10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf

Last Updated: September 2, 2017

Black Braided hairstyles has stepped a standard a head as far as creativeness and trendy cute hairstyles for women is concerned. You can decide to plait your natural hair to stop all the bothers of combing hair daily to save on time or hurting your scalp as a result of combing your hair. Black hair falls in two categories the hard textured and the soft. Now the problem lies with the hard textured hair, its thick congested and when you try to comb it tends to hurt the scalp so plaiting hair solves all these issues. A scarf comes in at a point when you want to look out standing for special occasions name it casual or party, wedding and other important functions that need to dress at high level. When you add it to your braided hair, the scarf automatically adds more value to your looks, reasons how fashionable you are? It talks more about your personality and how particular you’re when it comes to dressing. lets look at more pic of Braided hairstyles with scarf below for you scrutiny.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-1

No black woman that adds a scarf to her braided hair goes wrong ever?

But you also need to have some expertise on how to tie it and which fabric to use depending on the volume of your hair. You can decide Black women that plait longer hairstyles and feel hair shouldn’t fall on their bodies, and at the same time want to look more beautiful with braided hair for special destiny? This hairstyle above gives you a clue of how to go about scarf’s and braids that every Africa woman looks up to.
• This lady in the picture above, went for big and longer twist braided hair with volume that looked elegant with her face you too regardless of your skin tone and face shape whether heart, round, long , Oval and whichever face shape I haven’t mentioned here will look hot with it.
• She picked a colored big scarf that features in colors: blue, orange and white to give you more options of outfits to match it with. But relatively any color of scarf can work plain black because you will seem too dull.
• Before conducting anything, you hair will have to be washed be it natural or treated hair. For treated hair it has to have more growth for the braids to hold hair tight.
• When hair is washed clean, you dry it and comb to remove all tangles as this makes plaiting hair easier.
• Look for the braid material that can keep big twist for locked and for a long period ask yourself which one in particular and my answer is Afro Kinky. It has a rough texture that is gentle on hair but good enough to keep your hair tight and better.
• This hairstyle consumes almost four to five pieces, so big volumes of your hair will be added on to big amounts of Afro Kinky fiber twisted from the scalp up to the last tip.
• Same process will be repeated until the whole hair is done.
• When hair is done you tie the scarf from the back towards the side to kind of puff the scarf round leaving out hair visible but the tips tied within to look fashionable. In case you’re not conversant with tying the scarf check with salon or a friend that has expertise.
• It’s not that you have to pull with the same scarf and hair design all time , you can use a different color scarf and a different hair design let’s say you push hair at the back of the crown tie it together with a braid thread.
• Move the hair tips circular to kind of form a floral design and stitched it in position then with a small scarf tie it around at the point where hair joins for a hot striking hair design.
• Give your hair a thoroughly wash when it feels itchy to remove dirt, dead skin to open pores of the scalp for healthier breathe and good looking hair.

Apply African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray perfect for locking twists and stops hair from breaking.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-2
Source: Reason yourself when you last tied a head scarf on your natural hair or those other ordinary braided hairstyles and what impact you fetched at the end of day?

I know you can’t get a negative message, however small a head scarf may seem to that a small item and un noticed but when added onto your hair it takes changes your personality and beyond.
Black Braided hairstyles with a scarf is a necessary item black women young and elderly shouldn’t do without because it brows up one’s beauty like a trumpet that no eye can miss without cheering. Their numerous trendy scarf designs you can pull with different black braided hairstyles to prove you’re a woman of class and to show everyone that you give your hair first priority and its’ accessories more than anything . Did you know that you can wear dreads in style especially long dreads that fall off your shoulders to look more African less make everyone envy you because you will be looking prettier?

• First you will to go to salon and have your natural hair done with dread locks. It takes you more than three hours of plaiting as in its long and the way each dread lock is done it involves compacting your real hair and the braid fiber step by step and it consumes lots of time.
• Get a scarf to tie over your head when dreads are done when its multi colored, it shouldn’t be that big else a medium sized can work. Pick it in your favorite colors and what I know about colored accessories like scarf it matches many clothing.
• The day you leave salon when dreads are done, your scalp tends to hurt so it’s hard to tie a head scarf only hair product will apply on the scalp to soothe it and on dreads to keep it looking shinny and fully added with moisture but when like a week passes by your scalp will be at ease so go on and tie your scarf.
• Let it cover your entire head collecting in the middle of the forehead making a fashionable knot right there then dreads resting over the scarf dripping on the side touching your bust.
• Change positions of the scarf every time you feel tying one either at the back of neck, the scarf tied at the front making hair to fall over from the side or collecting hair in the middle and dreads sort of turned round to form a floral hair design thus tying the scarf in between and more hair designs that awaits to explore.
• Since this hair has volume, it gives trouble when sleeping or showering so tie a cloth over your head to avoid discomfort because if you don’t you find hurting yourself when by coincidence you sleep on it and it causes you to hurt your scalp and never the less it plucks out quick.
• Wash your hair from salon when it collects dirt to keep it looking healthy.
Apply Murray’s Beeswax, Black, best for sealing dreadlocks and adding sheen to it.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-3

Sincerely Black Braided hairstyles has reached a point to leave everyone speechless when you observe the way women spend much time adding glamour and creativeness to braided hairstyles to stand out and even make everyone amaze when anyone stares at it nodding for compliments.

In fact Black Braided hair is more meaningful than any other hairstyle let it treated hair or Natural hair because braided hair gives you more options to play about and make it strike to the top. You can decide to go for long twist braids that rest on the laps on one of the side yet the other side is cut completely short marked with a line in between to separate both sides. This hairstyle is displays one side as Mohawk and the other with long twist braids blended with colored scarf on side top. The scarf added on to braids makes a great impact on the hairstyle it’s self and your personality too. This hairstyle looks beautiful to young black women in teen age, those in thirties and not skipping out women in their forties. It shows how trendy a woman gives her hair priority and matters most how she cares about her personality. Every face shape looks great and any black skin tone can’t go wrong if once they fall for this hairstyle above. However this hairstyle is more of casual than formal un less your employment doesn’t restrict on how you go about your hair.
• It takes you to have your hair at one of the side shaved super short and light for your scalp to be visible up to the back of neck.
• A long line is cut using a small scissor to mark the boundaries of the Mohawk side and the other braided side as a way of making this hairstyle look beautiful.
• The other side of your head that is to feature braids are combed upwards using a big bristled combed to remove tangles and for easy plaiting.
• Now with the help of your hair stylist, you will choose super long braids material to dress your hair and to hold it for as long as you wish to look pretty and this braid material is not other than Afro Kinky and Kanekalon, Synthetic braids whatever met your expectations.
• It requires like five hair pieces to complete the entire head, so each piece will be cut out then pick small amounts of hair piece in sets to pick a single hair piece and join with small amounts of your natural hair too and twist it longer to kind of touch the butt. Repeat the same process until the entire half of your head is done with braids.
• This process will take you approximately two hours maximum or one and half hours minimum.
• As braids are completed, you apply a small scissor on to each braid to cut small hair pieces that are standing or longer at the end tips and on top and to make each braid neater and well leveled.
• With a small scarf set aside in black and white colors, first put braided hair together and with a black braiding thread tie it together from beneath to make it firm and drop it off shoulders.
• At the very point where you have tied the braid thread, tie around the colorful head scarf and finish from inside for it to look orderly.
• When plaiting hair is done, your forehead too will need to be shaved, make up applied, lip gross applied, mascara applied on eyes and finally eye brow shaved too and painted bold for a stunning look.
• Seconds after plaiting hair, you will apply a hairspray massively on your hair to be fully moisturized and at the same time to make it look shinny and attractive.
• Tie your hair with a light cloth or wear a head net to keep it in one position when at sleep to avoid discomfort, when taking a swim or showering to prevent your hair from getting wet.
• In case if it so wets then visit salon for your hair to be attended too.
• Above all add a hairspray to your hair once or twice a week for your hair to keep looking good.
• In case to need to keep it for more than a month then have it washed once every after three weeks or so to keep the scalp clean and breathing while your hair maintains that original look.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray to keep your hair soft, moisturized scalp and hair and above all to prevent your hair from itching let’s say dandruff.

10 cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-4

A scarf is just a hair compliment that makes your hair to look more meaningful.

The color you choose to apply on your hair entirely depends at your choice. The color your choose for a scarf portrays your inner feeling, it can be featuring in different animal pictures, vegetation and anything else that passes over information to others. Your hair has to be first plaited then a scarf added on top in whatever design that makes it look hot. For this right before you, went for long box braids and later folded at the crown and stitched together then leopard scarf tied at the lower part of the head to cover hair on the side, the back of neck then finished at the front to come up with a stylish big knot in the middle of the forehead.
This head scarf teams well with African fabrics, like Bitenges, Maxi dresses and pants that blend in colors featured to look more elegant. This hairstyle goes best with women above teens up to fifties particularly those women who take dressing as number one priority and prides in being black too.
• Have in place a leopard medium length scarf that will be tied at the lower part of your head after plaiting your hair.
• Your natural hair will be plaited with long medium length box braids with either Synthetic or Kanekalon Braids featuring in natural black and like one hair piece in maroon to be distributed sparsely around hair for braids to look outstanding.
• When long boxes are completed, hair will be pulled up wards towards the crown area holding small sections of hair inter-locking to fill the crown then using braid threads stitched together into a nice in floral hair design.
• If you’re to tie the head scarf don’t apply hairspray to your hair because the head scarf will absorb the hairspray and even spot patches on it.
• As the boxes are done, hold your medium length scarf and fold it triangular facing upwards , the top folded a bit tie your hair from the back of neck, through the sides below the crown and finish at the mid forehead tying a cute knot pushing it’s ends inside and hard to locate where it’s exactly pushed.
• Complete your looks with makeup that maintain your natural look, outfit that marches your head scarf either in coffee brown, white or black for you to look fabulous.
• Braids hairspray added on to your hair in big amounts will work perfect with this hair volume of to make sure hair has enough moisture it needs to prevent hair and scalp from hydrating, to give hair a fresh look and to prevent itching that comes from a dry and dirty scalp.
• You can as well change colors of the head scarf and alternate hair designs to change your looks any time you feel tired of looking that ordinary from salon or at home with a help of a friend with expertise. Every time you change a hair design give your hair a wash, and this implies that after fortnight it’s possible to change your look with a different hair design.
• Hold it a bun, a puff and let it free tying a scarf just after your forehead in way that makes you look cute.
Apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray for lasting sheen, hair nourishing and best at restoring hair natural moisture.

10 cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-5
Sou Black women on this universe don’t be left to lag behind closed doors by failing to move with trendy hairstyles that make every head turn for your sake for consultation and complement with cheers.

This hairstyle gives you confidence that colored hair looks beautiful and can be added onto a scarf and gives you better looks even if you’re not all that cute. What I mean by this point is that no matter how your personality is but if you choose nice colored hair and blend it with a head scarf no doubt you look like a celebrity or a beauty queen. You will inspire others to choose best color for braids and good reasoning when choosing a scarf to shine with. As you observe the babe up front she went for maroon Afro Kinky that and graced it with a colored head scarf that has maroon highlights to complete her hairstyle. You don’t need to be that special to wear nice hairstyles but knowing how to match colors will automatically make you a special lady woman by looks. As well you can match this hair with a plain color scarf but putting in mind that really correspond with each other.
• First make sure your hair is washed clean of any formed buildup, dandruff or any other dirt that can cause your scalp to itch.
• Check with your hair dresser/ stylist for hair plait with a clear explanation of which hairstyle you really like, and in which particular color or even take a picture of the very hairstyle you like and present it in camera.
• You need to have maroon Afro Kinky fibers for making this beautiful hair.
• Your hair will be sectioned into two parts, a small section of hair at the front will be left out to draw long twits which will be folded round to push a bang with volume stitched intact using the same color braid threads to look nice.
• For the rest of the hair, medium length cornrows will be drawn using the very afro kinky fibers right from the contours of the head coming in the middle of the crown then each cornrow finished with twists that are long.
• Cornrows will be stitched together and the ends folded circular-wise and stitched with color threads to form un up do/ mini puff.
• Apply a hairspray in small quantities to keep your hair well moisturized and looking nice.
• Get hold of your headscarf, fold it into three if it’s wide and if small two times are enough place it in the middle of the puff and bang showing clearly. Place it from the back looking forward and turn it around once or twice and finish it from one of the side looking cute. Try as many options shown in the picture above for better results.
• No hassling, no stress but a hairspray applied on time to prevent hair from drying out will keep it looking great.
• In case hair disturbs you falling around your forehead then alternate it and push it off the forehead and either push it to the side on in the center of the crown for comfort.
• Give your hair a rinse when it makes three weeks and over to keep it hygienically fit.
• Where hair is voluminous apply much hairspray to avoid hair from itching you.

Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray perfect for providing twists with adequate moisture ,making hair look shinny all time and added with natural ingredients that prevent hair from breaking.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-6

My Jesus Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf has turned me on, as In more and more styles of tying a head scarf on braided hair are merging out taking African American hair that great and this can be seen even with a little kid.

For you to see such a hairstyle however un particular with braided hair you may be, it just opens doors for you to try on attractive and eye catching scarf tying that will single you from the ordinary class of black women who don’t mind looking elegant taking everything for granted. Beauty lies in your hands, you bring it on board by adding small accessories that make a statement like: scarf’s, jewelry nice dress shoes and belts to cut the list short.
You don’t need to have lots of money to look that fabulous but the key to looking elegant is to have those small items that complete a woman’s look not under minding a scarf, bracelet, earring or necklace . Open your eyes and mind looking fashionable, on trend for recognition. For this time we are looking at pulling long box braids with metal pins placed to make braids more lively and spice hair more by adding a head scarf in bold colors to match with every outfit like mini dresses, pants, maxi dresses for special occasions, great for parties, weddings and hot dress shoes name it; heels and sandals to look stunning.
• It requires you to clean your natural or treated hair for plaiting comfortable and nice hair.
• Your will have more than hair Kanekalon fiber pieces to plait your hair. Since they pick big braids and its long it needs you to use over five hair pieces.
• Have in place a packet of metal hair accessories to be placed around the braid either after the start of each braid, in the middle or at the ends for beauty.
• Each hair piece will be cut and piece set aside in even volumes to join with small volumes of hair starting at the back of neck long to fall at the back. This process will be done over and over again to fill the whole hair.
• Later metal hair accessories will be fixed on braided hair but not each just fix around the pins and check whether it looks colorful.
• Finally hold hair together pushing it upwards at the middle of the crown and hold a puff. Stitch it intact and place a round puff holder. Kind of pull the ends longer up wards then let it face all directions as you raise it high to create a high bun fix it in position with a hair band.
• Lastly get hold of your scarf fold it horizontally and place it looking upwards. Tie it from the back of neck high enough to reach in the middle of high bun collect it close to the forehead and covering the lower part of the bun.
• Make the two ends met at the center of the forehead, tie a small knot once to make it tight then its ends turned around and bumped at the back of the knot to look perfect.
• At the time of tying the head scarf you might skip the hairspray to avoid dirtying the scarf but after wards you’re free to apply it to keep your hair looking good.
• Twice in a week apply a braids hairspray to your hair to keep it looking healthy, charming and soft.
• Alternate positions you hold your hair either at the back of neck, leave it free or hold it on the sides whichever position drives you crazy.
• To avoid spoiling the original look, after washing your hair use moderate heat to dry your hair once every four weeks until you‘re done with it.
Apply Mane ‘n Tail Shine On Spray 4 oz for maximum shine and moisture to your hair and remedy that adds strength to your hair to stop hair from breaking.
10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-7
Pull with Black Braided hairstyles with a scarf the teen’s style by making small but long Box Braids that touch the back to move with hair fashion trend.

This hair is so comfortable, easy to style, doesn’t need much care but gives you a variety of styling options to make you look beautiful all time. You can hold part of your hair into puff yet at the front you design your hair partially with a cute voluminous bang. Always pick colorful scarf’s made from nice fabrics, beautifully designed in multi color or plain to make your hair look awesome. For this young Black woman in the picture chose a multi colored scarf in purple blended with pink, white and maroon flowers giving you chance to wear any plain color outfit that pulls one of these colors for you to look fashionable. She looks so pretty wearing her hair long , tying a head scarf that matches her outfit but putting in mind that also jewelry is an item that should accompany these matches for a magnificent look that make heads turn.
• Here we go, have your natural hair washed thoroughly clean for healthy looking scalp and hair.
• Check with salon for hair do.
• Have with you more than five hair pieces approximately seven for this hairstyle to be completed and in case you want to keep this hair for long and intact then apply Kanenkalon fiber that is the best for holding Black Hair stronger and tender.
• Your natural hair will be added with small Kanekalon piece in small volumes and boxes drawn longer falling at mid back.
• It will consume over three hours but the result will be hot.
• It’s proper to start from the back of neck as you proceed towards the front next to the forehead because it gives correct order to reach every part of your hair and looks neater at last.
• When hair is done, set aside some hair at the front to pull a side bang, push that hair covering part of your forehead waving at one of the side. Fix it with black hair pins and its ends pushed at the centre of the crown to add to the puff.
• Put the rest of the hair together from all sides collecting at the center of the crown to form a long puff.
• Use black braiding threads to tie hair tight and secure it with a puff holder to holder hair better and looking more organized.
• Now get ready with your scarf and fold it thrice the place it at the back of neck, pointing towards the front resting in between the pushed bang and the puff.
• Tie the scarf facing on the side once and tight then repeat a second time in the same place folding the ends into two but joining at the center of the knot to come up with a nice design.
• Cool your braided hair off with a mild hair spray to keep hair looking shinny and with a nice odor.

• Always apply hairspray to your hair evenly and on the scalp to keep hair soft, keep it with moisture and a fresh look altogether.
• Try as many styling options as possible with alternate color scarfs to spice up your looks.
• When hair catches much buildup and dust wash it off with shampoo and cold water then use low heat to dry your hair. Finish by applying a hairspray to keep your hair looking beautiful.
Apply Black Thang Braid Sheen Bonus 12 oz for healthy looking hair.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-8
Go for bigger Box Braids that is long to save on time at salon that’s if you’re looking up to making easy hair that will save you for about within three weeks the stress of combing your natural hair often.

This Black Braided hairstyle can party, go for weddings, good for formal and look so fabulous on your head.
This very hairstyle looks cute with young women, and later bridges that gap up to women in fifties and beyond especially those women who mind maintaining looking beautiful despite age. This hairstyle teams with any outfit at any occasion only dress shoes can put you off if you don’t give it much attention. You shouldn’t worry about its length because its pushed high around the crown and fixed within that’s if you’re afraid of hair touching your body causing you lots of sweet or heat. This Black Braided hairstyle earns you more respect and shows how fashionable your and tells you’re a kind of a woman who values the way you present yourself to the public any way. Any Black Woman of any face shape, name any skin tone looks stunning if she falls for it. In case you don’t know how to tie it? Check with salon or for purposes of being creative sit in front of a mirror and try many styles as possible until you come up with a perfect hair design done by you.
• Go to salon and book with your hair professional to plait your hair, negotiate the cost, the braid material to use and which colors to apply.
• With your natural hair already clean, using a big bristle comb push your hair straight to remove tangles and even make it softer for plaiting.
• You can apply Darling hair pieces and if you don’t get this actual braid you can use an alternate braid that does that same purpose depending on what your designated locations offer you.
• Your hair will be put together with available black braids to create bigger box braids and made long only filling your entire head.
• Braids below the crown going beneath will be pushed from the left hand side towards the right but curving at the center of the crown.
• For hair in the middle part will be pulled up wards collecting from all angles joining at the crown centre and turned round the crown to form a high side way bun with volume.
• Using black braid threads you stitch hair tight to keep in position.
• With you head scarf in place, wide and big fold it horizontally then face it upwards starting at the end back of neck. Turn it round covering the lower part of your head finishing in the middle of hair at the front.
• Tie it once then turn it back covering part of the crown and at the very back of the crown push it within the scarf and fix it there .Use a hair pin to fix it tight to secure it from coming out.
• Add a hairspray two times in a week to avoid hair from getting dry but instead keep it well nourished.
• Don’t apply solid hair product because it forms much buildup quickly.
• Wash hair within three weeks and beyond because at this point it will have formed dirt and need washing it off. Clean hair grows first and keep you going not until you’re done with it but still looking nice.
Use Mane ‘n Tail Shine On Spray 4 oz for maximum shine and moisture to your hair.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-9
You can be the kind of person who falls for head scarfs yet want to wear braids that looks short and is more comfortable to care and seems light on your head.

All these issues are very possible to achieve even if you pull with long braids it can be made shorter and puffed in the middle of your head. You can opt for big box braids that take short time to make and more still make them more comfortable by holding a puff and the ends tips of braids curled with a metal tool to make it curly and small in volume.
For this time you can apply hot water braids for purposes of curling easily because you can either leave it the normal braid way or curl it all by pouring hot water on it when twisted in sections and loosen later with tiny looking curls.
With this hairstyle before you, big box braids were done to cut on time spent sited at salon, then its ends put together, puffed and coiled to shorten its length and to add style. Perfectly a scarf it tied from the back of your head towards the front leaving the puff and a few hairs visible for leisure.

• Have hot water braid material in place featuring in natural black.
• Together , your natural hair and hot water braids will be joined in even amounts to form big box braids long enough to touch your shoulders.
• It’s started at the back covering up to the front.
• Later hair is collected from all the angles towards the center of the crown area.
• It’s joined using black stitches to make it firm; ends are selected in small volumes and curled with a curling machine up to a point where hair at the crown has been joined.
• Curled ends are organized into a floral shape and stitched on the braids to look pretty.
• With a scarf available, it is placed at the back of head facing forward and tied twice in the middle of front hair ends pointing on the sides.
• As usual keep hair full moisturized by adding hairspray on top and at the scalp.
• Apply more colorful head scarf’s to match different outfits you put on to look elegant.
• When your hair starts itching know it’s time to wash it to remove dirt and to open scalp pores for breathing and steady hair growth.
Apply Parnevu T-Tree Braid Spray for healthy looking hair, solution for anti- flake and itch.

10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf-10
For all Black Women above forties that look for easy ways of braiding hair yet looking trendy and comfortable for all seasons, medium length small Box Braids is the way forward.You can have them in any color that impress you especially natural black or colored in Blonde, Maroon , Brown whatever the color you apply make sure it doesn’t make you look out of place or give a negative impact of your personality. At this bracket of age women don’t want hairstyles that make them sit long hours at salon and hair that is difficult to care for. So this hairstyle takes maximum one and half hours to a person with high speed and expertise. Above all your hairstylist need to watch pulling your scalp tight when plaiting hair to avoid your scalp from hurting thereafter. No need to worry going about scarf tying but simple hair designs too like tying a bandana or tiny scarf a few inches off the forehead all in all makes you look beautiful.

• Book your hair stylist for a hair wash with shampoo that is gotten from natural extracts to preserve your natural hair texture and to give it strength to preserve the period of plaiting hair.
• After washing it with cold water , left damp a bit and dried with a hot tool using a big toothed comb hair will be combed until tangles completely fades out and hair stretched from the scalp up to end tips.
• Apply medium length Kanekalon fiber best for holding black hair even at a time when hair loses its body and strength when someone grows up.
• It needs like four hair pieces to complete this hairstyle.
• Then using the end tail of a small comb, small volumes of hair will be put together and small boxes drawn touching the shoulders and end tips burnt with a lighting candle tenderly for hair to compact together.
• It’s proper to start plaiting hair from the back of neck going forward as every part of your hair is attended to properly and made neater.
• When hair is done you tie a medium length hair scarf in your favorite color off your forehead to hold hair backward off your face to feel comfortable at the same time looking fashionable.
• Add with a hairspray from the day you plait your hair to keep it looking shinny and to add moisture to your hair to look healthy.
• Apply hair scarf in varying positions to change the way you look either by placing it at the back holding a puff, tie hair in the side and fix it respectively or hold your hair in the middle at hold a high bud then tie the scarf beneath.
• Make sure your hair is hygienically kept by washing it when dirt forms to maintain it looking original, when in growth forms and still want to hold your hair take it for repair and wash as it will become real afresh.
Use Soft sheen Carson Optimum Care Miracle Oil 6-N-1 Miracle Oil to make your hair look healthy, frizz free and well nourished.

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10 Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with a scarf

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