10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens

Teen life is interesting, Adventurous and with young beautiful skins that look cute on teen hair. Black Teens who fall for short hair love it in many ways depending on every individual. Others prefer cutting their natural hair into trendy haircuts to name like French haircuts and  others go for voluminous short wigs and to others do short dreadlocks or others just love cutting their natural hair super short to maintain that black Natural look that makes any one crazy. Allow me take you through 10 of the best Black Natural Short Hairstyles for teens that make every head turn around you.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-1
Source: Short hair is comfortable, light on head and Black teens who find long hair a hassle instead go for short hair that takes less time to comb.

Teen’s girls who have confidence and pride in being black go for short haircuts on their natural hair. Since black hair is mostly hard textured, some use curly hair products to make it soft  and to bear curls. Others leave it short but straight or others prefer leveling it evenly in to a simple haircut. Short hair blends well with any outfit however it is economical. It grows so fast and it needs you to check with salon every two weeks for a trim to keep it looking good. For the teen girl featuring in the image above,  she took a decision to cut her natural hair short with some volume at the crown then super short on the sides and at the back of neck to look stunning. She is long faced and since hair at the side is shorter her beautiful face comes out clearly with all the contours out lined and if added with natural make up she looks war.
• Just go to experienced barbers for your natural hair to have a haircut.
• You don’t need to worry about the length of your natural hair if its already  long , when you go to  experienced barber your hair will be leveled to the length you fall for.
• With a big toothed comb, your natural hair will be pushed up straight first and with  a pair of scissors used to trim shorter hair on the sides and at the back.
• Hair at the crown will be left with some volume and raised to make a nice hair cut.
• When you’re done with the haircut, your natural hair will be washed clean and to put off small hair that long in while trimming to make it neat.
• Hair will be set for drying.
• Your forehead will be shaved too for you to look beautiful.
• Apply your recommended product to make your hair look shinny and soft to comb.
• As I take a close look at this hairstyle above I clearly see it’s curly so apply a hair product that is rich in locking  curls.
• Apply hair product twice a week on your natural hair and for the scalp once in a week.
• Within two weeks new growth will start to show up, so you need to check with salon for hair trimming.
• After every trim then a hair wash will follow.
• Repeat this process every after other two weeks, not until you make 4 weeks up to 8 and half weeks for a fresh haircut again.
Add with Virgin Hair Fertilizer because it contains natural oils that are good at restoring damaged hair , added with organic vitamins and natural oils like olive oil that works on natural and treated hair to prevent if from drying out and for that important reason of minimizing  hair from breaking.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-2
Source:To some Black Teens Short Afro hair is the way forward. It’s height is minimized not too short  but just looking messy on any face shape.

It’s quite voluminous and spreads around the head making all the contours of the forehead visible and attractive. For you to achieve this Afro natural short hairstyle, it needs you to have long natural hair. If you have fears that your hair will hurt when combing apply hair products that is best at keeping your natural hair soft .With the nature of this hair above I see it has tiny curls , so if you don’t have wavy natural hair then the hair product you apply is the one to perfect this look. Black Teens never leave out adding with jewelry because it completes their looks ,no matter how simple your hair looks you emerge out with an awesome look.
• If you have short hair, and want to have this length  then plait your natural hair for a period of 6 months by the time this period elapses you will have attained. This means every other two or two and half months you will have another hair plait.
• It gives you a chance to change your looks and at the same time aiming at growing your hair long.Thus you hit two birds with one stone and the end result will be having long hair.
• If you’re natural hair takes long to grow, during hair plaiting add with hair products that facilitate steady hair growth for you to meet your target.
• Once your hair has met the required height you see then you will take your hair for wash then dry it using  a hot comb and a big toothed comb applied lifting hair up wards to straighten it.
• Brow dry your hair until you feel the comb isn’t sticking anywhere.
• Apply your recommended hair product and then comb it with big spaced comb going up wards for hair to look all directions to achieve that messy kind of look.
• As you go to sleep, create simple big boxes on your entire hair like 4 of them for your own temporary. This helps you the following day when combing your hair  to be soft and less congested and done with ease.
• Repeat this process every time you go to sleep, as if not put in action, black hair has a tendency of frizzing  and hurts when un attended.
• After washing your hair for the first time, apply the hair product in big amounts to make it manageable.
• Within four weeks have a single hair wash following all steps mentioned above.
Add with Best Argan Oil Serum to your hair to make it curly, shinny , without frizz and above all make it soft and manageable for combing.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-3

Source: Some Black Teens love to twist their natural hair with an aim of avoiding to comb hair. It looks more like Rastafarian hair but for this particular hair is applicable on short hair.

Rastafarian hair is done like dreadlocks with varying lengths to touch shoulders or falls off shoulders to  puff it. This requires you to have medium length hair that is short on sides then in the middle section to apply curls using  a curling tool or other wise apply Afro kinky weave. This hair gives you comfort as in no combing is needed so time is saved for other priories than when you would need to take long time combing your natural hair. This hairstyle looks cute with anybody regardless of size, height, shape of your face and skin tone.
• Have your natural hair rinsed off dirt and any formed hair buildup resulting from previous products applied earlier.
• As your hair is still wet, use a hot comb to dry it out. Proceed with the same exercise until hair is straightened up to the tiniest coiled hair that features on the edges of your head.
• Pick a few quantize of hair product and apply on scalp.
• It’s in order to start from the back coming towards the front, as it gives  you chance to a line your hair up right.
• When hair is done, apply hair spray on top to prevent it from drying out and to keep it looking good.
• Twice a week apply a hair spray once with even distribution around your hair.
• Give your hair a rinse once or twice a month depending on how quick buildup forms.
• Part hair on the sides in middle section  for it to stand out.
Use Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment 4oz for all hair types name it: natural, colored and processed hair, it helps in steady growth of hair, moisturize it and perfect for keeping it looking shinny.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-4
Source: They’re those Black Teens out there with naturally soft and wavy hair, for them it’s easy pulling  hair in many styles to give you  a decent look.

For what you need to do is to apply curly hair products  on already soft textured natural  hair to achieve stunning look as featured in the image. Some face shapes differ from one another when  you give a hair cut to your natural hair. You can add little color sparingly around your hair for it to strike to the top. Whichever  skin tone you have whether light or dark this hairstyle looks beautiful. Save your face, shade your eye brow and apply colorful lip sheen to spark your lips.
• Assuming you have natural soft and curly hair of any length, visit a barber shop for a haircut.
• Make sure hair on the side is cut super up to the back of neck  then volume is reserved in the middle .
• Hair in the middle section should have more volume and with congested curls .
• Hair will be washed, dried and applied with either curly hair product or hairspray that locks in curls.
• Use a small toothed comb to comb your hair, for hair on the sides pushed down and  at back  of neck likewise then hair at the crown lifted up wards and completed with a small comb tail to push in longer hair inside.
• Nothing much is needed to keep this hair charming, all you need to do is apply hair product once in every two days.
• Apply it moderately to avoid early catching of build up.
• At sleep cover your hair and whenever you feel your hair itching come to know that dirt has formed and your hair thirsts for a wash.
Apply World of Curls for steady maintenance of curls; keep your hair in shape all time.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-5

Source:Black Teens have different ways they make their natural hair short with interesting and seductive hair designs that make them look elegant in every way possible,

However adding color to their natural hair is one of their hobbies with this age bracket that can’t miss without. Among trendy colors Black Teens use to have striking colored hairstyles are; Maroon, Blonde, Brown, Blue and White blonde. It means that your natural hair is tinted in your favorite color and this can be done within a few seconds at salon.
First you will have to trim your natural hair to your favorite length then check with your hair stylist at salon, it works perfect when you have used one hairstylist who is  familiar with you because she or he has enough history concerning you that is relevant just in case. Then from here your hairstylist will do the needful to Color your natural hair in your favorite color that keeps a smile on your face.
• In case you’re natural hair is long and feels like reducing its length  short then have a haircut first then hair coloring done last.
• Express to your hair stylist the length you want your hair to be and  if you already have short hair a few trims will be done on your natural just to level it perfect and neat.
• It’s economical to do all this in one place instead on having a haircut in a different place and hair coloring in another place. I understand a modern salon has to have both sections within as to give confidence and comfort to their customers especially women.
• You find that some women would like to relate with the male  counterparts in the same environment but to keep the female customers secure make salon spacious for  male and female to have both sexes under one roof.
• Hair cut will take less than an hour to have it, and hair coloring too.
• Later your hair will be washed off the chemical then dried and combed using a big bristled comb to put it to order.
• Colored hair needs to be taken for treatment every other two weeks cause chemicals that are applied on your hair can damage your natural hair texture and at times cause hair  to break.
• But the products they use at salon to treat your hair like shampoo and conditioner is equipped with natural extracts that are best at restoring your hair back after a hair do. Color applied on your hair  lasts  for three months and  fades away gradually.
• Apply a hairspray that works best on colored hair following prescription  guidelines for best results.
• When you’re done with this hair and want to regain your natural hair color back, give your hair a rest by plaiting it for a period not less than 6 months.
Use black 151in1 Miracle Hair Spray for holding hair for long, good at preserving hair color , for guaranteed UVB and UVA protection.
10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-6
Source: Interestingly Black Teens love to wear hair bands around their short hair and  look all that great no matter the  tone of your skin not even the shape of their face shape can single you out.
Others love it curly, wavy and straight depending on each individual teen for what best actually turns each on. You may back me or disapprove me but I surely support my cause depending on how this black teen in the picture featured on natural curly hair  complimented with a white tiny hair band. In most cases it has to either match with your dress shoes, hand bag or outfits for you to look fabulous. It doesn’t matter much which hair texture you have, even though it’s hard it can be made soft if added with the right hair product that suits your hair type. If your hair is already soft you don’t need to put much effort to make your hair stand out. For those with hard textured hair choosing the right hair product that is best at keeping natural hair curly is the way forward.
• If your natural hair is already short, you only need to wash damp clean your hair to keep it looking healthy before applying any hair product.
• For those ladies that already have long hair and want to have the length of hair that this black Teen is showing then automatically your hair will get a trim first if it has more volume , proceeded with a wash then apply hair product that is rich in locking in curls.
• It’s the hair product you apply that will give you positive results or opposite, so apply hair product that will turn your natural hair into curly without adding chemicals .
• Add with a hair band in your favorite color like one inch after the forehead that is long enough to touch  ears and to blend with your outfit.
• Day one apply hair spray massively putting into consideration that your hair isn’t over moisturized.
• Once in seven days, apply hair product once moderately.
• Let your hair take a shower once or twice in a month for hair cuticles to breathe evenly and promote steady hair growth.
Add with Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hairspray for keeping your hair with sheen and at the same time giving your hair body.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-7
Source: Their Black Teens out there that love just to cut their natural hair  super short to look simple.

Or maintain the best of their natural look and kind of save on time they would consume combing hair daily to give other priories ample time.
You find that these Teen black girls have tried all sorts of hairstyles and feel they owe to have a short hair cut at a time to spend less money but looking unique. Not most Black Teen girls opt to cut their natural hair short but time comes when you’re tired of teasing your hair much  let’s say to plait it or to add chemicals and the only alternative is to cut it  natural short.
This kind of hair is so comfortable for all seasons, pocket friendly and makes you look young, sexy and attractive above all.
• Nothing much is needed, only have your natural hair trimmed short up to the required length that you feel comfortable with.
• Rinse your hair off dirt, trimmed hair that feels your skin to leave a clean scalp and hair that looks pretty.
• When you’re done with hair washing, make sure you dry it then apply hair product to make it soft and shinny to make heads turn.
• Use a small bristled comb to comb your hair.
• For every three days, apply hair product once in small amounts but on day one it needs to apply in large amounts for the hair product to have a sounding impact and even distribution on your hair. I mean fully moisturize hair that’s easy to comb.
• Wash your hair once in every three weeks because in this period your hair will have caught dirt or much hair product added that needs to be washed off for odorless, healthy looking hair.
Apply Black Magic Oil Sheen Cherry 10.5 oz for all hair types including chemically treated hair and Natural hair. It keeps hair fully moisturized right from the scalp; it guarantees your hair with sheen that stays for long therefore giving your hair that healthier look you yearn for.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-8
Source: Black Teens are gifted with skin complexions that are easy to add with all sorts of hairstyles to look stunning.

These skin complexions can be named in three categories namely: the light , the dark toned and chocolate brown this teen in the picture above is wearing. All black teen skins look beautiful with short hair and for this particular chocolate brown skin complexion no hairstyle can fail to come out perfect if you already know the category your skin falls in and the right make up to add to perfect your natural look all together.
• Let’s assure your natural hair is curly and soft not the hard textured natural hair.
• You will be required to trim your hair short, for hair on the side to be super short then hair at the crown with volume.
• After this step is done, then proceed to wash your hair thoroughly clean, dry it out then apply hair product.
• In case you have hard textured hair, you too will start with a hair cut to level your hair on even length, wash your hair with natural hair shampoo.
• Because your hair is hard textured then you will apply hair product that is best at making your natural hair curly and at the same time leaving it soft.
• Never give up applying hair product to your hair because, dry hair is hard to comb and break as a result .
• When you feel much build up has caught your hair and dirt then give your hair a wash, after wards dry it then apply your preferred hair product.
• Apply hair product as recommended on the label for effective results.
• If you still need to have the same hair style and in growth hair has showed up then you’re feel to take your hair again for re do to look neat.
Apply Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray for maximum hold, to enrich your hair with body to prevent it from being flyaway.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens-9

Source: Look how sweat natural black teen hair can make you look like a queen yet it’s simple to make and matches any outfit and goes to any destination with compliments.

It takes you long and for you to strike high with it, you need to shade a bold eye brow, apply mascara on your eyes, make up that maintain your natural skin tone, colorful lip sheen and elegant jewelry to complete you.
It doesn’t need much effort to achieve such a look yet it makes a sounding statement if worn because it changes your personality, put you in the bracket of woman of higher class. This hairstyle is worn by celebrities and those teens out there that cherish being Black. This Short Black Teen hairstyle you see in the picture above blends with casual and formal outfits and tell you what? No disappointment at all wondering that you fell in the ditch for choosing a wrong natural hair style only compliments and whispers will cover you up leaving you smiling all time.
• Have your natural hair trimmed shorter at salon.
• After a hair trim your hair will then be given a rinse with shampoo , as in a small amount of shampoo is poured on to wet hair, rub gently on the scalp and on to the top of hair and washed off with cold water.
• You will use a hot comb to dry your hair then use a big toothed comb to remove tangles from your hair.
• With a help of sisal sponger rub your hair section to section clockwise and as a result your hair will look kind of twisted and messy.
• Just a braids hairspray will be enough for your hair to stay moisturized and to look healthier .
• Once in four weeks wash it and the same process followed mentioned above.
Add with John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Spray for easy hair styling, holds moisture longer and works as ant frizz solution.

10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens10

Source: Short hair is so interesting and easy to play around as in you can cut your natural hair super short on the side then leave like half in inch at the crown to totally do without combing .

You still look pretty with super short hair however it’s economical little bit as in every two weeks you need to check with salon to trim out in -growth hair up  to the length you require your hair to be.
You don’t need much to maintain this hairstyle brilliant but a daily hairspray can do you great wonders to maintain your natural hair evenly moisturized and soft. Apply unique jewelry to make you stand out minding to match jewelry plus outfit to look fashionable.
• Only have your natural hair trimmed super short with experienced barbers for a cute haircut.
• Wash your hair after the haircut, you can air dry your hair because is few then add with a hairspray to make your hair look beautiful.
• Since hair is few it doesn’t need much hair product, apply it moderately to your hair every other two days to keep your hair looking nice, manageable to comb.
• Use a small comb with small bristles to comb your hair.
• Within the third week rinse off hair product and dirt formed within your hair.
Apply TCB TCB Natrl Hair and Scalp Conditioner to keep your hair looking shinny because it’s made from the finest natural extracts like Olive oil that is enriched to maintain your natural hair softer and moisture your hair needs to look bright.


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10 Cute Black Natural Short Hairstyles for Teens

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