10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces

Last Updated: September 26, 2017

There’s no specific hairstyle for long faces as anyone would think, but you find that when you  pull certain hairstyles on long face you look great. Among the kind of hair that looks wonderful with African American Braided hairstyles for long faces to mention just a few is; long box braids  whether  colored or natural black, medium length boxes, Big Cornrows that fall off shoulders, tiny half cornrows that is finally completed as long boxes designed with beads at the end, half cornrows at the front part of head then from the mid to back added with a curly Afro weave, twist long hair and up do braided hairstyles to cut the list short. As I said before it’s wise to know the nature of your face shape and what blends with it then you will be judged by the public as a fashionable African American woman upon making the right hair for your face shape. With me in this article I have listed down for you 10 hairstyles that African American women wear and score highly , so to wear the best hair next time go through  these styles have listed below to guide best.
10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-1
Source:Long faces look beautiful with almost any kind of hairstyle you pull with it,

the reason I take you through these hairstyles African American women pulled is to just give you a hint or brainstorm you how to style your hair and stand out with confidence in whatever  decision you take on. Box braids have no special technique it takes making it but looks hot on every skin complexion if you decide to have them. The beauty of making long and big boxes is embedded with a secret of looking extra ordinary, taking you an extra mile because you keep changing hair designs thus looking better every time you pull a different design to make everyone admire your hair and falling for you. Long boxes have quite fantastic designs you can make, let’s say holding part of your hair from the front to the crown and puffing it then leave some hair at the back free to touch mid back. Alternatively pull a few hairs around the crown and fold it round going upwards to fix by stitching it with braid threads and the rest of hair touching the shoulders for you to look hot and make every women to seek consultation from you.
• For this hairstyle before you, an African American woman pulled long big box braids in natural black color. For you to make this very hairstyle it requires you to apply long braid brands that are well known on the market like: Angle braids, Darling braids, Janet Collection or Free tress braids as your choice may be.
• Approximately seven pieces will complete your head and even remain with some balance.
• As usual for stress free and comfortable hair all the way period you take plaiting your hair, you need to wash your natural hair first off any buildup and dirt for a clean scalp and hair to prevent dandruff from forming easily.
• Comb hair upwards with a big bristled comb to remove tangles and to make it soft, easy for plaiting.
• Cut the braid pieces out of the packs with a pair of scissors then pluck of relatively big pieces and set them side, and afterwards make two pieces out of each piece to join with your natural hair to form bigger and long boxes that touch mid back.
• Gather all hair together first at the center of your head to avoid inconveniences then pick small volumes and join with your natural hair to make the boxes until your whole hair is done.
• Push all hair backwards when you’re done with the boxes, and pick like four boxes at the front to fall around the forehead then for a stylish pose pick like three boxes on either side and tie them over hair that falls at the back into one box braid. Make sure you don’t press it hard to avoid stressing your scalp.
• Apply hairspray to your hair and the scalp to cool down the tight scalp and at the same time to provide moisture to your hair in average quantities and healthy looking hair.

• Keep alternating hair designs to take you through every week and to give your hair ample time of rest.
• For comfortable sleep, shower or when taking a swim cover your hair by tying a cloth around or wearing a stretch round cap.
• Wash hair once in a period of four weeks at saloon for dependable hair care.
• When you’re done with this hairstyle, remove it and take hair for treatment not necessary applying chemicals when you have natural hair but to wash, add hair products that will boost the hair texture and its strength.
Use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce to make your hair smooth, lock in moisture ever and to make your hair look shinny always.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-2
Source: The nature of black hair is mostly hard textured except for a few African American women with soft hair that looks naturally curly and grows fast.

When your hair is not plaited it gives you much trouble combing that’s why you find that black women plait their hair most of the time.
African American women with long faces have many options of braiding their hair and get off the stresses of making their hair daily fall for braided hair and in return they change their looks to better. For this young woman above went in for long colored twisted hair done in two colors that’s to say brown and off black with two strands. She’s long faced and has a light complexion, with big attractive eyes. This kind of hair is good at casual, formal and any other purposes since it defines your beauty.
The two colors she applied within her hair looks good with anyone no matter the skin tone , and can be done in a period of two hours that’s if you use two people at ago to make your hair.

• Apply Janet Collection synthetic braid teamed in two colors to avoid carrying much hair or alternatively use single colors and mix them at twisting your natural hair with the braid to touch the back.
• Purchase the Janet Collection braid when its long in length.
• When you’re going to plait your hair , it needs to give it proper care for it to resist the stresses and pulling it goes through while braiding it up to when you un plait .
• The care am talking of is to wash it clean, add it with conditioner and other related hair products that work as hair nutrients for strong and nice looking hair.
• Assuming your using a multi colored synthetic braid, pick big volumes of the braid a divide it into two , then add with medium volume natural hair to twist it with the braid up bust length or mid of the back as you wish.
• Repeat the same process until all the hair is done.
• By the end of day your hair will be quite voluminous and bearable so you can either leave it free or hold it at the back of neck with a puff holder to keep hair in one position.
• Finish up with a braid spray to moisturize hair and scalp thus looking nice and shinning all time.
• Cover your hairs were necessary at time for sleep and while taking shower to avoid messing your hair or getting inconvenienced anyway.
• Apply hairspray in much volume for it to soak in to your hair to leave it smooth and manageable to style.
• Wash hair clean at saloon in four weeks to keep your hair neat and looking original with no dandruff or itching whatever.
Apply Golden Supreme Braid Sheen Spray 8.5 oz to make hair soft, help out on braid related problems like an itchy scalp, dry hair, and tight scalp on day through that whole week after plaiting your hair.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-3
Source: Are you long face shaped African American woman out there and fun of long hair?

I want to assure you long braids will look cute on you. Make these braids medium size and featuring in neutral black color and long to touch the waist. Long braids are just fun to style and you find that you can pull quite many hair designs with it and look fabulous. You might be asking yourself several questions as to how to go about it, just be rest assured as am going to avail you some of the numerous trendy hair designs that make a statement.
First you can use the very example in the picture above as the lady let some hairs on one of the side falling down and pushed other hair on the opposite side covering the ears and half chin. Alternatively you can push all hair backwards and hold much of hair at the back of neck into a puff secured by a tiny colored scarf around then the rest of hair at the back swinging freely. Either push hair on both sides leaving a line visible right at the front up to the back of neck the hold all hair on each side together and make it into one big braid that slips of shoulders looking fashionable and much more as need may be.
• Apply long Angel braid featuring in neutral black with over six pieces and if need keep yourself one more piece as reserve in case it’s not enough.
• As a taboo wash clean your hair from saloon or at home that’s if you’re equipped with natural extracted shampoos, conditioner and heat tool to dry your hair.
• Using a pair of scissors cut out the hair pieces off the pack and set aside big volumes of pieces that will apply on each hair to make long box braid that touch the waist.
• You will repeat this same process to make over the entire hair.
• Your scalp will be tight and hair dry so apply a braid hairspray right on the scalp and rub gently and on the entire braids to make hair look shinny and pure fresh.
• Apply the hairspray in average amounts so easy absorption of the spray on the scalp and your hair at large.
• Hold hair in varying positions added with hair accessories to make it look spicy and charming.
• You can as well wear a wide hat over this hair and look elegant for casual purposes.
• If you intend to keep this hair over a month and so have it washed once in every four weeks.
Apply Mane N Tail Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce to add sheen, condition hair, provide moisture and at the same time get you off the worries of hair breaking.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-4

Source:Any braid you apply on a long face doesn’t let you down; you can for a change go for medium length small box braids for purposes of carrying light hair.

Its fun having such length however you can pull it other colors that look good to all to mention: Blonde, Maroon, Brown, Purple and you will have all the fun with it. Still you can make this hairstyle look adorable by puffing it, make an up do, roll hair round the head and finish it at the centre of the crown and thread it through to make it firm. Or otherwise you push hair backwards to rest free on the shoulders and place a colorful hair band like an inch of the forehead to look fashionable and to keep hair in position.
This hairstyle looks beautiful to young women up to the age of fifties because it’s easy to care for and pocket friendly. As you hold hair backwards to puff it either at the back of neck or the upper back of neck it gives options of your face to show up clearly and truly every attractive feature around your face is pretty visible.

• Use Darling braid that is medium length in off black color of six packs.
• Pick small volumes of the hair pieces from each park and a line them aside to ease work of the stylist and to save on time.
• For each piece of braid set aside you again divide it equally in to two the join it to interlock in the middle and right there apply it on small volumes of your natural hair up to when your whole head is done.
• Immediately when your hair is done, It’s necessary to add hairspray to nourish the scalp, make hair smooth and to give it a vibrant look.
• No need to worry about anything, this hairstyle is very easy to care for and takes you long if you want to keep it over four weeks up to two and half months.
• Hold your hair in varying positions that a trendy to look hot ever at least let very hair design stay for not more than a week and you alternate into another one.
• When you probably take your hairs for wash apply moderate heat to dry it for the fiber to keep looking good.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce to provide hair with trusted sheen, soothing hair, keep it looking original, provide strength to your hair right from the scalp to do away with hair breakage.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-6

Source: Look awesome with blue long twist braids on a long faced shape to look extra ordinary among others because not everyone pulls colored hair.

Blue twists look exception with light skin toned African American women and the only way to make this hair deem off its shouting view is to wear outfits then blend with it perfect. You will make every head turn as everyone admires wearing the same hairstyle or need to consult you on how to go about it.
Blue braids look colorful with your natural hair since it mixes up perfect making your hair look as if you applied a multi colored braid just for fun and for the two colors blending well.
It’s just a matter of you applying long blue braids and you use to strands to twist hair long up to the waist.
• Use Janet collection Blue braids that’s long about six to seven pieces.
• You will need a small tail comb to work out when you want to pull out a section of hairs to add with the braid piece and twist long up to the waistline.
• Continue with this same process demonstrated above up to fill your whole hair with twists.
• Shave off in growth hair around the forehead and the eyebrow too to make it clear and looking beautiful.
• Add braids hairspray on to your hair and scalp for adequate moisture it needs and for healthy looking hair that speaks.
• Pull hair backwards and hold part of hair at the back of the crown with a hair band and the rest of hair below falling off shoulders.
• Apply hairspray on time to prevent hair from drying out thus you will even block out possible discomforts that attack braided hair.
• Pull trendy hair designs as possible to look exclusively beautiful all thorough your braiding period.
• Cover your hair at shower and at sleep to prevent your hair from losing strength or wearing out.
Apply Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce to stop hair braids and the entire scalp from drying out, to restore its original look and to lock in moisture.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-7
Source: Having a long face shape is a treasure, because whatever hairstyle you apply on looks fantastic pull any trendy hairstyle and you will be war.

With no doubt you can pull long twists in whatever color you fall for then make un up do that’s to fit in all seasons because hair won’t give any trouble as in causing you un necessary heat. If the original hair design has stayed more and if bored with it then you can either style into another style of up do or leave it free to touch shoulders for yet another wonderful look. There’s a saying that white women are regarded as beautiful regarding the length of their natural hair, let you it also applies to black women too. So if you let these twists drag on shoulders tell you from the back view you really look feminine and very attractive with it.
This one of the most comfortable hairstyle with women that have tight schedules because the time you would spend combing your natural hair is then used to either make your face and put on nice outfits which is more sounding.

• You can use Darling braid, Angel Braid, Janet collection braid and other re-known braid brands that feel soft, hold African hair perfect on the market nearest to you.
• Purchase your favorite braid when it’s medium length and for this particular braid its featuring in off black color to others that term hair brands in no’s its one and half.
• Six pieces will take you thorough because you apply small volumes of the braid compared to big braids that consume much fiber.
• You will need in place a small tail comb to help you, get off small volumes of your natural hair to join it with small volumes of the braid and twist it long up to the shoulders. All hair will be treated the same way for the twists to fill your entire hair.
• Later when your hair is done with long twists, you will then collect all hair at the centre of the crown and using black braid threads you will tie it tight.
• As this hair is long, you will fold it once around the crown, pushing it forward and bend it as if going back to the crown and with its ends fixed in between thus sowing it right there to make it stick into position making a nice up do.
• Complete your hair by applying a braids hairspray to make the scalp and hair fully moisturized and to lock in lasting sheen.
• Adding a hairspray on time will maintain this hair looking nice all time.
• And if you intend to keep it longer then probably visit saloon every 21 days for a wash and another hair design to keep in track.
Use Black Queen Carrot Oil Sheen Spray 8oz for healthy looking and moisturized hair.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-7
Source: African American women with long faces can shine with long twisted braided hair in style to differ from the hairstyle shown above ,

and to make heads turn and to entice you fall for the same hair and forget others. For sure when you look at this lady in the picture before you, she looks elegant, her hair looks awesome and if you have been looking for a more pretty hairstyle to style this festive season you can’t make a mistake of trying others. This hairstyle fits any destiny that you may think of whether formal, casual, party or wedding and you will be treated a high class lady and whichever outfit you add on will strike highly too.
For teen girls and those other women up to below forties this hairstyle is the way to go as in it defines your beauty perfect.

• Making booking at saloon before doing anything , for your natural hair to be washed off hair products and collected dust for a clean and scalp pore opening that pass in and out hair evenly.
• Depending on the kind of hair you have whether treated or natural hair, your hair will be added with products that work with you kid of hair and where necessary add treatment products followed by steaming for all products to penetrate easily into the hair roots .
• This provides your hair with ability to stand the stresses and to fight stubborn dandruff that cause itching suddenly.
• Apply Janet Collection synthetic braid around seven packs featuring in black and long to touch the bust.
• First your hair will be gathered at the centre of the crown temporary by either pushing in a big toothed comb to prevent it from falling off to inconvenience you while plaiting.
• Starting either on the side or at the back of neck small volumes of hair will be added on to medium sized braids to twist hair up to the bust level until the whole hair is done.
• You can add hairspray before styling to make work easier, now push all hair backwards and leave a few on one of the side falling the very side but touching the shoulders.
• Pick some hairs that you have pushed backwards especially on the side , for one side after the forehead then on the other behind hairs that fall on the side and fix it by making a mini braid to avoid hair shadowing you all over. All hold all hair at the back of neck and hold a puff then dress it with a colorful puff holder to look cute.
• Add hairspray promptly to avoid your hair from drying out.
• Make trendy designs out of this hairstyle to keep you looking great ever.
• Cover hair with a cap to avoid stressing it anyhow for comfort and to keep it long.
• Have it rinsed clean in a period of three weeks time because at this moment, hair has gathered dirt and possibly more sprays on the scalp.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, 12 Ounce for dependable sheen locking, conditioned hair, here for you to provide hair with moisture and to stop hair from falling off.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-8
Source: As the sky is the limit, you’ve checked many hairstyles for African American women and really run short of ideas,

but am here to encourage you that a lot more Hairstyles await you to try on your beautiful long face. For this time over go for bigger box braids no matter the weight , you will be able to keep it up to a month just to change your personality a little bit and command respect always. This hairstyle looks beautiful to young and aged woman in forties. Neutral black color strikes far than any other color but you can as well try on Blonde, Purple or Blue as your choice may be. It needs also to work on the complexion of your skin, as in remove all wrinkles, dark spots or rushes. Consul t a beautician on what particular skin product that work on your skin whether oily or dry skin. Bleaching your skin is not the solution to a good skin but natural extracted products work best to preserve your original skin and to make it glitter.
• To me Darling braids can look that beautiful if you fall for it concerning big long boxes. It looks neat on your head and it’s made from best synthetic braid that will hold your hair perfect up to the end.
• This hairstyle needs when your natural hair is long for the braid to hold your hair firm.
• Use around six pieces of this braid to make your hair and make sure you pick the long size.
• As already said before, your hair has to be clean and combed off all tangles, feeling soft and easy to twist in all directions.
• Have with you a small comb with a sharp end to pick from the whole lot big volumes of your natural hair then add with big volumes of the braid too to make jumbo box braids that touch the waist.
• Begin from any direction favorable, it can be the back of neck, one of the sides whichever until your whole hair is done.
• You will leave some hairs hanging free on the sides then hair at the crown pushed towards the back of crown, tie it using black braid threads tightly and fold the ends backwards to both form a floral design or a voluminous puff and thread it over to keep in position.
• Finish off by applying a hairspray to keep your hair with enough moisture and at the same time making your hair look nice with lasting sheen.
• Apart from this hair design you see over here, you can also hold it at the back of neck puffing it there or tying a head scarf around your head and the boxes dragged on one of the sides for special events and more hair designs you can create that isn’t complicated to make.
• Make sure your scalp is oily as possible to prevent dandruff and itching.
• This hairstyle has volume that can make you feel un comfortable at sleep or even when showering, but apply a cloth to cover your head and tie it tight or wear a stretchy head cover to it inside to wash your face or shower in harmony.
Apply African Pride Braid Sheen Extra Spray, 12 Ounce for soothing your scalp thus doing away with dry scalp, work perfect on itching scalp and above all to provide extra shine to your hair making it look ever shinny and strong.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-9
Source: Surely beauty lies in the hands of the beholder, you can have a pretty face, any hair and fail to show up stunning,

but if you have some art of making trendy hairstyles like one in front of you on a long face then no doubt you will look beautiful ever. When you look at this lady wearing long twist and well styled, even though you’re not a fun of this kind of hair the moment you look at her hair you fall for it straight away. The next step is trying it on your head with the intentions of looking beautiful exactly like her and why not? If I may define good life of a woman involves, plaiting hair, wearing nice outfits, driving a car and having a good caring husband. Hair is the first thing everyone looks at and tells which kind of life you lead so it’s given much attention and of course it adds up to a beautiful face and this is what every woman looks up to.
• Have with you long Angels Braid featuring in brown color, for as many pieces that don’t exceed seven.
• Check with saloon to have your natural hair washed purely clean, ass conditioner after shampooing it and where necessary sit under a steamer for the hair product to heat within your hair and absorbing perfect for strong and natural texture maintenance.
• Usually if you don’t apply a small tail comb to help pick the required amounts of hair to plait, you can use any thing with a pointed end whether plastic or steel but with tender care to avoid hurting the scalp.
• Have with you also a pair of scissors to cut out the braid out of its pack and pick medium volumes of the braid to divided into two, put them together and at the point where it folds balancing it’s length join it to on to your hair picked out and twist it together so long to touch mid back.
• Apply the same method to fill your whole hair with long twists.
• When you’re done pick some hair from mid back and all hair at the front pushing it on one of the sides, while the rest of hair downwards is left free.
• So hairs that you pushed on the side is put together and tie firmly using braid threads in the same color of the braid, so puff it around as if inter locking the ends within with volume and thread it through to look nice.
• Now for the hairs below that’s left free, divide it into two to make two big long boxes at fall off shoulders and secure the ends with rubber bands
• Apply hairspray on to braids and right on the scalp, message gently for even lubricated skin and shinning looking hair.
• Pull as many hair designs possible, one after another and week to week that are trendy to keep up the pace.
• Probably to void much buildup to form quick apply hairspray to your hair and scalp in even amounts for like two or three times a week.
• As usual wear head cover over your hair when at sleep to avoid hair inconvenience you while at sleep.
• This hairstyle can take you over two months, so in case your hair catches dirt and you’re still keeping it just check with saloon for wash every three weeks and earlier if you’re the type of person who catches dandruff early.
Apply Parnevu T-Tree Braid Spray, 12 Ounce for oiling your hair and scalp thus doing away with flaking, scratching scalp and to keep it looking healthy.

10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces-10
To make things easier for you on a casual day out, you can apply two big and long braids on your natural hair and look elegant anyway. It takes you to have one long braid only and you don’t consume it all. It saves you from sitting long hours at saloon and more less your hair can be done in less than an hour, washing it inclusive and the hair drying. However the furthest it can push you is only three weeks and in growth hair will start to show up to either make it again or remove for other purposes. This hairstyles look s beautiful on a long face shape as in it leaves your face very clear. What you need to add is to shave the eye brow and put cute curves, shave the entire forehead and apply bold lip sheen on your lips to look colorful. This hairstyle will give all the comfort you need and make you peace as far as combing your hair often is concerned.
• Use among one of these braids brand; Angels, Janet Collection or Darling and any other braid have not listed when on market and long in length to make this hairstyle.
• One hair piece will take you through so big volumes of this piece will be picked and joined in the middle to make this piece three strands then add it onto your natural hair and make long big box braid that touch the waistline.
• After going through the first step of this process that’s hair cleaning, your hair is divided into two parts; a line is created in the middle using the end tail comb and hair pushed on to the sides.
• So apply on each side big volumes of the braid and make long boxes, it can feature in natural black or colored braid whichever you heart feels free with.
• Finish up your hairstyle by applying hairspray to keep your hair smooth, well moisturized and lock in lasting sheen.
• Only hair spray on time will keep your hair charming and you looking attractive.
• By the time your hair seems to wear out you either wash it and re do it or remove it completely and choice another hairstyle or give it a rest.
Use Africa’s Best Organincs Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 6 oz. to stimulate hair growth, oil hair entirely plus the scalp thus preventing an itchy and dry scalp.


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10 Awesome African American Braided Hairstyles for Long faces

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