10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Last Updated: September 1, 2017

Black Women are gifted with attractive skin tones whether Dark skinned or Light skinned. However all these skin tones are applied with color fibers, weave and extensions to look exceptional hot? You will prove wrong or right when you go through this article I have collected 10 images of Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair that will brainstorm you for choosing best of the best hair next time you fall for medium braided hair. Some African American women prefer medium length hair when they go for braids, first to take a break from routine combing of their natural hair, to save on time for combing hair and to have comfortable hair that doesn’t touch outfits and body therefore causing lots of sweat.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair

Their black women out there who treasurer wearing multi colored hair to look sexy or make their name known to the international scene by the way they present themselves:

This hairstyle in particular is worn by celebrities, and for the common people who see them wearing color hairstyles and admire to have the same looks? And what they do is to choose those colored hairstyles like the one in the pictorial for special treatment in society.
For this very African American lady with a light skin tone in the image above, she wore perfect colors on her hair. She used maroon, brown and blonde colors that teamed so well. Hair doesn’t touch her shoulders to cause her heat but instead look messy and fashionable.
• Pick Nubian braids in three different colors with the same length: that’s to say in maroon, brown and blonde.
• It’s possible to have such a hairstyle if you only have short or medium length natural hair.
• Have your natural hair shampooed using cold water, using a cotton towel that absorbs water best dry you hair and leave your hair moderately wet.
• Use a hot tool to dry your hair completely with the help of a big bristle comb. Lift hair gently upwards as the hot tool flushes heat around each part of your head. You can start with the back part, the sides and at the crown.
• Make sure each section after hot combing that it’s without tangles and stretched straight for easy plait.
• Don’t add any hair product while you’re hot combing your hair because it will make your hair slippery and difficult to plait.
• Now divide your hair into three sections, each section plait it with big boxes to avoid hair interrupting in the process.
• Starting from the back section, pick small volumes of hair and join with different color Nubian braid.
• Repeat the same process with each section until you complete the entire hair but make sure the colors are distributed evenly not just one color in one space to be off track.
• Your natural hair will be plaited like two inches from the scalp going upwards and fastened at the point where it’s concluded by forming a knot using the very braid then the rest of hair left free to look in every direction.
• Repeat the same procedure until all sections are done, then add with a hairspray to cool it off.
• Since Nubian braids look voluminous and too dry it needs you to add with a hairspray that will make it softer yet shinny.
• On the first day of braiding your hair, it requires you to spray your hair massively to absorb the required moisture it needs then for the other days use it moderately once in every two days or else see details provided by the manufacturer.
• You don’t need to use a comb when putting your hair to order, simply clutch your fingers through from the scalp going upwards then on top of your hair shake it to look messy.
• Have it rinsed off dirt and hair buildup within the 3rd week continuous up to 2 and half months.
Apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray to keep hair from dehydration as in providing the actual amount of moisture hair needs to look bright.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-2

Medium hair for African American women is quite interesting, beautiful because it has lots of hair designs that are done on natural or treated hair to move anybody that takes a glimpse at you.

For now let’s look at medium length twist hair done with Afro Kinky Braids. Afro kinky braids hold hair tight but gently for a long time. Afro Kinky Braids look elegant with any hair accessories, and it’s made form hard fibers it’s difficult for your hair to break just anyhow. They’re African American women that have tight schedules and hardly find time to plait their hair often? Choose to go for Afro Kinky Braids because it’s dependable and lasts long. Medium hair is comfortable for any season and for this particular that is done with Afro Kinky braids, is one hairstyle that can go for any destination and look respectable and fashionable. You can gather hair starting from the front gently and one by one to look neater then hold a puff looking sideways then the rest of the hair at the back to freely rest on shoulders for you to look awesome. Pull with earrings that are short or medium length so long as they blend with your outfit to keep trendy. Making this hair will take you up to three hours since the twists are small in size of course you can endure the time because beauty is a price.
• This medium hairstyle is done on either natural or treated hair.
• It doesn’t focus on the length of your hair whether it’s too short or long it’s possible to achieve this good look.
• On clean hair and scalp, go to salon for a hair plait with Afro Kinky hair piece to apply on the entire head.
• With the help of a big bristled comb, your hair will be combed straight from the roots to the end tips.
• Since hair is voluminous, it will be puffed into one bigger loose box braid to pick small volumes for plait starting at the back proceeding to the front.
• At the start of every single braid, you pick small amounts of hair join it with the braid, turn it around and create a small box like half an inch the twist it up to the end and at the end tip from a knot to fasten it.
• Repeat the same process until you’re done with the entire hair.
• Add with a hairspray to moist the scalp and on the entire braids for a healthy and shinny looking hair.
• Pull as many hair designs possible adding hair accessories like puff holders, hair bands, head scarf’s in case you want to hold hair in different positions to look cute.
• At you don’t need to use the hairspray daily because build up coming from the spray will catch easily, causing early itching and discomfort.
• Cover your hair when showering to prevent hair from getting wet because it will force you to go to the salon to put it to order and before sleep cover your hair still to avoid stretching / pulling it which might weaken its roots.
• When you feel your hair has caught dirt give it a rinse but don’t overdo it washes away some of the essential oils your scalp produces for healthy hair.
For long lasting original and healthy look of your braids apply Black Thang Olive Braid Spray – Women’s 8 oz.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-3

As we look at Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium hair you find that it can be applied on colored fibers that look cute with any African American skin if you may help me mention your type, But am sure of is that you can’t go wrong if you pick amongst these colors:

Brown, Purple, Maroon, Blonde and black mixed with any of these I have mentioned. This very hairstyle right before you takes up to two hours, done with big twist for easy removal when you’re done and easy to march any clothing. It looks good to young women up to the age of fifty, good for formal as well as casual purposes. To make a statement with your looks add a bit of jewelry and blending makeup.
• With your natural hair showered clean and tangle free check with your hairstylist for a hair plait that will make heads turn.
• I guess you have already purchased your colored Nubian hair piece in Dazzling Brown color that reaches the shoulders.
• As well your hairstylist can provide you one at a cost If you have failed to get one just in case you are a busy person that finds it hard to move around town checking it yourself because of having less time.
• The hair piece will be removed from its parking then pick small volumes of hair piece and join it with small amounts of hair then twist it from the start to the end.
• This same process will be repeated up to when all head is covered.
• Style hair your way by either pushing some, at the front backwards or leave it free and possibly trying out other alternative hair designs. Cool your hair with a braids hairspray to look stunning.
• Maintenance is easy, nothing much is needed to keep it looking hot, but a braids hairspray if applied frequent will make you wonders.
• Within three weeks or so hair will have caught with some dust more less hair buildup as a result of hairspray.
• Avoid your hair getting wet and if so does check with salon to attend to it for a healthy look altogether.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray, for soft and moisturized braids that have a lasting charming look.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-4

Black women never fail to look fabulous with color braided hair; it only requires you to be creative when selecting colors that strike with your skin tone.

If you’re looking up to wearing braided hair that heads turn for complements then with this article you’re sorted. It can be Curly Braided hair, Box Braided Hair, Twist Braided hair or whatever hair design that turns you crazy.
Every African American Woman is expected of braiding her hair because of the nature of our hair textured that hard and to some it hurts when combing so to get a relief from this they opt to plait it.
Plaiting hair should be every African American Woman hobby as saves you lots of you would waste combing your hair and at the same time, and to add value to your natural beauty that anyone would become envious.
• The hairstyle right before you is curly, in two blends to mention black and maroon.
• For this hairstyle to look exactly as you see it, part of the front hair will be drawn with half box braids then the remaining part of the your hair created with medium length cornrows and the hairpiece joined on top.
• Purchase a micro curly weave that reach the shoulders in two colors mentioned above.
• One hair piece can work but for those that need it be with volume hair two pieces will work or less using one and half because two weave seem heavy to carry.
• Using black braiding threads joined with your natural hair, from the back of neck form cornrows across up to two inches before the forehead.
• Before adding the hairpiece on to the cornrows, first plait medium boxes on the front part in black then observe carefully observe even color distribution around your head to look awesome.
• When the hair piece has been added on to your hair and boxes finished as well, apply a hair spray on the scalp first and lastly on to the weave for your hair to be fully moisturized
• Maintain your hair by applying hairspray to make your hair soft and easy to handle.
• It doesn’t require you to use a comb as the comb might fade away curls, so use your fingers to crutch through beginning at the top going downwards section by section.
• If you’re bored with one hair design try alternative designs at least every after a week.
• Let the first hair wash be within three weeks and the earliest two weeks.
Use African Royale Brx Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray because it’s enriched with tea tree oil that keeps hair healthy and without itches.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-1

Medium Boxes Braids for African American women is yet a unique hairstyle if chosen , gives you comfort in that it saves from you daily hair combing and gives you many options of how to style it and look beautiful.

You find that other African American women chose to go for braided up do’s , others hold it at the back of neck and for fun others leave it free but not exceeding shoulder length because it’s the topic of the day. It’s easy to look after and doesn’t cost you much hair product or spray to keep it looking fresh. For this cute African American lady featuring small box braids, she created with a simple hair design by parting hair at the front to fall on either side for her cute face brought closer with a natural attractive look. It takes from two hours but not exceeding three to make this hairstyle. It looks stunning to any face shape and every skin complexion for black women.
• On short and medium natural hair boxes are possible to come up with perfect.
• It’s a taboo to braid hair on a dirty scalp and your hair at large; if this is implemented with nutrient shampoo not ordinary soap then the next step should be to check with salon for a hair do.
• Don’t apply in any hair product because it will be loose to plait.
• Buy Kanelalon fiber that is the best to hold African American hair for long, your hair stays up to 8 weeks and half if you’re comfortable with having one hair design for a good period.
• With your natural hair straight it will be pushed backwards and held in one position let’s say at the crown and fixed temporary with a hair pin to avoid it from falling any how through the braiding process.
• Usually hair is started from the back, and for this case hair is picked in small volumes and joined with a small piece of Kanekalon fiber and boxes drawn from the roots of hair up the end until you’re through with entire hair.
• Others use hot water hair piece and at the end of all tips it’s burnt with hot water to make it firm and for curly hair done with the same hair piece hair it twisted in small bits also burnt with hot water.
• Complete your looks by applying a braids hairspray on scalp to avoid it being dry and also on braids entirely to keep it looking great up to when you’re done with it.
• I give all this information to any woman to have a clue about what should be done at salon so you can correct your hairstylist where need be.
• Just a single wash with shampoo to do away with dirt and formed hair buildup that’s with two and half weeks or three will keep your scalp healthy and a hairspray to cool off thereafter.
• For every week add a braids hairspray right from the scalp and braids massively to keep hair looking live this long.
For bright and shinning braids use African Pride Braid Sheen Extra Spray that is great also for keeping braided hair free from itching, breaking, dryness and better for holding braids tight.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-7

African American women out there are you aware that you can go medium curly and half boxes at the front for that sexy look you always dream t of.

It doesn’t cost much to have your looks so beautiful pronounced to make men crazy. This braided hairstyle before you reasons you out. It stays longer, good for teens and women in late forties so you shouldn’t be left out of this bracket use all the resources you have to achieve such a tremendous look. No matter the length of your natural hair, whether short, medium or long this hairstyle is applicable and can take up to like two hours. Part of front hair and a small section is plaited with small boxes a few meters and for the rest of hair curly up to the shoulders.
• Pick a micro curly weave from a beautician shop or big stores at a cost in your favorite color, that’s to say gold and brown. These colors can’t fail to blend with all African American women faces and different skin tones.
• With your natural hair clean, assuming you’ve shampooed it from home but for those women that have less time and even feel that it can be done perfect from salon then take the initiative for better results.
• Using black braid threads cornrows will be created on the biggest part of your head: from the back of neck to be put together with your natural three before the forehead round.
• Before joining the hairpiece on to the cornrows, first hair at the front will be drawn with small half boxes and hair parted on either side leaving a line in between visible and clear for beauty.
• Using the very hair piece, small volumes of the hair piece will be set aside to plait boxes.
• For the hairpiece to look voluminous cut each piece using a razor blade in between horizontally to come up with two pieces instead of one.
• At the back of your head towards the start of the crown use one piece to cover each cornrow but as you approach the crown use two piece to join the cornrow for hair at this section to be with volume.
• Using your fingers, pull hair down wards to preserve the curls and finish with a hairspray that is rich in keeping Curls bouncy.
• Seconds after plaiting your hair add with a braids hairspray that works both on scalp and braids entirely.
• Avoid your hair from getting wet uncertainly if you’ re not intending to wash it either when swimming, showering so on by wearing protective measures for your hair to stay looking healthy.
• You can push hair at the back and secure it with a hair band that’s If you’re tired of the same look with time.
• When you apply a hairspray to your hair make sure your hair is fully moisturized for it to stay longer.
Add with Care Free Curl Gold Hair Scalp Spray to keep curls locked in and hair dehydration.

10Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-8

Be a trend setter yourself by setting record of designing your natural hair with unique cornrows around your head .At the crown area a wavy hairpiece will be added falling at the side to touch your shoulders.

The cornrows around your lower head will be well a lined, at every angle giving a clear view to anyone looking at you from both sides and at the back on neck. For the hair piece that fall on the right hand side with add a sexy look to your appearance. This braided hairstyle is a great selection for Parties, Weddings, Engagements and other causal events you may think of that are of great importance to your life.
Any African American women in the bracket of teens to women in mid forties can’t fail to look awesome with it so find out where you fall. If you haven’t tried it before then this should be your next braided hairstyle to go for. It’s easy to maintain, easy to comb and the only issue it has is taking up to two hours with medium cornrows and the rest but for tiny cornrows or so you can take up to three hours of making.
• Your hair will be divided into two sections for the lower part including the back part and the left and right sides neat cornrows will cover up.
• For the crown area tiny cornrows will be created parallel and the hair piece joined on each individual cornrow to come up with neat wavy hair that fall on right hand side.
• Plaiting your hair will take not more than two hours and you emerge out of salon like a beauty queen.
• Immediately after your hair is plaited you have to have with you a hairspray that you will apply on the roots of hair and the scalp to be with adequate moisture because dry scalp and hair will pluck off and cause you itching.
• For the curly hairpiece to look neat it only takes seconds using your fingers to spread it messy style and you’re done.
Add with African Essence Braid Sheen Spray for all hair types, excellent in shinning hair and above all stop your hair from itching and lastly to keep it with moisture.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles For Mediun Hair-9

Alternatively for that African American heart faced ladies that feel like pulling off with medium braided hair all your questions will be attended to in this whole article.

It’s lovely to wear braids and your looks complemented as this cute babe in the picture above portrays it. It’s easy to make, takes less time to make that’s to say you can be complete within one and hair hours or less depending on the speed of your hair stylist. Much as I have mentioned heart faces going for this hairstyle it doesn’t mean other face shapes will not make it with this particular hairstyle it’s because heart faces have be the topic of the day.
This black braided hairstyle for medium length looks nice with young women and for those women that haven’t yet made fifty years of age.
• You will have to purchase your favorite color hair piece that is medium length.
• If you don’t know the name of the hairpiece, down load this image and go with it to any beautician selling hair pieces or show it to your hair stylist for guidance.
• Next step is to have your hair clean getting ready for plait.
• Small section of your front hair will be set aside from one end to the other to be done on half small boxes.
• Hair at the front will be divided into part by leaving a line in between as hair will be parted all directions for clear view of the middle line.
• For the rest of the hair , right after the braided front part, tinny cornrows will be drawn round up to the back of neck.
• Single hairpieces gotten from the whole piece will be joined to each cornrow minding lengths for the shortest to begin with and the longest to finish last around the crown.
• When you’re done with hair plaiting, add a hair product on the scalp using your finger tips then on the hair piece, get small quantities of the hair product and put it into your thumb rub gently and smear it on top of the hair piece to make easier for combing.
• No need to use a comb of any size your fingers will do you a great job.
• Apply the hair product as advised by the manufacturer.
Add with African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray for protecting your hair from breaking and at the same time perfect in locks.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair9

Among the trendiest braided hairstyles for African American women that we have come across in different colors and styles, let me introduce you yet another striking braided hairstyle that will make you smile welcoming compliments from wherever.

First and foremost it takes quite a short time to make it as your all head is colored with cornrows and just one side joined with a micro curly weave that has volume to give you a stunning look.
This braided hairstyle doesn’t base on your particular face shape or even skin complexion not even the side of your head but once you get a nice hairstylist and show him or her what you really want in picture if you can’t describe it well then be rest assured that what your heart desires is what you will get at the end of day. To make your hair outstanding add elegant jewelry with natural make up to maintain your natural look but shinning.
• To have such a hair weave with volume other women by two hair pieces but if you’re short of funds but want your weave to look voluminous after plaiting it then?
• You will have to buy one hair weave within the hair piece itself their sets that complete it then get one each individual piece particularly the short pieces that are put below up to the top corner of your head.
• If the hair piece is still not enough then one every hair piece cut in the middle horizontally using a razor to get two pieces of each. These hair pieces will look much so when added on to your braided hair will give the desired volume you’re looking up to.
• Have with you a set of black braiding threads, you might ask yourself which threads am talking off it’s the very threads that are used to sew table set mats.
• On a clean head, your natural hair will be sectioned to plait in intervals, with creativity added tiny cornrows will cover all your head looking in all directions to mark contours of your head in style.
• On the left hand side cornrows will be left visible then on the right hand side; you will join the black tiny curly hair piece on to the cornrows up to the middle of your head from the front to the back.
• After your hair is plaited, add hair product on to the scalp for your scalp to be moist and on the weave itself add with a hairspray to keep curls shinny and un tangled.
• Spray your hair evenly after two days or three.
• You don’t need to use a comb to put it to order because a comb will loosen the curls.
• When showering and before going for sleep wear a head net to keep your hair un messed.
• With in the third week when hair seems to catch dirt take it for a wash at salon. When this is implemented it will take you for 8 weeks and half or 9 weeks for replacement.
Use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray to make your hair evenly moisturized and with lasting sheen.

10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair10
Possibly you might want to go for tiny box braids in blonde using high Yaki , African American women look for medium braided hairstyles that work in all aspects let it wedding, formal business and any other destination you may mention.

It looks pretty with all faces, have a variety of styles to make with it and look outstanding. However since the boxes are tiny it takes like three hours making it but what I know anything to do with looking beautiful any woman takes an extra mile so time seems no big issue. You only need to set priories for each day that comes for you to meet your expectations.
• Purchase yourself a high yaki blonde fiber from big stores all designated places that sell African American hair weaves, extensions and the like.
• Choose the color you want and for this hairstyle above this lady went for blonde no other.
• Make sure before your hair is braided that it’s pretty clean to avoid it itching you after braiding it within a few days at least be responsible for the hygiene of your hair and body at large.
• Your hair will be combed straight using a big toothed comb then collected at the crown with a loose big box to avoid it interrupting you around.
• One the hair piece and pull small piece and set them aside, make as many as possible.
• With the help of a small tail comb, cut small volumes of hair and join it with your natural hair right from the scalp to form small boxes and before you reach to the end tip of the braid leave about three inches un plaited for curls to bounce downwards.
• At the point where you feel you should stop the braid, form a knot using the very braid by turning round and pass the braid through then formed sort of hole then pull tight to make it firm.
• Repeat the same process up to when the entire head is done.
• Finish with a hairspray right from the scalp and the braids for a healthy look and un hydrated scalp to avoid negative results.
Add with hairspray when you feel your hair is dehydrated.
Style as many fashions possible, when holding it at the back of neck with a hair band, push hair backwards and hold some at the up may twisted up wards and fixed with a hair pin then hair at the back falling freely on your shoulders. Or even puff it for better looks.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray for making your hair highly moisturized and to prevent hair from breaking.


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10 Dazzling Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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