide this hair piece into two and join it to interlock in the middle. At the point where hair interlocks join with small volumes of hair you set aside to make long small boxes up to the last tip.
• Repeat the same process until the entire hair is done.
• Using a pair of small scissors get each braid and cut small hairs that go through to make it neat.
• Add braid hairspray right on the scalp and on top of hair to moisturize it and prevent any possible discomfort that rise due to thirsty hair.
• Style as desired to look cute.
• Applying hairspray on time will save you any misfortunes that come along with braiding hair and take less care on to it.
• Let each hair design you pull last for like seven days to prevent stressing your scalp often then weakens hair right from the roots and wears it out quick yet you want to keep it long.
• Do all the creativity you can apply on your hair , lets way adding hair accessories that will take to another level yet you pulled just an ordinary hairstyle and what makes it pronounce loud is the kind of accessory you add to look stand out of the crowd.
• With the washing of hair to keep it hygienically clean and with a nice scent check saloon every after three weeks and if your scalp catches dirt and dandruff then you can do it every two and half weeks.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz for reliable sheen locking, conditioning and no itch but a smoother scalp and hair.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-4

I have seen many black women plaiting their hair and they do all this just to get off stresses of combing their natural hair often because most black hair is hard textured.

It takes you long to comb your natural hair thus women prefer to do away with it and get relief by plaiting. With a heart face shape you can find that even long boxes can be look good on you. You divide hair into two sections that’s to say you collect all hair around the crown and part it on either side then make a small puff on either side as hair falls around the bust or at the back of neck. Whichever seems easy for you look cute either way? This hairstyle looks good especially with teen age black girls and women below the age of forty.
• Use Freetress braids which is long featuring in natural black and if you’re a fun of colored hair then apply among the following; Blonde, Maroon, Brown, Purple, Blue or pink.
• It requires you to apply around seven pieces because am sure they complete your whole hair.
• Make booking with your hair stylist to plait long boxes, you pick relatively big pieces of the braid and join it with small volumes of your natural hair to make long box braids up the end.
• Let boxes fill your whole hair and this process will consume almost six hours if one person is attending you, and less hours if two people work on you.
• It is quite hard for every part of your hair to reach spray, so after plaiting I advise you to add spray to the scalp and the rest of hair last because it involves some parts of hair to be congested and impossible to get the spray thus making hair to itch you earlier.
• As your done with plaiting hair, part hair either way from the middle of your head, from each side push hair towards the side above ears and tie it using black braid threads to make if fix in position.
• You find that the rest of hair will be falling off shoulders, then from the point you have tied hair leave space between & turn the rest of hair round twice while it ends go through it then pull hair with tender to lock it thus making a floral hair design on top. Let the same process appear on the opposite side of head leaving hair to touch the bust.
• Dress to kill and off you go looking awesome.
• Hold hair in various positions let’s say at the back of neck using a colorful scarf or puff holder or leave it free to embrace your back to look like African queen.
• Apply hairspray often to desist hair and scalp from drying, itching and forming dandruff.
• Always collect you hair on top of your head and cover it with a ventilated net for passing out air and to avoid pulling it out as you sleep.
Apply African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce for steady sheen locking, moisturized hair and stops hair from falling off and stimulates hair growth in return.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-5

If you’re one of those black women with heart face take yourself to be blessed. Whichever hairstyle you wear on your body whether short or long braided you automatically look pretty.

For this black heart shaped face shown above, she chose to plait her hair with afro kinky long braids and later hold her hair into a bun to make it short and fee comfort. First and foremost Afro kinky braids hold hair stronger than any other brand of braid, so it means when you apply it your hair will stay for long , at it hold your hair tight then in growth hair takes time to surface so it’s value for money. The only issue with this hair is that it’s heavy but bearable to carry because this is what your heart falls for so you don’t feel any hardship wearing it as you fall for it.
With any kind of jewelry you pull whether short or long and outfit you match with it you look awesome on instant.
• This hairstyle can be done on natural and treated hair.
• Whether natural or treated hair it needs to wash your hair and add treatment hair products to enrich it with vitamins especially embedded in natural extracted products.
• Your hair gains weight, improves texture and stands all hush conditions to grow long and strong.
• Check with your hairstylist to plait your hair, because it takes more hours to make this hairstyle that’s almost half a day.
• Inquire whether the particular braid you want to make your hair is available, and if possible move with you Afro kinky braids that are long and in no’s amounting to seven or six for convenience.
• Your hair will be drawn with long small box braids covering your whole hair.
• Add hairspray on to the scalp to make it moisturized.
• Gather all hair in the middle of your head and tie in together using black braid threads until its firm, later hold hair together and fold it round with volume up to the last tip and push the tips within.
• Thread hair through to make it the bun tight and to look fashionable.
• Lastly add spray on top of hair to make it smooth and healthy looking.
• This hairstyle looks best when you add hair spray to it that’s every two days and in large amounts because it has much volume.
• As the braid looks much on head, it needs when you alternate hair designs you make with it to somehow look light on head.
• Let’s say to can push hair backwards and place a hair band within a range of like two inches inwards after the forehead. Alternatively you can gather hair at the back of neck and tie hair with rubber band, scarf or round puff holder.
• Rather hold part of hair around the crown into un up do and leave the rest of hair falling off shoulders to stylish and more hairstyle s to pull as you may wish.
• This hairstyle can take you maximum two and half months but to make it tidy and less stressful take it for washes at saloon once in four weeks.
• Dry air using a hand drier on average heat to avoid wearing out your hair and possibly losing out the texture of the braid due to excess head.
• As you take sleep, name it shower or swim cove your hair with head protection cover to avoid messing your hair.

Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, 12 oz perfect at keeping hair with volume with adequate moisture, to make it pretty smooth thus easy to twist any direction you wish and at the same time protecting hair to loss its ability to hold on to braids and break off thereafter which seems to stress everyone.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-6

Black women out there with heart faces am telling you, there trendy hairstyles that look cute with you however simple in the making but look great surprisingly.

As you check this black babe in the picture, she made cornrows on the front part up to center of her head there after she added a medium length straight weave featuring in both colors black and brown in light color.
This hairstyle takes fewer hours to make and doesn’t exceed one and half hours. Since all hair is drawn with cornrows you just design them different as in, for the front part you make them going backwards as they follow the contours of your head. The back part you make them cross from one side to another for the weave to sit on proper. Go ahead and pulling long earrings that look elegant, add make up and tell you what you will be war.
• Apply human hair weave that is medium length teamed in two colors that’s light brown and black colors and one piece is enough.
• The other reason why human weave is preferred is because your can set it with rollers and create waves or curls if you fall for this kind of hair.
• Have in place black braiding threads mostly sea gull brand because it holds black hair firmly and color black looks exactly like your natural hair.
• For the cornrows drawn at the front it’s hard to identify it. One piece is enough and only a small amount of it is consumed.
• Have with you a small pair of scissors to cut the sea gull threads in pieces and in right measurements to fit the length of cornrows.
• Use a big bristled comb through the weave to look neat and straight.
• A sowing niddle to join the weave on to cornrows.
• Add a hairspray on the cornrows and the weave to make it moisturized and to lock in sheen.
• If you’re tired of hair touching your shoulders you can hold the weave together at the back of neck less tight and tie a rubber band then twist it upwards and fix a hair colorful hair accessory to make your hair look great.
• In case you want your hair to look wavy, check with saloon for a wash, dry it using a towel but not completely then add setting lotion. Set rollers on to the weave and set under drier on average heat for hair to dry. Add hair product on to the scalp and on to the weave then comb as desired.
• Cover your hair at sleep, at shower to keep it from getting out of order.
Use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce to keep your scalp and hair with lasting sheen and moisture.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-7

You have a heart faced shape and wondering whether long twists will match you,

beyond reasonable doubts I assure you long big twist with two strands that reach mid back will answer your queries. Let it feature in faded black color and long for you to look sexy. It’s voluminous on head but manageable to carry thus any outfit you add to it strikes far. This hairstyle can looks good to young girls, women in their thirties up to forties. It’s great for casual because many styles can be pulled with it for you to look stunning.
• Apply Angel’s braid or an equivalent brand of braid that is long and makes the same result according to your designation.
• Make booking with your hair stylist and you take your hair for a wash then proceed with plaiting thereafter.
• Since this hair is long, you take over three hours and over depending on the speed on how fast your hairstylist is?
• You will consume over six braid pieces and to be on the safe side have like seven in number.
• You will need small tail comb to pull out small volumes of hair to add with the braid and twist it long over shoulders.
• Using a par if scissors cut out the braid pieces and pull out big volumes of braid and divide it in two pieces then join with your natural hair and twist it up to the end and finish by tying a small knot thereafter to fasten it.
• Do likewise up to when your all hair is done.
• Make sure you apply hair spray to entire hair and the scalp just to keep it well nourished and healthy looking hair.
• Since this hairstyle has volume you need to apply hair accessories to either clip it or tie it to avoid hair shadowing you over.
• Wear a head cover when at sleep, at shower and when taking a swim to avoid wetting and strangling your hair because it causes it to become weak.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce for keeping twists and any kind of braided hair extra smooth, with a nice scent and better still for strengthening your hair from the roots from falling out easily.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-9
Alternatively you can pull micro boxes at the front then add a curly weave to the rest of hair to come up with afro hair design that is short and looking lovely at all occasions.

This hairstyle takes away all stresses of routine combing of hair especially natural black hair that hard textured and at times hurts to comb unless treated with chemicals to make it light. The only trouble you bear with this hair is to add hairspray to make it soft and maintain a shinny look. You can apply a small and spaced comb with steel bristles to lift hair upwards to avoid it frizzing and tangling. This hairstyle gives you more options of outfits to pull and look trendy, if you add colorful necklace, earring and makeup that blend with your outfit you strike so high. Just know you face shape and find out what exactly looks nice on you then whenever you step out of your house by coincidence you will leave every head turn after you cheering you up. For you to look enticing and special pull with bright color eyes, shape the eyebrows and paint it either with black or brown eye pencil then lastly add enticing lip sheen to make you look sweet.
• You will need short angels braid to make micro boxes featuring in off black.
• Likewise you need to have in place a curly short Weave also in off black to connect with the boxes at the front.
• The section where the weave is to be applied first is applied with cornrows using black braid threads especially sea gull or any other brand that does the same job according to your destiny.
• Off course you will need a small tail comb to pull off small volumes of your natural hair from a whole lot to make cornrows and micro braids. It’s in order to start by making cornrows on the back part, proceed with micro boxes then lastly apply the weave on to cornrows and you’re done.
• You will divide your hair into two sections, the front part for micro boxes and the back part for adding the weave.
• When you’re done with making the micro boxes, you make five rows of these boxes rolled backwards up to the end crown and thread it on to cornrows to look invisible.
• Maintain your hair looking nice with hairspray that locks in curls and at the same time adding moisture on to the boxes for a healthy look.
• Add hairspray on time to keep your hair soft, the scalp well moisturized to take you longer.
• Use a small comb with steel bristles to comb through the weave from beneath going upwards.
• Put on a ventilated head cap to pass in and out hair and to protect your pillow and sheets from catching hair product and for the scalp to pass in and out air.
• Since hair seems to congest around the small boxes apply hairspray in much volumes for easy penetration to the scalp, to void this section getting insufficient spray to avoid dandruff or itching.
• Wash hair once in a month to keep it looking original.
Apply African Essence Weave Spray 6 in 1 – 12 Oz to add moisture, condition hair move tangles and to make your hair have that lasting sheen. Application is easy, apply the spray on to scalp and message gently and on hair entirely.

10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces-10
Rock your heart face with half cornrows then twist the rest of hair up to the shoulders with Free tress synthetic braid.

This braid holds your hair tight, stays there for long if you’re the kind of woman who looks up to plaiting your hair and get off routine hair combing for up to two months and over. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is natural or treated its very applicable. Since you’re hair is going to take a period while braided you automatically have to check for saloon to add treatment hair product that will enable your hair to desist breaking and losing its original texture thus it will be stimulated to growing fast.
This hair is easy to maintain because only hairspray is need to keep looking good and enticing and looking shinny.
• Endeavor to clean up your hair before plaiting it because it brings discomfort to your scalp and in a short run you will find yourself nursing itching or cause you to remove it before schedule.
• It needs for you to have two pieces of the braid, to use small part of it to make the half cornrows then the rest to be added on top of cornrows in medium length.
• For cornrows at the front you use the very braid to make it then for back part you can make them using black braid threads then after wards you stitch the braid on top until you complete the entire head.
• No comb is needed to make this hair stand out just by using mere hands you scrunch through it and it will look nice.
• Since this hair has volume and seems so dry so much quantities of hairspray is required to make it soft, the scalp filled with moisture and to lock in curls.
• If you’re to keep this hair over a month or so then take it to saloon for a wash on the third week of a month to keep the scalp breathing and generating hair steadily.
Use Golden Supreme Braid Sheen Spray 8.5 oz for anti itch, make your hair soft, leave your hair conditioned and with sheen to show up healthy all time. And more to add its perfect for daily application


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10 Enticing Black Braided Hairstyles for Heart Faces.

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